Ensuring the best for your child with astrology

Future Point | 01-Oct-2018

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In the age of advancement in science and technology, it has been always seen that a concerned parents are always worried about the future of their child. Since, competition is high, peer pressure sense of achievement is also high, parents are always in dilemma to help their little ones with the correct decision from time to time.

In order to do so, parents have been upgrading their knowledge as that they too can take informed decision. But sometimes, it has been seen that parents too fall shorts of ideas and methods to find answers to their every growing dilemma. However, some of them have been wise in taking astrological guidance for their children from time to time. In fact, there are group of expert astrologers who have been providing chid astrology services that can help parents an informed decision.

How does it work?

This has been a new concept which helps millions of parents across the globe to take informed decision. Thanks to the advent of technology, particularly Information Technology that connects the desirous parents to the correct individual. Accordingly, different types of solutions are provided. Some of them are mentioned below, which is also provided by us. In fact, we at Indian Astrology, are a team of learnt and expert astrologers, who have been providing solutions for the past three decades.

Some of the solutions provided are: a team of learnt and expert astrologers provide details astrological analysis to the parents, even before they have taken birth. Sometimes, the service which is provided by these astrologers are known as baby horoscope or baby consultation etc., where the learnt and expert astrologer would even guide the timing of the baby (Family planning), sometimes, even time the baby with C-section using proper astrological guidance etc., once the baby is born, the baby horoscope by date of birth, time of birth and place is used to form the horoscope of the baby. In fact, this step helps the parents to reckon the exact birth details of their new born to cast an accurate horoscope and that the parents can use it for all their future reference.

Then, once the birth chart is casted, the astrologer would study the same with great detail and shall provide the parents with accurate guidance of their child with regard to areas such as Health, Wealth, Education, Career, Marriage and Family, Progeny, and may even address special queries such as Higher studies, abroad, or even foreign settlement etc., Thus the baby astrology which is provided by these learnt and expert astrologers is very comprehensive and minute oriented.

But why only astrology? Why no other means of study?

Yes, this is a very pertinent question, in fact, it has been seen that with advancement of technology, science and other means of personality study, brain mapping etc., parents have multiple choice today. Some of them even prefer to select these alternative means of science which can help them to take informed decision.

In fact, we appreciate the efforts taken by the authors of these science who have put their experience and efforts to develop such a scope of study. However, the only point of view, that we have is, does any other means, of science is so detailed? So minute oriented, so vast and comprehensive to help parents to take informed decisions from time to time? The answer is no?

There is nothing wrong with the method of study which these science would undertake, however, there is a inherent limitation in these studies which does not allow them to expand the scope of learning. Therefore, though parents who get details from these alternative medium of science may be content, however, it has been seen that these parents are not satiated since, their decision would not have the touch of detailing which astrology can provide to them.

Therefore, the importance of astrology even today is relevant and advisable to parents to experience the same, who have not experienced the accuracy of this detail-oriented science.

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