Know Everything about Jupiter in detail - What can you expect from it?

Inderdeep Banerji | 08-Nov-2022

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Jupiter is the most benevolent planet in Astrology. Jupiter is the saubhagyakaraka and is responsible for bringing luck, wisdom, marital bliss, and happiness to children. In Astrology, it is believed that Jupiter bestows prosperity with its three particular aspects, i.e., the 5th, 7th, and 9th aspect. Jupiter signifies the Jeeva or soul of a person in Vedic Astrology. It is a God-image in the horoscope, which is known to nullify one lakh dosha of the horoscope. A strong Jupiter is a divine blessing and somewhere indicates purvapunya or virtues of the past lives. 

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Importance of Jupiter

We all strive to gain fame, wealth, wisdom, peace, knowledge, recognition, noble children, a good spouse, and salvation. The planet Jupiter gives all the good and most desired things enlisted here. If you notice a person amassing almost every blessing in life, he might have a strong Jupiter!

Jupiter is the planet that makes you grow abundantly in life if placed auspiciously in the birth chart. You will never lose any amenity or happiness with an auspicious Jupiter. However, the influence of other planets and the lordship of Jupiter in the birth chart will matter. But taking about the natural significations of Jupiter, it is extremely auspicious.


Natural significations or karaktvas of Jupiter

Jupiter, or Brihaspati/Guru, is the most auspicious planet among the nine astrology planets. Jupiter signifies religion, spirituality, righteousness, temples, pilgrimage, holy rivers, charity, and religious activities. Other karakatvas of Jupiter include a son, spouse, money, finance, teachers, intelligence, wisdom, education, nobleness, astrology, religiousness, craftsmanship, worship, reverence, sacrifice, abundance, prosperity, trust, faith, philosophy, writing, teaching, and religious thoughts, etc. 

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Is Jupiter always beneficial and auspicious?

There are two kinds of significations in astrology- natural and functional. Natural significations can be explained as a planet's basic nature or natural traits. On the other hand, functional significations are bestowed due to the lordship of houses by Jupiter in the birth chart. Jupiter may not be as beneficial for Libra natives as for Pisces natives. Jupiter is functional malefic for Libra natives due to the lordship of the sixth and third houses. Jupiter may not bring good results in its dasha for Libra natives. For Pisces, it is the ascendant lord who always gives good results.

Secondly, if Jupiter is afflicted or under the influence of the sinful planets, it brings inauspicious results for the native. It is imperative to understand that no planet is good or bad and gives automated effects. The position and lordship of Jupiter decides its ultimate results. 

Jupiter, with its placement, signifies the good and bad deeds of our past lives. Thus, one should talk to an astrologer to understand the actual result of Jupiter in the birth chart. One should take hints as to where one needs to put more efforts and what the person should refrain from doing.

Jupiter makes a person look inside and perform soul searching. It helps to make a person realize what path he should follow for spiritual development. 


The role of Jupiter in our life

The bad deeds in your past lives give you an inauspicious Jupiter in your horoscope and vice-versa. 

Jupiter mainly plays a positive role in our life. Jupiter is Devguru and exhibits wisdom. Jupiter is a planet of virtues, success, optimism and kindness. But it will only give good results if it is in a good position in the birth chart. An unfavorable Jupiter can give traits of laziness, spending too much, love for luxury, overconfidence, and disobedience, etc. 

Jupiter has three aspects and rules signs of Sagittarius and Pisces in Astrology. Jupiter is a karaka of 5 houses and thus becomes an influential planet in astrology. It almost influences the whole birth chart of the native. This fact explains how essential the placement of Jupiter in a kundli is for an individual. 

Jupiter gives optimism, and the person constantly tries to achieve goals in life. Jupiter makes the person remain close to their family. No matter what, they always strike to keep the family together. They compromise themselves for the happiness of their family members. 

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Friends and Enemies of Jupiter

The friends of Jupiter are Sun, Moon, and Mars. 

The enemies of Jupiter are Mercury, Venus, and Saturn.

The color of Jupiter- Yellow 


Beej Mantra of Jupiter

ऊँ ग्रां ग्रीं ग्रौं स: गुरुवे नम:

Om Graam Greem Graum sah Guruve Namah 


Articles of donations related to Jupiter

One should donate gold, pukhraj, grams, turmeric, yellow rice, yellow flowers, and besan laddoos etc. on Thursdays to get benefic results of Jupiter. 

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Characteristics of Jupiter

A strong Jupiter in the ascendant gives a fuller body, wisdom, intelligence, perfection, happiness, etc. With the effect of Jupiter, a person eats sweets and calories-packed food. Jupiter forms fat in the body which makes the native fat in appearance. He has a fair complexion and an attractive personality.

A weak Jupiter will make the native have body aches, mental disturbances, digestive problems, piles, air disorders, diseases related to the nose and ears, lung diseases, restlessness, fever, gastric, hernia, brain, eyes, cataracts, etc. There may be a risk of diabetes, unconsciousness, and gall bladder-related diseases. The person starts becoming fat when Jupiter is in an enemy sign or is debilitated in the horoscope. The influence of sinful planets like Rahu may take the person away from religion and spirituality.


Indications of a bad or good Jupiter

While making career predictions, an astrologer checks for the placement of Jupiter in the chart. Good placement of Jupiter is necessary to gain success in life. Visit an astrologer to understand whether your Jupiter is good or bad in the kundli. 


You have good Jupiter if-

  • If the person is generous 
  • If he converts his ideas into reality
  • He follows religion and helps others. 
  • The person has many friends and relatives.
  • The person has a good relationship with the teachers, elder brother, grandfather, and Gurus. 
  • The person has a logical and philosophical point of view.
  • Good Jupiter gives good communication or oratory skills.
  • The person can please the audience
  • Jupiter gives proficiency in literature and learning.
  • The person constructs many new houses. 
  • The person attains "mantra siddhi".
  • The native is persistent and fearful, with an optimistic approach towards life.
  • The person is generally happy. 
  • The person reads scriptures or has an interest in them.

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Career and Business related to Jupiter

The career options related to Jupiter include working in the fields of finance, religion, philosophy, teaching, law, consultancy, taxation, revenue, charitable institution, editing, education, share market, astrology, and knowledge of Vedas and scriptures.


In which house does Jupiter be the best?

There is no certain rule based on which one can suggest which house is good for Jupiter. A planet gives good or bad results depending upon its placement in the house and sign. There is no specific rule, as Jupiter will give good or bad results in certain conditions. The transit of Jupiter also means a lot and brings a huge difference in the way Jupiter behaves. The placement of Jupiter in different houses may have different earnings at different stages in life. E.g., Jupiter in the twelfth house may give spiritual development to the native at the same time; a young person will spend a lot during this time. 

We should visit an astrologer to understand the reason behind specific planetary placement in the birth chart. Astrology teaches us the way of living life. It shows us the right path of living life. One should use Astrology as the lighthouse in life and not as a bondage of remedies.