Benefits of Praying to Lord Budh (Mercury) on Wednesday

Future Point | 10-Oct-2018

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In Vedic astrology, as one would know, there are nine planets spread across the twelve zodiac signs. Amongst these nine planets, Rahu and Ketu own no zodiac signs, Sun and Moon own one each respectively. The rest 5 planets, Visa viz: Mars, Jupiter, Mercury (planet Budh), Venus and Saturn, own two houses each. Thus, they would give results depending upon their placements in the zodiac sign of their placement and the houses or Bhavas they represent in a kundali or horoscope.

Though the houses or zodiac signs are not equally distrusted amongst these nine planets, each of the nine planets enjoy a certain role in the orbit of zodiac. For instance: Planet Sun represents Soul of the native in their horoscope, Planet Moon represents mind of the individual, Planet Mercury represents intellect, so on and so forth. Therefore, each of the planets would play their respective roles depending upon their ability.

In fact, among the nine planets, there is a special importance attached to planet Mercury. Since, he is important not only for intellect, but for sound negotiating skills, speech ability and ability to express one’s ideas. Planet Budh of Mercury is said to be the son of Planet Moon and his consort Tara. In fact, Tara also happens to be the consort of Planer Jupiter. Therefore, the placement of Planet Budh or Mercury is given utmost importance, as he is multifaceted. In case, if the Planet is not well placed, then a Mercury Puja or Budha Puja is recommended, particularly on a Wednesday.

Methods of praying to Lord Budha or Mercury:

In case, if Budh is not well placed in a horoscope, the following remedies are suggested.

- Fasting: it is believed that fasting on Wednesday (budhwar) would bring peace and prosperity to the faster and reduces all the negative effects of planet.

- Wednesday is also dedicated to Lord Krishna, and planet Budha/Mercury, you can pray to them for overall benefits.

- Chanting Mercury Beej mantra or Budh Mantra, while praying and performing puja and Homam is the best way to appease lord Budh.

//Om Budhaya Namah

Om Bum Budhaya Namah//

- Doing charity on a Wednesday in the form of gold, green vegetables, and green coloured bangles is said the way to impress Lord Budh.

- A Mercury puja is recommended for those who are who are weak, suffer from blood pressure an find lack of concentration etc. Weak mercury will mean the problems and diseases related to these organs: such as lungs, and hands and nervous systems. etc.

Benefits of Praying to Lord Budh or Mercury:

If a native is suffering from various problems associated with planet Budh or Mercury, then they would have to be an ardent devotee of Lord Budha. The following the benefits of strong Budh or Mercury and prying the same if weak.

  • If Lord Bud or Mercury is placed in the house where it is exalted, then the mercury it said to bestow on the bearer the gift of good intelligence, sharp memory, knowledge and education and at the same time it enables to control the speech and speaking aspect of the native.
  • If a native is suffering from frequent Memory loss and other such problem that means your Mercury is not correctly placed, so by puja and Homam the negative effects of mercury placing will be reduced.
  • Wearing green coloured clothes and an Emerald gemstone is considered auspicious and brings monetary, and health benefits.

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