Gana Dosha and Married Life

S.P. Gaur | 01-Jan-2014

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Gana Dosha is termed as Mahadosha along with Bhakoot and Nadi Dosha in match making kundlis. In Ashtakoot milan Gana factor carries 6 points out of total 36 points, therefore Gana factor is a crucial factor affecting the decision on marriage compatibility. 27 Nakshatras have been segregated into 3 groups namely - Rakshash, Manushya and Dev Gana. How the Gana chakra is to be interpreted while matching the horoscope of bride and bridegroom is given in this article

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Ashtakoot Milan System

There are sixteen sanskars or milestones of life recognised in Hindu cluture and marriage is one of the important Sanskars out of them. Husband and wife enter into Grahasthashram after their marriage. The main objective of marriage is vanshvriddhi and marriage enables them to repay Dev Rina, Pitri Rina etc. In traditional or arranged marriage the first step is to assess suitability of the alliance on the basis of caste, culture, Gotra, status, education, physical appearance, personality, monetary position, service or business position, prospects etc. Then comes the role of astrology for matching the horoscopes of the boy and the girl for marital happiness.

Essentially the individuals horoscopes need to studied thoroughly with respect to the strength of 7th, 8th, 5th, 2nd, 1st and 9th house which to my mind are more important than the remaining six houses. The Dashas of planets are equally important. If a couple of Mahadashas of auspicious planets come, even an ordinary looking horoscope proves to be a lucky one. On the other hand even a very strong horoscope with several exalted planets can give ordinary results if the Dashas of inauspicious planets rule the prime time of the life of the native. But unfortunately this kind of assessment of horoscopes is virtually replaced by a simple system called Ashtakoot milan, which quantifies the matching results in exact number or score.

In my view our seers had devised the kundali milan and Ashtakoot milan in tandem and not independent of each other. But due to simplicity of Ashtakoot milan system, easy availability of Guna Milan table or matching software, a good majority of people themselves find out the Guna score and take the decision on marriage alliance without realising the need for a competent astrologer’s advice under kundali milan, they just find out the manglik factor and believe that a manglik person be married to Manglik only and a non-manglik with a non-manglik only. Matching of horoscopes on the basis of just Ashtakoot milan is simply erroneous and against the spirit and intention of our wise seers. Only a thorough study of horoscopes coupled with Ashtakoot milan will give desired results.

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Study of Gana Dosha

This study paper is in continuation o my previous papers on Manglik Dosha nadi Dosha and Bhakoot Dosha vis-a-vis the married life. The findings of this paper are based upon field survey of 200 married couples. Who had furnished their birth data along with their own assessment of marital life and birth of children, serious disease, accident or any other important information about their marital life.

The objective of the study was to find out or verify the ill effects of the various Doshas in actual life, as enunciated by our seers in their classical works.

Gana Dosha is termed as a Mahadosha alongwith Bhakoot and Nadi Dosha. In Ashtakoot Milan, Gana factor carries 6 points out of a total of 36 points or Gunas for all the 8 factors. In the Guna Milan table or software, if Gana factor is matched, full 6 points are scored but if Gana Dosha is established, the score is nil. Therefore Gana factor i a crucial factor affecting the decision on marriage compatibility.

How is Gana Dosha formed ?

Gana Chakra

Rakshash Magha Ashlesha Dhanish. Jyeshtha Mool Shatbhi. Krittika Chitra Vishakha
Manushya P.Phalgu P.Shadha P.Bhadra U.Phalgu U.Sha. U.Bhadra Rohini Bharani Ardra
Dev Anuradha Punarvasu Mrigshira Shravana Revati Swati Ashwani Hasta Pushya

रक्षोनरामरगणाः क्रमतो मघाहिर्वास्वन्द्र मूलवरुणानलतक्षराधाः।
पूर्वोत्तरात्रयविधातृयमेशमानि मैत्रादितीन्दुहरिपौष्णमरूल्लधूति।।मुहूर्तचिन्तामणि (विवाह प्रकरणम्) ।।29।।

In terms of this shloka, taken from Muhurta Chintamani, the 27 Nakshatras have been segregated into 3 groups, namely Rakshash, Manushya and Dev Gana as per the table given

How the Gana Chakra is to be imterpreted while matching the horoscopes of vara and Kanya is given in the following shloka :

निजनिजगणमध्ये प्रीतिरत्युत्तमा
स्यादमरमनुजयोः सा मध्यमा सम्प्रदिष्टा।
असुरमनुजयोश्च्योत् मृत्युरेव प्रदिष्टो
दनुविबुधयोः स्याद्वैरमेकान्ततोऽत्र।।-मुहूर्तचिन्तामणि (विवाह प्रकरणम्) ।।।30।।

In accordance with this shloka, when the bride and the bridegroom have common Gana, it will result in high degree of love and attraction betweeen them, when one has Manushya and another Dev Gana, love and attraction would be medium, when one has Rakshash and another has Manushya Gana, it would result into death, and then one has Rakshash and the other has Dev Gana, it would result into inimical or hostile relations between them. In other words, Gana Dosha arises when one has Rakshash and the other has Manushya Gana or when one has Dev and another has Rakshash Gana

