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Indian Astrology | 30-Apr-2021

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Astrology is a science of predicting the future. It has fascinated millions of people all across the globe. Though this knowledge is not formalised by the government, a few good courses are available in the market. Whoever wishes to make a career in astrology, should find out about the courses being conducted by well known teachers. Not everyone can become a good astrologer.

One needs the following to become a good astrologer – 

  1. Firstly, the Kundli of a person should indicate that they will get into astrology professionally. There are many indicators for this for instance, the 8th house which is the house of occult sciences should have some link with Jupiter. Another indication is if Mercury and Jupiter have some association with the 10th house. Like this there are many more indications that can be analysed. 
  2. The person should be sensitive towards other people’s feelings and be full of compassion. 
  3. The person should be able to hold secrets and not expose the private life of their customers to others. 
  4. The person should be hard working and dedicated as it’s not a simple science and requires a lot of patience. 

If a person has the above qualities as well as planetary positions, then they should go ahead and learn astrology.

The following should be checked for a good course – 

The organisation should be well reputed and have a good online presence. 

  1. The teachers should be well qualified and have a lot of experience in their field. 
  2. The course fee should be pocket friendly. 
  3. The reviews for the teachers should be positive and good. 
  4. With the current times, they should offer online courses which one can take from the comfort of their home. 
  5. The course material should be good. 
  6. They should be associated with some formal body. 
  7. They should have a good curriculum.

Indian Astrology is one such place which in association with All India Federation of Astrologers’ Society (AIFAS) conducts many online courses in the field of astrology. The top astrologers of India are imparting this knowledge in a very easy and conclusive manner. The classes are held on online platform zoom which the students can attend from the comfort of their home. These are the best astrology courses in Delhi. The study material is sent to the students through courier and email. These classes are recorded and sent to the students later so they can attend them anytime they want and even if they miss a session, they can get back to it through these recordings. They provide a certificate at the end of the program which is certified by the AIFAS. They provide courses in English as well as Hindi.

The courses available at future point are –  

Astrology - in order to become an astrologer one requires rigorous training. There are four levels of this course -        

(a) Jyotish Ratna - the beginner’s level course which introduces you to the planets, signs, houses and nakshatras.

(b) Jyotish Bhushan - the 2nd level course which dwells deeper into astrology such as yogas and dasha etc.                            

(c) Jyotish Prabhakar - the 3rd level course which trains the would be astrologers into predictions, muhurat, shadbal as well as divisional charts.         

(d) Jyotish Shashtacharya - the master level of astrology which is for those who wish to become masters at predictions and fortune telling. 

Palmistry - with the help of this course, the student will be able to read the palm and tell their fortune. 

Numerology - Through Online Numerology Course you will be able to build your own profile as a successful Numerologist in India. The course offers not just professional growth, but your own personal growth as well. You will be able to distinguish the different pattern in your life and of those near & dear to you in great detail.

Vaastu - Learn the art of creating harmonious spaces through Online Vastu courses by Future Point and All India Federation of Astrologers’ Societies. Gain practical knowledge to balance the aura of a particular space in order to create vibrant & beautiful environment around you. 

Tarot - become a professional tarot card reader with the help of this course. 

So for anyone who is willing to become a professional astrologer or just to gain knowledge in the astrology field for personal use the one stop shop is Indian Astrology.