Role of 7th Lord in Kundali

Sanjana Mittal | 01-Jan-2014

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Nuptial knot or wedlock is the most important event in one's life. The place of seventh lord in a kundali decides the effects of spouse on life. Benefic and malefic effects on the seventh house and its lord further change the shape of married life. They can either make life blissful or unsavory. How does it make a deep impact on the life of the individual, has been substantially and comprehensively illustrated here in very clear terms on the basis of astrological analysis on very scientific lines ...

The main purpose of writing this article is to throw light on how seventh lord casts its results in its Antar and Pratyantra dasa in the main period of yogakari planet even if it is a benefic planet but hemmed in between the two malefics. In this Kundali, lord of seventh house is Moon. It is placed in third house in association with Sun & Ketu. Here Moon is waning and is in papkartari yoga i.e. hemmed in between two malefics -Sun and Ketu.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

Some specific Positive points of the kundali

This person was born when Capricorn lagna was rising. Lagna lord Saturn is in twelfth house in association with Jupiter. Jupiter is akarka (functional malefic) for this lagna. In the second house there are three planets viz Mars, Mercury and Venus. Mars and Venus and Mars and Mercury are inimical. If the seventh house and its lord is subject to papakartari yoga, that is being hemmed in between malefic planets without any benefic effect which affects married life. If Venus and Mars exchange their navamsha positions, the native will be inclined to extra marital relations. Karaka Venus is placed in second house with Mars and has aspect of Saturn from the twelfth house, Moon is hemmed in between Sun and Ketu. Moon is weak due to its association with Sun and Ketu. Native is born on Amavasya day.

Kendrasthan is all empty. There is no planet posited in kendra. Lagna lord Saturn is in twelfth house. Association of Mars and Venus is not good. Venus and Mars are lords of 5th and 4th houses respectively, their placement in dhansthan gives the native enormous wealth, house/property. There is association of Mercury and Venus too. Mercury and Venus are lords of 9th and 10th houses. It makes dharama karmadhipati yoga. The native is highly religious and his karmas are just. Association of Saturn and Jupiter in twelfth house (house of charity, travel, expenditure, and hospital). It makes the native spiritually inclined and spend his wealth in charity. The ninth lord mercury is in second house and has the aspect of the lagna and second lord, Saturn. Mercury dasa brought in unlimited wealth through the family business ie the business of readymade garments and property dealing. The ninth lord mercury is in debilitation in navamsha. The native was undergoing stress and faced unlimited misery. Mars is eleventh and fourth lord and is placed in second house. The native is influenced by his elder brother and earns through his commercial concerns. The native may suffer heavy losses on account of his friends. Sun is Akarka for this lagna. Sun is eighth lord and placed in third house with seventh lord Moon.

अपनी कुंडली में सभी दोष की जानकारी पाएं कम्पलीट दोष रिपोर्ट में

Let us see some important events of native’s life

The native was born in an ordinary family. But Rahu is in its Mooltrikona sign in the destiny house i.e. ninth house and has the aspect of Saturn and three other planets i.e. Sun, Moon and Ketu. Ninth lord Mercury is in the nakkshatra of Rahu. So Rahu plays a very important role in native’s life. Rahu is karaka of unexpected happenings of sudden rise and fall in life. The native has great expectations in life. He rises in life through his own efforts. The native got married in the year 1987 during Mercury / Saturn and when Jupiter was transiting in Pisces over the seventh Lord moon and was aspecting 7th house. The native was blessed with healthy children ie. two daughters and one son within a period of 5 years of marriage . In Mercury dasa, the native has amassed huge wealth and established himself in his business. He progressed well in all areas of his life. There was prosperity, happiness and growth all around. In Ketu dasa, he was inclined to spiritual pursuits and performed many religious activities and charity in this period. Ketu is in third house and makes the native courageous and brave. With his body, mind and soul the native engaged in welfare activities. In Venus Dasa, by 1996, the native was blessed with all comforts of life. Venus is yoakari planet for this kundali. Being this lord of fifth and tenth house. It is placed in second house. During Venus / Sun dasa, native lost his father. In Venus / Moon dasa, the native had a most terrible time of his life. In December 2000, the native met an accident in which the entire family ie. wife, son, and two daughters got life threatening injuries. One of his daughters and one son were out of danger after expensive treatment but inspite of all the possible expensive treatment wife could not be saved. One daughter also got severe head injuries. She had undergone several operations in her skull and was saved. But she has lost her senses and can not lead her normal life. The native some how escaped the injuries and was saved. This is all due to the effect of yogakari planet Venus, that native was alive unscathed. But the lord of seventh house played so nasty with the native. Malefic effects on seventh lord turned out in so much of disaster that he had to face widowhood.

At the time of accident, the native was running Venus/Moon dasa, Moon is seventh lord (House of spouse) Moon, is hemmed in between Sun & malefic Ketu.

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Native suffered and gone through mental agony on account of wife. In Capricorn lagna, Venus is yogakari planet but in Venus dasa, he had to face such disaster in life. In this lagna Moon is akarka and had the most malefic effects of Sun and Ketu.

The native got remarried in Venus / Rahu dasa. Rahu is placed in destiny house in nakshatra of surya and has aspect of Moon. At present he is passing through the period of venus/Saturn dasa. Venus and Saturn dasa or Saturn/Venus dasa is said to be the best dasa in life. Here Saturn is lord of lagna and dhansthan is placed in twelfth house and is with Jupiter. The native has opened a school in this dasa period (invested money for children’s school). Now he has planned to open a pathology center. Rahu is a shadowy planet who is the karaka of Gas, Photography, toxins and poisons. This idea will be materialized in November in this year. The native is running Venus/Rahu dasa from 14.03.2011-3.9.2011.

From the the above principles, we may draw some tentative conclusions as follows :-

  • The Yogakaraka nature of Venus must be seen first.
  • Their positional relation must be analysed both from each other and from the lagna.
  • Their malefic and benefic association must be taken into consideration to see how they modify the promised results.
  • If they are marakas (causing death) that aspect should not be over looked.
  • The association of other planets with Venus and Saturn have a vital role in shaping the events.

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