Natal Teeth - An Astrological Discussion

Pushaplata Sharma | 01-Jan-2014

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According to saravali vol. 1, pg98, if Saturn and Mars are placed in the Navamsa of Mercury, the child is born with teeth. The natal teeth are inauspicious and indication of death to the baby or the parents. In case of natal teeth, it is recommended to perform appropriate remedies. This has been illustrated very clearly with an example horoscope and what remedies to be done in order to cast off the malefic effects of Gandant or Gandmoola.

Natal and Neonatal Teeth

Teeth that are present at birth are natal teeth, and teeth that emerge through the gingiva during the first month of life are neonatal teeth. According to Chandeswar of Muhurta Chintamani.

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In case of natal teeth or neonatal teeth (teeth in the first month), the baby herself dies. In case of teeth in second month - younger brother, third month - sister, fourth month - mother, fifth month - the baby kills her elder brother. In sixth month - Atula yoga, seventh month - prosperity through the father, eighth month - healthy body, ninth month - money and tenth month - baby gets gain, eleventh month - happiness, and twelfth month - financial gains.

The natal teeth are indication of death to the baby or the parents.

In case of inauspicious teeth, it is recommended to perform appropriate remedies.

Getting a birth chart done is the first thing Hindus do after the birth of a baby. The objective of doing it immediately after birth is to check various yogas and dosha in the birth chart and perform any remedies if required. Especially there are certain doshas for which shanti (remedy) is required almost during initial few days of the birth.

Some of the important considerations in astrology are Gandant/ Moola, Yamal birth, Trik Birth/ Trikhal Dosha, birth with the teeth, same nakshatra as parents, sankranti birth, birth during eclipse (Grahan), amavasya birth, krishna chaturdasi birth etc. Recently I talked about the natal and neonatal teeth in a recent article. In this article, the first topic that I want to take is Gandant or Gandmoola.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Gand means inauspicious in Sanskrit. Certain part of nakshatra, lagna and tithi are called Gandant. Mathematically speaking, Gandant is nothing but a sandhi (junction point). Three sandhi areas are considered here – combined position of Sun and Moon (Tithi), Moon alone (Rashi and Nakshatra) and Lagna. Generally Sandhi areas are considered inauspicious in Vedic astrology. It is how Gandant is defined -

  • The last 2 Ghatikas (48 minutes) of Purna Tithi (5th, 10th, 15th) and the first 2 Ghatikas (48 minutes) of Nanda Tithi (1st, 6th, 11th) are known as Tithi Gandanta.
  • Similarly the last two Ghatikas (48 minutes) of Revati and first two Ghatikas (48 minutes) of Ashvini, the last two Ghatikas (48 minutes) of Aslesha and first two Ghatikas (48 minutes) of Magha and the last two Ghatikas (48 minutes) of Jyeshtha and first two Ghatikas of Mula are known as Nakshatr Gandanta.
  • The last half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Meena and first half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Mesh, the last half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Kark and first half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Simh, the last half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Vrischik and first half Ghatika (12 minutes) of Dhanu are known as Lagna Gandanta.

Remedies for Gandanta Dosha

The father should see the child born only on the morning next to the end of the days of Sutaka, or on any auspicious day after the performance of the remedial measures. The remedial measures are giving a bullock in charity in the case of Tithi Gandanta, giving a cow with calf in charity in the case of Nakshatra Gandanta, giving gold in charity in the case of Lagna Gandanta, performing Abhisheka of the child along with father, if the birth is in the first part of Gandanta and along with mother, if the birth is in the second part of Gandanta.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

This native had natal teeth when he took birth. He had four teeth, half the height of normal teeth which normally a child has as milk teeth. These looked just like normal teeth. Two front teeth on the upper jaw and two on the lower jaw. These teeth fell by themselves after 15 days. It was considered inauspicious and special puja was performed as a remedial measure. The doctor said “it is due to the reason that the mother had taken more calcium when the child was in the womb."

The basic chart and panchang of the day showed certain malficance. The child was born during Gulika Kaal, which was from 1255 hrs to 1417 hrs. Tenth tithi has ended at 10:04:18 then 11th nanda tithi was on. But it was not tithi Gandan period. Ascendant was in the Nakshtra Gandan as well as sign Gandan. Birth during Gandan is considered inauspicious and child shows certain abnormalities. This native is quite intelligent and alive. His parents are also happy and healthy. Grandparents are also well. Maybe that is due to remedial measure puja was preformed properly as suggested by the preist. Child is short tempered and dark in color due to Aries ascendant.

16th Dreshkon and 22nd Dreshkon depict jaws. In birth chart, Mercury 6th lord and 3rd lord is in 22nd Dreshkon. In Navamsa, 2nd lord Mercury is in 22nd Dreshkon. 2nd lord is in 8th house, causing malefic effects. In Moon chart, 2nd house (teeth) is occupied by Saturn(adversity, teeth). At the time of birth, Jupiter dasha was running. Its dispositor is Saturn in 10th house, which aspects 2nd house. Saturn is retrograde, so its doubly malefic, placed in 12th house, aspecting 6th house and 16th Dreshkon (jaw). According to Saravali vol I, pg. 98, if Saturn and Mars are placed in the Navamsa of Mercury, the child is born with teeth. In this case, Mars is placed in the Navamsa of Mercury in 2nd house, aspecting Saturn(teeth). Saturn aspects 2nd lord Mercury, which is placed in 6th house. Venus and 2nd house depict teeth. Mars is placed with Venus (2nd lord). Mars is in the constellation of Moola(Gandan). Till now, the child is alright and his relatives are also fine, may God bless him with a happy and healthy life, as remedial measures are performed in time.

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