Mercury Transit in Pisces, 24 March, 2022- Importance and effects

Future Point | 15-Mar-2022

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Mercury is the planet of communication, wit, business and intelligence. It blesses the native with excellent memory and analytical skills. In astrology, Pisces zodiac signifies spirituality and Moksha, foreign settlement, hospitalization and focused mind etc. mercury gets exalted in Pisces and gives wonderful results here. Let’s understand what Mercury in Pisces means to different zodiac signs:

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Aries 

For Aries natives, Mercury rules over the third and sixth house of the zodiac and will be transiting through the twelfth house of the same. The transit in the twelfth house is not a desirable position. The natives need to take proper care of their health especially insomnia or skin related diseases. Hard work and efforts may not bring desired results but since the planet will be seated in its exaltation sign, there are chances of immense gains through foreign contacts. Your opponents will plot against you to create hurdles in your work. This is a suitable transit for students as they will do well in competitive exams and few may also go to study abroad. Hard work and focus is required in studies for getting desired results. Legal decisions may come in your favor but at the same time keep strict control on your expenses. 

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Taurus 

The Planet Mercury rules the second and fifth house of Taurus natives and will be posited in the eleventh house of the zodiac during the transit. This is a wonderful position and will give many opportunities to the natives to earn through various resources. You will get recognition and financial gains with strong networking around. Great flow of income will enable you to repay your debts if any. Love life will flourish and students will show more interest in their studies. With hard work and determination you will attain success and may even get a chance to travel abroad for your higher studies. 

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Gemini 

The ascendant and the fourth Lord, Mercury will be transiting in the tenth house of Gemini zodiac. The impact of Mercury will reflect positively on your career, business and profession. This transitory movement will give ample opportunities to grow your business bringing huge benefits. Apart from that, harmony in the family will make you feel overjoyed. Any property related issues will be resolved and if you are undergoing any legal proceedings then the decision will come in your favor. Colleagues at the work place may try to create obstructions in work but will not succeed. You are advised not to share your personal information with anyone. Health may remain disturbed.  

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Cancer 

The Planet Mercury is a ruler of your twelfth and third houses which will stay in the ninth house of Cancer zodiac. The transit may send you abroad for work purpose. Those indulged in export-import will be benefitted with the transit. Students who desire to study abroad may succeed in this particular time. You will notice a considerable increase in your social circle and you will influence people a lot. Writers, publishers and media persons will find enhancement in their imaginative and writing skills. You will be supported by friends and siblings in financial matters. There are chances of you standing against the evils of the society during this transit. However, stay aware of your speech and speak nicely with everyone. 

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Leo 

Mercury is the lord of second and ninth house for Leo natives and will be posited into the eight house of the zodiac. Transit in the eighth house is not a favorable position. The transit may bring drastic fall in your financial gains. Business people will have to face losses and high expenditures. You may get the favor of your in-laws in these difficult times. Those in jobs have to face difficulties at work too. Your rivals may trouble you. So, it is advised to keep your personal information with you only. You may find religious inclinations and would prefer doing charities. 

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Virgo 

Mercury is the Lord of ascendant and tenth house, while the transit the planet will be posited in the seventh house of Virgo zodiac. This is a favorable transition for Virgo natives. Business and jobs will flourish bringing good returns to the natives. There are possibilities of promotions and salary hike as well. Financial inflow of income will enable you to clear any existing debt. Health would be fine and the married life will also remain sweet. Your relationship with your father would get strong. Your communication skills will make you win hearts of everyone you meet, and this will be very beneficial for your business as well. 

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Libra 

Mercury rules your ninth and twelfth houses, and during the transition, it will be posited in the sixth house of the zodiac. The transit will make you work harder to attain success in your profession. Your income might get low and competitors may trouble you. You are advised to pay attention to your diet, and avoid eating junk food. You should not get involved in any sort of arguments or debates as this may lead to fights. The transit will bring auspicious results for your father as well. Keep your personal information with you as your rivals may use that info against you. 

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Scorpio 

Mercury rules the eighth and eleventh houses of the zodiac and will be placed in the fifth house of Scorpion natives. The result of the transit will be quite favorable and the natives will notice tremendous improvement in their intellect and creative skills. Love life will flourish with fun and entertainment. Students will also perform well and may also go abroad to study. Since Mercury is carrying the energy of the eighth house as well you are advised to choose your words wisely. Those dealing in share market will gain humongous amount through this transit. You will earn from several sources that would improve your financial condition. The planetary movement is supportive and your hard work and dedication will take you towards success.

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Sagittarius

Mercury rules two kendras i.e. seventh and tenth house of Sagittarius natives. During its transition, the planet will stay in the fourth house of the Sagittarius natives which is again a kendra. So, it is extremely important transit for Sagittarius natives. The transit will bridge the gap between your personal and professional life. Thus it's advised to maintain a balance between these two. Harmony will prevail in your family and relations with your spouse will also remain sweet. Your career and business will prosper due to your hard work, intelligence, determination and honesty. You will be able to get some wonderful ideas and complete your tasks on time. You might take big decisions regarding your family.

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Capricorn

The Planet Mercury rules over your sixth and ninth houses and will be transiting through third house of the zodiac. The transit demands due care while speaking else arguments with your friends and siblings may occur. Your opponents may try to harm your image, so, stay aware. If you are trying for a loan then it is the time to get approval of the same. Your dedication and hard work will certainly help you to succeed in your endeavors. Those working in the field of law will certainly get tremendous value and success in their work. Apart from that, avoid revealing your personal information to others as that may create a problem in your personal life.

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Aquarius 

Mercury rules over your fifth and eight houses and will be transiting through the second house of Aquarius zodiac. The transition will bring a mysterious tone in your speech which will impress people around. However, sometimes it will become difficult for people to understand what you exactly mean to say leading to confusions and clashes. You should take nutritious diet and perform regular exercise to do away with any kind of disease or discomfort. You will earn more than your expectations and will easily repay your loans. Students will get good marks in their exams and those pursuing higher studies will witness growth in their intellect levels. Married couples will hear some good news from their children. Your lover may introduce you to their family.  

Effect of Transit of Mercury in Pisces on Pisces 

Mercury is the Lord of your fourth and seventh house and will be placed in the ascendant during the transit. This is a wonderful position as the natives will become influential in their circle getting recognition and gains. The transit is good for your business and career. However, you should seek advice of your elders before taking any important decision. You may also gain through property and will be fully supported by your mother. However, some problems in love life are foreseen. Some of the natives will enroll themselves in courses to improve their skills.