Childbirth on Amavasya may bring good results in life

Future Point | 15-Mar-2022

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We see may people who deliberately plan their child birth on some auspicious day of religious significance. How far is it justified to plan the birth of your child on these special days? In fact sometimes we see that the family tries to avoid days for child delivery that are considered inauspicious in Hindu religion. In this article, we will discuss what difference the choice of date of birth of your child can make in his/her life. 

How does astrologers suggest the date of birth?

In astrology every good and bad outcome in life depends on the planetary placements in one’s natal chart. Planets give good and bad results depending upon their placement and associations with other planets. An astrologer tries to choose the time of birth when most of the planets in the sky are in positive state to the maximum possible. Under such scenario, they are left with very little choice as most of the planets stay in a sign for at least a month and even more except the Moon. So, at their best the astrologers may see the suitable position of the Moon for child birth.

Child birth and significant days according to astrology


  • It is a general notion that if a child is born on amavasya then the child has lesser intellect and mental capabilities. The child born on amavasya may have weak health and may remain mentally disturbed for most of the time. The child born on amavasya may remain indecisive and confused in different situations in life.  
  • On amavasya, the Sun and the Moon remain in the same house in close degrees which specifies that the moon has lost its brightness due to proximity to the sun. The Sun is our soul and the Moon is our mind, this is a conjunction of our mind and soul which may take us towards spiritual progress away from reality. 
  • This conjunction of the Moon and the Sun is considered bad for materialistic and intellectual progress.    
  • People generally avoid amavasys tithi for the birth of their child.

Solar/Lunar eclipse  

  • During eclipses, the Sun and he Moon remain under the clutches of Rahu and Ketu which is not considered good. The native born with grahan yoga may face mental disturbance and stress throughout his/her life. The native has to face struggles in life throughout.

Krishna paksha/shukla paksha 

  • The parents also consider Krishna and shukla paksha as well at the time of birth of their child. As the Moon in shukla paksha gains strength and is considered benefic. A benefic Moon creates several rajyogas in kundli blessing the native with luck and fortune.

Child birth on Amavasya and auspicious effects


On Diwali many couples plan the birth of their child as they believe that on Diwali they will get blessings of Goddess Lakshmi in form of their child. They connect the birth of the child to the amount of prosperity they believe lakshmi ji will bring to their lives. Diwali also falls on amavasya of Kaartik maas or month but still is considered auspicious for child birth. 


Mahashivratri is an important day of Lord shiva and is celebrated all over the country with great enthusiasm.  People keep fasts and perform religious activities to please Lord shiva. It is assumed that it was on the auspicious day of Mahashivratri that Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati married each other. This is probably the reason that many couples marry this day to bring sanctity to their relations. Now, since it is also amavasya tithi and amavasya is not considered good for child birth then how will we judge the day for birth of a child?

  • Maha shivratri is an auspicious day and any child birth on this day is considered highly auspicious.
  • The kids born on mahashivratri are blessed with unquestioned intelligence as the weak moon is compensated by the crescent moon lying on the head of Lord Shiva.
  • Children born this day get name and fame in their lives.
  • They are head strong kids and achieve heights in their lives.
  • The conjunction of Sun and Jupiter is creating shiranjani yoga on mahashivratri 2022 which is considered extremely benefic yoga to have in one’s natal chart.
  • People may easily consider the day of Mahashivratri for the birth of their child.

May Lord Shiva bless the new born children with luck and prosperity in life!!