Oops! Mars Did It Again - Retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus

Indian Astrology | 07-Nov-2022

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Mars is the planet of action in astrology and is responsible for the courage, enthusiasm, energy, and passion in an individual. In 2022, a strange thing is happening with the action planet Mars. The planet is transiting to and fro from the zodiac sign of Taurus for almost 215 days! Mars normally stays in a sign for 45 days. This amazingly super-long stay of Mars in the Taurus sign has a significant meaning in astrology. 

Recently Mars is in Gemini in retrograde motion and it will enter back to Taurus on 13th November 2022. Here, it will become direct on 13th January 2023 to move to Gemini again on 12th March 2023. Thus, Mars is overstaying in Taurus for approximately 215 days.

Whenever a planet stays in a sign for an abnormally long period, it brings about dominant results related to the signification of that sign. Here, Taurus is the sign of Venus; it shows love, romance, family, wealth, speech, strong-headedness, etc. Now, Mars the fiery planet in the sign of love has created chaos all around. People are fighting both physically and verbally around the globe. Mars is the commander-in-chief among navgrahas (nine planets) and signifies blood, land, brother, courage, energy, arguments, etc. Mars becomes retrograde after every 2 years and 2 months and thus is a significant event in astrology. 

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What is special about Mars retrograde?

When Mars turns retrograde, it means it is moving back. In actuality, it doesn’t move back but becomes slower. A planet getting slower brings a slowdown in its karakatvas also. Mars may bring your motivation and energy down for this period.

It will make you feel less energetic and your bodily strength will also be affected badly. The negative traits of Mars like anger, frustration, irritation, fights, abusive language, mindless wandering, etc. But for actual results, one must contact the astrologers as every person undergoes different dasha and has different natal placements. Retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus can bring down energy levels.

Date and time of retrograde Mars Transit in Taurus

Mars will become retrograde on 30 October 2022 at 18:19 hrs in the sign of Gemini and moving in that retrograde state, retrograde Mars will transit into Taurus on 13th November 2022 at 1:32 p.m. It will remain retrograde in Taurus till 13th January 2023.


Results of retrograde Mars transit in Taurus for all zodiac signs 


Mars is the lord of your ascendant and will be transiting in the second house of the horoscope. This transit may give sudden outbursts of anger and irritation. You are likely to argue or quarrel with your family members. Keep a strict check on your temper and avoid taking decisions in hurry. You may suddenly start liking spicy and hot food. You may take nonveg. and alcohol often during this time. You are suggested to follow a regular exercise regime to keep your energy under control. The transit may increase your bank balance but only after some difficulty.   



Mars retrograde will occur in the ascendant which is not desirable for sweetness in relations. You will feel frustrated and may lose interest in performing any task. This is the time when you should join some gym to use your energy productively. Take care of arrogance and sharp tongue in your married relations. Mars may help to make gains through property or real estate. There are possibilities of recovering your business dues. But at the same time, some arguments may happen in the workplace. You may gain through inheritance but take care while driving as accidents may occur.



For Gemini, Mars retrograde movement will happen in the twelfth house of losses and expenses. Transit can make you spend more on unnecessary things. Many may go abroad for leisure or medical treatment. There may be problems in your love life. Sexual pleasure between married couples will get weak. You should be careful in relations with your siblings. Chances of fights are there. Visit Hanuman Ji temple regularly for quick relief.   



Retrograde Mars transit in Taurus will activate the eleventh house of gains for Cancer natives. Malefic in the upachaya bhava is considered good and it will increase the gains of the natives. However, less of desires will be fulfilled. There may be financial gains through many resources. You will win any kind of competition but avoid borrowings for this period. Overall, the transit is good and will bring financial benefits to the natives. But you should control your sharp tongue.


LEO: - 

For Leo natives, Mars will be in their 10th house of career. Mars in the tenth house gives speed and excitement to work. There may be arguments with the seniors but you will achieve your goals successfully. You may get a promotion or salary hike during this time. Business people will do fairly well. The love life will remain passionate and you may also get good news from your children. Avoid junk food, alcohol, and spicy food for this time. 



Virgo sign will experience the effect of retrograde Mars transit in its 9th house of fortunes and religion. This is the time when you will feel an increase in your energy and strength. Those involved in writing, publication, journalism, advertising, or online business will do extremely well. There are chances of making gains through the real estate business. People may feel inclined towards religion, especially Hanuman Ji. There would be abundant work and increased responsibilities but you will make gains through them. Donate red articles and clothes on Tuesdays. 

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For Libra natives, the transit will occur in their 8th house. This is the house of sudden and unexpected results. In the yearly horoscope, Mars in the 8th house shows accidents and surgeries. Natives working in the field of research and the occult will have a good and beneficial time. There is a possibility of learning something new in the esoteric branch of studies. Success in business doesn’t come easy during this time. This is a troublesome time for your siblings. One should chant Hanuman Chalisa and donate red lentils to rectify the bad energy of the planet Mars.



For Scorpions, the transit of retrograde Mars will be in the 7th house of marriage and spouse. It may create tensions in married life and one needs to talk sweetly to maintain harmony in relations. There may be new assignments in business. Students and sportspersons will get good results. You will feel energetic and chances are there that you join some gym. 

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Mars is good when placed in the sixth house of the horoscope. Here, Mars will turn retrograde in Taurus in the 6th house where it will make the native influential in all fields. The native may win over his competitors and enemies. If you were looking for some loans then you may get it now. Mars will make the natives energetic with its aspect at Lagna. You may pay off your debts and get favorable results in any legal case.



Mars retrograde transit in Taurus will be in the 5th house of the Capricorn natives. The fifth house is the house of romance, intelligence, love relationship, children, higher education, etc. Mars in the 5th house may give you attraction towards the opposite gender. At the same time, some misunderstandings with the love partner may give worries. It is the time to make financial gains and get recognition in life. Avoid harsh attitudes toward your lover and children. 



For Aquarius natives, Mars retrograde transit will occur in their 4th house. This is the house of domestic happiness and Mars is not considered good for harmonious relations with family here. There are chances of making gains through property and business. Your seniors will accept your caliber and better skills at work. You may get your long-stuck money during this time. There may be fights and misunderstandings with the life partner. 

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Mars is the karaka of the third house and for Pisces natives, it will be transiting in the third house. Here, it will increase the courage, bravery, short travels and friends circle, etc. of the natives. Mars gives good results in the 3rd house. Thus the natives will excel in all aspects of life. They need to exercise control over their tongue, ego, and rude behavior with others.