Lal Kitab Remedies to get Success in Life

Future Point | 11-Oct-2018

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Lal Kitab Remedies: Every person wants to become successful in their life but there are few people who got success in life. Success is depends upon the hard work but sometime hard work is not sufficient to achieve success, sometime luck also matter.

Few doshas and planets afflictions in your horoscope or kundali can also be the reason for your failure. In this situation where your luck is not good and hard work is not become successful then what to do? In this circumstances career astrology will help you.

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Here are some lal kitab remedies for you to get successful life.

Lal kitab remedies

When you wake up in the morning firstly look at your palms. It is believed that in our palms goddess lakshmi resides who fill our life with wealth. Shani is the significator of career and profession in our life. Astrology consultation will help you to know about the affect and placement of Saturn in your horoscope. To please shani dev, offer boiled rice to the crows. As per astrology crows represent the Saturn planet.

Sun is the planet of success. Every morning offer water to sun from copper vessel. Add some jiggery in it. Recite the mantra of surya dev – om hreem suryaye namaha for at least 11 times. It should be done within one hour after the sunrise. Gayatri mantra recitation can also make you successful in your career life. Recite gayatri mantra and mahamrityunjay mantra at least 31 times in a day. You will also get lord shiva blessings.

Ganesha mantra will also help you to achieve success. Every morning recite the mantra of ganesha – om gan ganpataye manaha. It will open the door of success in your life. Lord ganesha will remove all the obstacles from your life. According to lal kitab lord hanuman is alos plays an important role in success of a person. Before going out for an important work take a lime and cut it into 4 pieces and cut into 4 cloves. Take this in your right hand and recite the mantra – om shree hanumate namaha. After the recitation of this mantra keep these cloves in your pocket or purse. This lal kitab remedy will definitely give the success in your work.

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Lal kitab remedies to increase wealth

To increase your earnings, drop an empty pitcher in water in every Wednesday. Perform this practice for 6 consecutive Wednesdays. Do not break this cycle until the cycle is completed. Before leaving the house for work or business, eat jaggery. After completing your daily prayers eat jagggery. This remedy will make you successful.

Donation is the best remedy to attain success in life. Starting from the first Saturday of shukla paksha, begin the distribution of poori bhaji to poor people for 11 continuous Saturdays. It will definitely increase your wealth. If you are facing problems and troubles in financial matters then for 400 continuous days throw a square copper piece in a continuously flowing water body.

To remove the government or authority related issues or problems bake fresh rotis for the cow every day. Feeding a cow can also increase your success and wealth in life. If you are not getting any results or a steady flow of income in spite of putting loads of hard work, then drop a coconut in a running water body, everyday for 44 days commencing from diwali day. Chant maa lakshmi’s mantra and do lakshmi puja with great fervor and devotion. You should avoid eating on bed. Try to take meal in the kitchen. Make sure your house is clean and tidy. Every Thursday offer bananas to cow.

To improve your career or professional life lal kitab remedies, lal kitab remedies for getting a job, lal kitab report for success life can help you. Our expert astrologers analyze your kundali and after that they suggest you some remedies to become successful in life.

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