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Future Point | 12-Oct-2018

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Fate is a special grace to an individual by the divine Almighty. To be blessed either one must be born with the same or has to earn punya or good deeds to acquire a good fortune in future. For those with the former, have earned the good deeds in the earlier birth and are enjoying its fruits in the present birth. But, what about the others?

Should they too accumulate punya and wait till their turn comes in the next birth? Is it so difficult to get a good destiny? Is there any way, where one can wash off his past deeds and then enjoy the fruits of the good deeds in the present birth? Hold on your breathe, the answer is yes!

Who is it possible?

As one would know astrology is an ancient science of calculations that can be very helpful for the the native in a time of confusion or distress. In fact, in astrology, the horoscope or kundali, chalked at the time of birth is the most important document that helps a good astrologer to predict the future of a native.

Again, when a learned and expert astrologer would examine the Kundali or horoscope of a native, they will require the accurate birth details of the individual. If there is any discrepancy or if there is any change in birth details and if they’re not rectified by an expert astrologer, then the prediction can go wrong. It is then, the native would blame the astrologer for inappropriate prediction.

Therefore, for accurate prediction, it is not only necessary to get the guidance of a learned and experienced astrology, but also to procure the accurate birth details to ease the prediction process.

Why accurate details?

In astrology, the date of birth, place of birth and time of birth are the most important inputs to chalk an accurate horoscope. The former two is easy to jot down, however, the last part, is the trickiest.

There can be many reasons for this, the doctor making manual error or the clock ticking slow at the labour ward etc., Thus leading to inaccurate birth details. Though a learnt astrologer should make the required rectification, however, to locate one such astrologer can be a tough task.

But to ease your search and help you in your endeavour, we at Future Point are here, to offer you the expert service of our honourable Charmian, Dr. Arun Kumar Bansal. Our Chairman is considered is one of the most famous astrologers, available online as he has been the pioneer in bringing the latest technology to study of astrology.

About our honourable Chairman

Dr. Arun K. Bansal is one of the most sought after expert among the seekers as he has gained limitless fame for his accurate predictions, interpretations & research work. His disarming simplicity endears him to all sundry. Besides being a qualified M.Sc. in Physics from Delhi University he’s also an M.Phil. in computer science from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi.

He is known to develop a computer astrology software & is credited for developing the first ever program on Astrology in 1978, which has been widely used as free online software solution by millions. His generosity in giving back to the society in the form of technology has helped many in reducing the possibility of errors while generating a birth chart.

Further, it has been the vision of our chairman to initiate online astrological services to reduce the distance between the querent and the astrologer. In a way, our respected chairman Sri Arun Kumar Bansal has taken the science of Astrology to every strata of our society and enabling almost everyone an access to an expert astrologer.

Those who are looking for an accurate astrological prediction or looking for a guidance in a specific sphere like career, matrimony or any other aspect of life should not hesitate to reach out to Sri Bansal.

His knowledge is so vast and deep, that in case if your horoscope needs a cure, his knowledge would guide you with the accurate remedial measures. Thus, to answer those who are worrying about their lives can seek his consultation. There are many astrological remedies which when pursued, under the guidance of a learnt and an expert astrologer can lead to a better life.