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Guna or points Table for Gana koot

Observing the spirit of the directions given in the above cited shloka, points or Gunas are alloted to the pair. Full 6 points are alloted if both the bride and the bride groom have the same Gana. No points are given if one has Rakshash and the other has Manushya Gana. If husband is Manushya and wife is Dev, 5 points are given but if husband is Dev and wife is manushya full 6 points are alloted. It is because of the general rule prevailing for all the 8 kootas that husband ought to have a better category for well being of the marriage. This is further extended to the Dev and Rakshash category also but in a different manner. If husband is Rakshash and wife is Dev, one point is still alloted by taking a lenient view that wife being more tolerant, marital cord would not be broken. However if husband is Dev and wife be Rakshash, no points are alloted.

For the purpose of the study, I have counted Gana Dosha irrespective of whether husband is Dev or Rakshash. However I have made it a point to study the impact separately when husband is Dev and when husband is Rakshash. Similarly the impact is separately studied when husband is Dev and wife is Manushya and when rreverse is the case. This would clarify the doubt whether a particular combination of gana Dosha is better than the other as is perceived by many scholars.


Bridegroom Dev Manushya Rakshash
Dev 6 5 1

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Cancellation or Gana Dosha Parihar

मैत्र्यां राशिस्वामिनोरंशनाथ द्वन्द्वस्यापि स्याद् गणानां न दोषः।
खेटारित्वं नाशयेत् सद्भकूटं खेटप्रीतिश्चापि दुष्टं भकूटम्।।-मुहूर्तचिन्तामणि (विवाह प्रकरणम्) ।।33

When the Rashi or Navmansh lords of the bride and bridegroom are friends, Gana Dosha is nullified, sadbhakoot destroys maleficence ofthe Rashi lords and mutual friendship of planets cancels Bhakoot Dosha.

ग्रहमैत्री च राशिश्च विद्यते नियतं यदि।
न गणमाव जनितं दूषणंस्याद विरोधदम्।।- Sage Garga

Gana Dosha gets cancelled due to mutual friendship of Rashi lords.

According to ’Peeyushdhara’, if Rashi lords are friends and nadi Dosha does not exist, the Gana Dosha is destroyed.

Acording to ’Muhurta Martand’ Gana Dosha is nullified if Tara, Vashya, Yoni, Grahamaitri and Bhakoot are okay.

For the purpose of this study, I have presumed cancellation of Gana Dosha where Rashi lords happen to be mutual friends or where the Rashi lord is common planet. the objective was to find out whether cancellation of Gana Dosha makes any appreciable change in the quality of married life compared to position of cases where Gana Dosha was not cancelled.

Ill Effect of Gana Dosha

When one person is Dev and the other has Rakshash Gana, they would be inimical towards each other throughout life. Obviously their married life would be full of strifes and conflicts. In mythology also we observe the Devtas and Rakshashas always fought with each other and were never at peace. For the purpose of this study, such couples should have reported their marital life under ’Below Average’ or ’Bad’ category.

The other Gana Dosha combination pertains to pair where one partner was Rakshash and the other was of Manushya Gana. As we have read in stories, the Rakshash would kill the Manushya and eat him. Similar impact in life would result in death of the manushya Gana partner and if not physical death, his life would be utterly miserable after marrying a Rakshash Gana partner. In these cases also, the feedback about their married life, should be under either below average or ’Bad’ category.

Feedback from married couples

As stated earlier, feedback was taken from 200 married couples about the quality of their married life. On the basis of data furnished by them, Ashtakoot milan was prepared, and those cases were segregated where Gana Dosha was found.

93 couples or 46.5% had Gana Dosha. For reporting quality of their married life, 5 options were given viz. Excellent, Good, Average, Below Average and Bad.

Survey results have been compiled and analysed separately for each type of Gana Dosha namely Dev- Rakshash and Rakshash manushya categories directly as well as in reverse order. Further analysis has been done where Gana Dosha was cancelled and where it was not cancelled.

Results of the field study

  No. Percentage
Total Number of Couples 200  
Couples having Gana Dosha 93 46.5

(A) Couples under Gana Dosha

(i) Dev- Rakshash
(Husband) (Wife)
(ii) Rakshash- Dev
(Husband) (Wife)
Sub Total 44 47.31

(B) Couples under Gana Dosha

(i) Manushay Rakshash
(Husband) (Wife)
(ii) Rakshash Manushya
(Husband) (Wife)
Sub Total 49 52.69
Quality of Marital life Gana Dosha Type
No. %
Gana Dosha Type
No. %
No. %
Excellent 06 33.33 08 30.77 14 31.82
Good 06 33.33 09 34.62 15 34.09
Average 04 22.22 07 26.92 11 25.00
Below Average 01 5.56 - - 01 2.27
Bad 01 5.56 02 7.69 03 6.82
Total 18 100 26 100 44 100

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