Wear Gemstones for these Miraculous Reasons!

Indian Astrology | 24-May-2022

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The gemstones, planets and energies are closely interlinked and it is not a new concept to many of us. They have always seen as the most amazing and miraculous ways to upgrade our life and gain desired results in life. The gemstones are packed with specific qualities, colors and vibrations. 

Since ages, civilizations have made use of the gemstones to gain mental, physical and spiritual enhancements. It is said believed that each gemstone has unique properties and energies to heal different aspects of our life. 

Wearing a gemstone connect us to the cosmos subtle healing power, improving balance, relaxation, protection, creativity, happiness and love. 

In Vedic astrology, every gemstone is associated with a specific planet and zodiac and hence they have been named as primary and secondary gemstones. For e.g. for Gemini and Virgo ascendant, green emerald can be termed as the primary gemstone for them. 

While diamond and blue sapphire can be taken as the secondary gemstones. The astrologers also take into account the color, hardness, source of procurement, mineral disposition and chemical elements as they also put a significant impact on the efficacy of the stones. 

Let’s understand why one should wear a gemstone and what positive results you may expect from them.

Why should we wear a gemstone?

  • We all are made of five natural elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether. Any imbalance in these natural elements creates doshas or flaws inside our body in the form of vata, pitta and kapha doshas. In order to maintain balance in these five elements inside our body one should wear a gemstone.  
  • Wearing a gemstone is the most effective and the easiest remedy as suggested by the astrologers in India. Since the wearer just wears it after a prescribed process and do not to perform anything extra while deriving its full benefits, most of the people prefer wearing gemstones over other astrological remedies which one needs to do at regular intervals.   
  • In our birth chart, there are some malefic planets creating obstacles, miseries, troubles and failures in life. By wearing gemstones, you may reduce the negative effects of these malefic planets causing problems in life. Wearing a gemstone ensures smooth operations in life while bringing all round success.
  • Gemstones help in gaining desired results in different aspects of life related to education, marriage, career, love life, foreign settlement, legal cases, or health and child birth. For e.g. if a person is facing delays or problems in marriage or if a couple is awaiting a child then they both can be suggested to wear yellow pukhraj after their kundali analysis. As yellow sapphire is the stone of Jupiter- the karaka of marital bliss and progeny. Wearing yellow sapphire may help the individual in getting married and the couple in begetting the child.
  • Gemstones also help in rectifying our past karmic bondages. We all reap the results of our past deeds or karmas and tend to get fortunes or misfortunes based on them. Our karmic history follows us in the present life. Wearing a gemstone create awareness about our karmas and motivate us to follow a righteous path in life. It is of course not possible to go back or rectify our past deeds but you get consciousness that automatically rectifies your past karmas. For e.g. if you are facing mental instability or mental stress then you may be suggested by the astrologer near me to wear pearl. Pearl is a gemstone of the Moon- the karaka of mental peace. Now, not just you should wear pearl but also take care of your mother who signifies the planet Moon in astrology. Once you wear pearl, you get affected by the energy transmission of moon’s qualities in your subconscious mind. You will wonder that the day you wear pearl you will start loving your mother even more. Thus, your karmas get automatically corrected.
  • Gemstones are also used to safeguard the subtle energy. Whenever a person wears a gemstone, the power is generated through vibrations which are absorbed at the sub conscious levels. These vibrations further strengthen your aura which safeguards the person against the transmission of negative energies from the outside world.
  • We all have been affected by evil eye or other supernatural negative influences. These negative emotions are nothing but the negative energies loaded with heavy negative traits which make us physically and mentally ill. Now, if you wear a gemstone then it strengthens your inner side to avoid such kind of evil eye and you are not affected by any of such negativity. 
  • We all have some positive and some negative planets in our birth chart. These positive planets attract good things in life and we need to boost their energy to realize their true potential. One should wear a gemstone related to that planet to attract its power and fortunes endowed by it. 
  • Gemstones are the most effective astrological remedy but it should strictly be undertaken with an astrological consultation. Talk to astrologer, before wearing any gemstone because if you enhanced the wrong planet or house then there are chances of attracting misfortunes in your life. Expect more harm than good if one has worn a wrong gemstone. It is mandatory to take a consultation to understand which stone will suit you the best. Sometimes a primary stone may harm if the planet is placed at the wrong place or is under severe affliction.
  • There is a prescribed process for every gemstone. Moreover, there are specifications related to the color, weight and shape as well. One should know with an astrologer as to which finger or metal a particular stone should be worn. The gemstones are not worn just like that and the wearer has to follow a prescribed process which may include washing the stone in raw milk or ganga jal as the case may be followed by the japa of the beej mantra specifically prescribed for the Lord of that gemstone. In astrology, every planet has a specific beej mantra which should be recited in order to charge the stone and realize its full potential.

Thus, it can be said that wearing a gemstone is the most effective astrological remedy that involves absolutely no hassles. 

It helps in restoring physical, mental and spiritual growth. The tradition of wearing gemstones is age old and the evidences can be seen in the fingers of our royals adorning different gemstones as suggested by their raj purohits or ancient scholars. 

There is absolutely no doubt in the efficacy of the gemstones and one should wear it to attract fortunes, health and wealth in life but only after an astrological consultation!