Is the World’s Journey Inside the Dark Tunnel of Coronavirus, Finally Coming to an End?

Indian Astrology | 30-Apr-2020

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The Coronavirus pandemic has terribly shaken the world since it surfaced somewhat around the beginning of this year. The devastating impact of this virus which is also referred to as COVID-19, has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands around the globe so far. With over 3 million people already tested positive for COVID-19, this pandemic is not giving any signs of fading away soon. The deadly outbreak of Coronavirus has become a global nightmare and has bitterly tested the human spirit of survival. Many psychological experts have warned that this pandemic is already having a highly negative impact on the minds of countless people in the world.  Several countries are in a state of lockdown and the entire world economy has come to an abrupt grinding halt. Millions have already lost their jobs and who knows how long will it take to bring back the economy to where it was before the Coronavirus pandemic struck the world.

Our country (India) is also in a state of preventive lockdown for over a month now in order to contain COVID-19 and prevent a large scale community spread of this deadly disease. The number of people in India, who have contracted this virus so far and the number of deaths from it are still on the rise everyday and the curve of the spread of this virus is not showing any signs of flattening out. People all across the world are eagerly waiting for a vaccine or preventive drug to get rid of this microbial evil. However, with no medicinal breakthrough in sight, there is a growing fear in a large section of society about their health & safety! Remember that fear during tough times, comes out of the uncertainty about what is going to happen in the future. Once the subtle yet incredibly powerful cosmic reasons behind a phenomenon are decoded, the road to the future becomes absolutely clear and that clarity dispels all fears & doubts!

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Vedic Astrology and COVID-19 

The planetary positionings or transits in the Zodiac Belt play a key role in shaping up all minor & major events in the life of a human being as well as in the world because the world is actually the collective consciousness of the people that live in it.

It would be incorrect to say that practitioners of Vedic Astrology knew in exact terms about the situation of Coronavirus or COVID-19 before it surfaced. But, it would also be unfair to say that Vedic Astrology did not give timely warning about an imminent health hazard waiting to strike the world, back in 2019.

The highly experienced and brilliant astrologers of Future Point, cautioned their clients in 2019 to take very special care of their health as the planetary positions at that time as well the cosmic changes that were about to happen in early 2020 were flashing clear warning signals back then.

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What were the planetary signals that pointed towards an imminent health danger in 2019?

Rahu or the North Node of the Moon and Ketu or the South Node of the Moon are two malefic planets that are known to bring sudden and devastating changes in the life of people and humanity at large.

Rahu & Ketu are ‘Shadow Planets’ which means that they do not have a physical element attached to them. This makes their effects felt far more than the effects of other planets and also, their effects are sudden & bring unpleasant changes in our lives more often than not.

Rahu & Ketu are always positioned 180 degrees apart from each other. They take about 18 and a half years to transit through all 12 signs of the Zodiac Belt and take about 18 months to transit through one sign. Rahu & Ketu entered the signs of Gemini & Sagittarius respectively in March 2019 and will be in those signs till September 2020. But, whenever Rahu travels through the sign of Gemini and resultantly Ketu through the sign of Sagittarius, some big events shake our world. 

This can be better understood if we look back in history and see how a Rahu in Gemini & Ketu in Sagittarius affected the world and humanity.

  • Last time these Shadow Planets were in these signs it was the time when those horrible terrorist attacks happened in the US on September 11th in 2001.
  • Prior to that in 1982, it was the same position of Rahu & Ketu in the Zodiac Belt and the HIV AIDS Virus broke out.
  • If we go back further 18 and a half years from here, Rahu & Ketu were in Gemini & Sagittarius during 1962 to 1963 and US President John F Kennedy was assassinated. 
  • Going back further 18 and a half years, we reach 1945 when the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki took place.
  • Again if we look back in 1927, a deadly earthquake struck China.

So naturally, every experienced astrologer was worried that something highly detrimental was about to happen in this world during the transit time of Rahu & Ketu in Gemini & Sagittarius right from March 2019 and their worries came true in the form of Coronavirus.

However, we at Future Point very clearly anticipated back in 2019 that the danger that this transit of Rahu & Ketu would have will be health centric. 

The reason for that was Jupiter which is the natural significator of good health, entered into the sign of Sagittarius in November 2019 and conjoined with Ketu as well as got the 7th malefic aspect of Rahu from Gemini. This aggravated the health situation of the entire world and from what we have been listening to in the news, the Coronavirus outbreak happened in China roughly post mid November to December and as Jupiter progressed in the sign of Sagittarius along with Ketu and a malefic aspect from Rahu, things went on getting worse day by day.

The situation took a really ugly turn when Saturn entered into its own sign of Capricorn after around 30 years on 24th January 2020. Saturn is a natural malefic that promotes ill health and this further worsened the Coronavirus spread and all have seen so far what has happened since then.

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A Profound & Astrologically backed Ray of Hope! 

Subsequent to all this planetary phenomenon, something very interesting happened on 30th March 2020. Jupiter left the sign of Sagittarius and entered into Capricorn to be in that sign with Saturn. Now, although Jupiter becomes debilitated in Capricorn but since Saturn who is the ruler of that sign is also present there, Jupiter achieves the state of Neech Bhang Raj Yoga as per the principles of Vedic Astrology. Vedic Astrology prescribes that a planet in its sign of debilitation acquires a powerful state called Neech Bhang Raj Yoga when the ruler of that sign is also present there.

Therefore, on astrological grounds it would appear on the first sight that natural benefic Jupiter once out of Sagittarius after getting weakened by Rahu’s aspect and Ketu’s conjunction, will gain strength and even reduce the negativity of Saturn and would put an end to this pandemic once it enters Capricorn.

Well, there is a small intermittent interruption that Mars is causing here! Mars also entered into the sign of Capricorn on 22nd March 2020 and will be in that sign till 4th May 2020. Now, Mars and Saturn are arch enemies and therefore their animosity will overshadow the benefic effects of Jupiter till 4th May 2020.

Post 4th May 2020, we will start to see a “slow & gradual” improvement in the Coronavirus situation all over the world. Why slow & gradual? Because global shake ups like these neither happen overnight nor reverse overnight as well.

However, one thing is clear that things will start visibly moving to normalcy post 4th May and after Rahu leaves Gemini & Ketu leaves Sagittarius in September 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic will leave our world for good!

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