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S.R. Swamy | 01-Jan-2014

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In a contry like India where traditional arranged marriage system is prevalent, love marriages are still not a welcome situation.

In a kundali 5th house indicates love and affection; 7th house the marital life and conjugal bliss etc., 12th house denotes pleasures of beds, indebtedness, extravagant expenditure, handling of finances or savings during life time.

For females 5th, 9th, 7th and 12th houses are to be checked along with karka planet Mars. If in a female’s horoscope Mars is joined or aspected by Rahu or Saturn, she becomes expert in flirtation and whether she will marry such person depends on the disposition of Venus, Rahu, and Saturn in the male horoscope.

5th house and its lord play an important part in love making when they make a relation with 7th house or its lord or with marriage indicating house or planet and are not connected with evil houses or evil lords, they generally result in love marriage.

अपनी कुंडली में राजयोगों की जानकारी पाएं बृहत कुंडली रिपोर्ट में

When Mars is aspected by Saturn or Rahu in a female’s chart, she comes into contact with opposite sex and makes love with him. When 5th house or its lord has a connection, the love is only for sexual urge. When 7th house or its lord is conjoined with Saturn or is aspected by Saturn, one has a chance to be married to a person previously known to her.

Also when Mars and 7th lord are aspected by or conjoined with Saturn, same results as above. Rahu’s influence over Mars by conjunction or aspects makes number of love affairs without any marriage and gives bad name unless guarded by Jupiter. When 7th house, 7th lord or Mars has some link with 2nd house or its lord, the marriage will be within relations or when 7th lord is in 2nd house also. When 7th house lord from moon Joins the combinations, the husband will be her mothers younger brother or cousin or relative as per the planets ruling the house.

Some of the combinations shown here will explain the intricacies in love affairs which can be noted for sure as few of them are tested.

1. When Mars and Venus in females and Mar’s in male’s horoscopes are in one and same sign, they will be attracted to each other. The closer the degrees, the deeper the attraction will be. If they are in the same degrees, the attraction will be very strong.

जीवन की सभी समस्याओं से मुक्ति प्राप्त करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें !

2. If above Mars and Venus are in mutual Kendra or Trikona, the attraction will be instant and lasting.

3. But when Mars and Venus are in mutual 6th, 8th, 2nd or 12th houses, they will dislike each other.

4. When radical Mars of female is aspected by radical Saturn or Rahu of a male, the man is likely be attracted towards that women. The closer the degrees of aspect, the stronger the attraction will be.

5. Attraction will be more strong if male’s Saturn or Rahu aspects Mars of female in the fullest degree.

6. If in above case, Saturn or Rahu are afflicting to Mars one should be careful about the man as he will have desire for her and she may suffer from such a person, as he may not be reliable.

7. When transiting Saturn or Rahu, will afflict. her radical Mars, the danger is likely to come at that time.

8. In case of female’s when her radical Mars is afflicted by Saturn and Rahu (as the case may be) they are likely to be prey in the hands of such males.

9. If such aspect as above is made from a benefic house during transit, the result will be happy and intimacy will last long and if age permits, may end in marriage. But when Jupiter aspects above afflicted Mars, the evil aspects may be counter acted.

10. If Jupiter of male aspects or conjoins radical Mars of female, relations between the two will be based on mutual trust and attraction will be cemented throughout life.

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11. Woman in whose birth chart her radical Mars is afflicted by male’s Saturn, she will be attracted towards a man. When situated in the same sign or nearer the aspect or conjunction is, the stronger the attraction will be.

12. When radical Mars is afflicted by Rahu of male or situated in same sign or aspecting Mars, the woman wi ll be drawn towards the man.

13. When Rahu or Saturn of female’s chart afflicts radical Venus of male, the man will be attracted towards female.

14. Venus in male’s and Mars in female’s charts are afflicted by Saturn at birth and also male’s Saturn aspects female’s Mars and female’s Saturn aspect’s male’s Venus, the contract between them is sure. Rahu in similar conditions results into similar effects.

15. Venus in 12th house in male and Mars in 12th house in female horoscope, indicates many love affairs.

16. The person in whose birth chart Saturn or Rahu has affliction over 7th house at birth chart may change from one person to another in love.

17. Also when in transit Saturn or Rahu aspect 7th house or pass through the same form Lagna or Moon sign and at the same time afflicts radical Venus of male and Mars of female, the results will also be above.

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A love marriage can be successful in the following configurations when available in the charts of both sexes.

  • If Mars and Venus exchange their relative positions in the horoscope of couple, love marriage will be a great success.
  • If Sun in one chart has same longitude as Moon or the rising sign in other horoscope, it is conducive to a good attraction. The longitudes of Sun in male and Moon in female charts are same, mutual attraction and congeniality is the result. If Sun in female and Mars in Male charts have same longitudes, a good attraction will be there.
  • If Moon in one chart has same longitude as the rising sign or Sun in other horoscope, it is conducive to harmony. Sun in one in good aspect indicates good harmony. Moon in one in good aspect or conjunction with Lagna or Sun in other chart exercises good influence.
  • Sun in one in good aspect to ascendant or Moon in the other is good sign. Moon in one in good aspects to Moon in other is a happy disposition, Sun and Venus having same longitude in each other charts show much pleasure and enjoyments. Also Moon and Venus have the same effects.
  • Mars and Venus having same longitudes in each other horoscopes lead to mutual attraction though it may not be endured. Jupiter Venus, Jupiter Saturn having same longitude indicates harmony. Mars and Saturn in the above position lead to quarrels.