Vastu Tips to Bring Home Wealth, Fortune & Prosperity this Diwali

Indian Astrology | 07-Nov-2019

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Diwali marks the festival of light that is celebrated across India with an unparalleled enthusiasm. The festival is known as the triumph of victory of good over evil. During the festival people light up their homes with the help of decorative lights and lamps. The festival brings lots of happiness and people wait for this festival for the whole year.

Lord Ganesha is worshipped during Diwali for prosperity and welfare, whereas Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped to attain wealth and riches. This festival is celebrated to mark the return of Lord Rama after the 14 year-long period of exile. This festival is considered as a phenomenal occasion to connect with divine energies and is one of the most prominent festivals in the Hindu culture.


What is Vastu?


Vastu is the ancient science of architecture which is in compliance with cosmic principles. The sacred text that documents the science of Vastu is called Vastu Shastra and was compiled by the Sages of ancient Bharat (India). Vastu reveals the method of building a home (structure) in such a way that it enhances health, wealth, and prosperity by aligning architecture with nature. It is usually considered as the best way to attract and allow positive energy to flow through their residence or workplace.

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Vastu on the Day of Diwali


Since Diwali is the day of worshipping Lord Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi, who stand as a symbol of prosperity and wealth, it is really important to do it the right way. Vastu is considered having a direct relation to the wealth, prosperity, and happiness of your home. Following these simple Vastu tips in your home can give you more and more benefits.

There are many Diwali Vastu Tips that help a person in attracting incredibly auspicious energies into his/her house during the festival.

Here are some Vastu tips for Diwali for your house:

Main Door

  • The main door of the house must be clean and neat, and also special care should be taken that there are no creaking sounds from the door.
  • A Silver Swastika must be placed outside the main door of the house as it keeps all the problems out of the house.
  • Another way of welcoming Goddess Lakshmi is by stamping small red-coloured footprints from the entrance of the house.
  • Bright and colorful torans should be hung on the main door of the house.


Inside the House


  • One can put floating flowers in water at the northeast corner of your house. Along with looking beautiful, it will also benefit the owner also.
  • The divine symbols like the Swastika, Om, and rangoli must be drawn and placed on the northeast corner of the house.


Eve of the Diwali


  • You must place two lamps at the entrance of your home.
  • Ensure that whenever you are placing lamps outside the house, they must be in even numbers.
  • Floating candles along with flowers are one of the best ways to ensure positivity in the house.


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Gifts According to Vastu


  • Vastu Shastra suggests that the items which are antique in nature must not be given to anyone as a gift.
  • Crystals are a great item for gifts, but they must be placed in the specific east direction of the house.
  • Any of the stone or metal items must be placed in the south direction of the house.
  • It is suggested that leather items must not be given to anyone as they are considered to be inauspicious.


Lighting According to Vastu


  • It is suggested that if the main door lies in the north or the northeast direction, then green or yellow must be the dominating colors of the lighting.
  • If the entrance is in the east direction then the lighting must be done with yellow color.
  • The southeast entrance of the house must be decorated with red color.
  • The doors of the south or southwest direction must be decorated with the help of both the red and blue colors.
  • The main color of the house must be blue if the entrance is in the northwest direction.




  • The rangoli designs enhance positivity and let the positive energies enter the house.
  • The readymade rangoli with the images of deities must not be placed on the doorsteps as it is really inauspicious.
  • Symbols like Swastika and Om must not be made on floors with the help of Rangoli.
  • The footprints of the Goddess Lakshmi must be in the direction of entering the house and not coming out of the house.
  • The color of the rangoli must be the same as the color of the lights.

With the help of these Diwali Vastu Tips, one will gain prosperity and enhance one’s prospects of gaining wealth and success.

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The above mentioned Vastu tips will certainly help a person to celebrate Diwali in the most appropriate manner and will enhance the prospects of maximum benefits. The overall feelings of festivities, love, purity, and knowledge all help make Diwali the most awaited festival in India. One can always consult a Vastu Expert available at Indian Astrology in order to perform every Vastu based action in the correct manner and to lead a healthy, wealthy, peaceful and prosperous life ahead!