How Reading, Pranayama & Ayurveda can help in this period of Coronavirus Lockdown?

Indian Astrology | 06-Apr-2020

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All of us are under the preventive nationwide lockdown and doing our national duty to help the government combat the Coronavirus pandemic, as effectively as possible. These are desperate times that call for desperate measures and given the mayhem that this deadly virus is causing all over the world, with no medical cure immediately in sight, the only way to contain the spread is isolation & social distancing. 

There is no room for negligence when dealing with COVID-19 and all preventive measures must be exercised without delay & question because this virus does not spare anyone, make no mistake about that!

So, while we all are under a preventive lockdown, we cannot shy away from the fact that this lockdown can put a lot of stress on many people’s minds or maybe it already is. 

This is simply because a sudden halt in all outside movements is never anticipated by almost anyone in his/her life and the abrupt although justified brakes that are applied to usual day-to-day movements of a person, makes that person feel the psychological stress of that restriction on his/her mind.

How can you make the best of this Lockdown?

Let us get one thing absolutely clear- “To keep ourselves, our loved ones and our country safe, we must diligently follow the guidelines issued by the administration and make this preventive lockdown achieve its fundamental goal of containing the spread of Coronavirus with the minimum possible damage.”

Having said that, we must also address the issue of coping up with the element of stress that this lockdown has brought along. We must understand that, not everyone is cut out to handle sudden isolation and often it is seen that people are driven towards stress, anxiety and depression during such harsh times.

Therefore, we must immediately adopt something that would increase our mind’s ability to function smoothly & super efficiently in the current challenging times as well as, make us connect with our “inner-self” to achieve a calm & composed state of mind!

Remember, only a calm mind is a clear mind and only with clarity of mind can one perceive situations correctly and sail through them effortlessly with grace.

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Reading to Connect with Our Inner Self!

Yes, reading is the solution to countless issues that one faces in life. This is simply because reading empowers a person by infusing the knowledge or wisdom that is required to navigate successfully through the maze of challenges in life.

It is our ignorance that breeds fear and that fear clouds our ability to think rationally. The moment ignorance is gone from the life of a person, solutions to all problems become as clear as water.

Hence, we must take up reading as it is a phenomenal tool that provides us the wisdom required to function with a calm & clear mind and ensures our all-round growth in life.

So, the million dollar question arises- “What should we read?”

Well, obviously we should not randomly pick just about anything to read as when it comes to making fundamental & conscious changes in our lives, we need to read something that would help us bond with our inner self.

Considering the battle that we are fighting with Coronavirus, it would be absolutely perfect to read something that was said before a war, right in the middle of a battlefield.

You guessed it right!

We are talking about “Bhagavad Gita”.

Bhagavad Gita is a blessing that was bestowed upon humanity about 5000 years ago in the battlefield of Kurukshetra right before the beginning of the war of Mahabharat. Lord Krishna gave the divine discourse of Bhagavad Gita to Arjuna, when that great warrior was in a state of gloom & sorrow. 

It continues to enlighten the humankind since then and will keep on doing so till eternity!

The 18 chapters of Gita hold the key to having a still yet completely active mind which is ready to face any challenge of life with absolute grace.

It teaches the real meaning of equanimity and the true purpose of life. Bhagavad Gita reveals the actual duty of an individual and how that individual can navigate through life without getting affected by hollow emotions.

Lord Krishna through this discourse, helped the greatest warrior Arjuna to dispel sorrow and baseless worries from his mind. 

Wouldn’t reading Gita wholeheartedly, dispel our worries, sorrow and anxiety?

Of Course it will. 

Furthermore, Gita has the potential to invoke a divine awakening within ourselves which acts as a doorway to salvation!

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Pranayama or Yogic Breathing

Pranayama is a sacred science of breathing that awakens the mystical healing powers within us and helps us to merge our consciousness with the Supreme Consciousness.

Pranayama or Yogic Breathing is a set of different breathing exercises that are known to cure many illnesses and strengthen our immune system. It helps our body organs to function efficiently and removes toxins from our body.

Since Pranayama involves specific breathing techniques, it naturally makes our respiratory system strong and considering the fact that the deadly Coronavirus attacks the respiratory system of a person, it is of utmost importance to practice Pranayama in order to protect ourselves from Coronavirus.

Pranayama keeps the mind of a person calm & composed and helps in experiencing deep & blissful states of meditation. Pranayama forges a very strong connection between a person and the Supreme Consciousness resulting in a surge in self-confidence and highly positive healing energies within that person.

There cannot be a better time in life to start doing these breathing exercises and not only protect ourselves from this pandemic but also start moving ahead on a path that leads us to divinity.

The Holy Sages of our country have always said that, if one masters his/her breath then success, health, bliss and harmony are a natural consequence in the life of that human being!

So, benefit from the ancient & sacred science of Pranayama and make sound health, strong immunity and peace of mind- natural experiences of your life.

Ayurveda for Rejuvenation

Ayurveda helps in having a body that is rejuvenated and high on immunity. Simple yet highly potent herbs/herbal foods work miraculously in our bodies due to the phenomenal medicinal properties that they hold.

In this time of lockdown, a very sensible thing to do, would be to include certain Ayurvedic herbal combinations in our daily diet and strengthen our immune system to combat the danger of Coronavirus.

Giloy and Amla are known to significantly boost the immune system of a person. While Giloy increases the White Blood Corpuscles (W.B.C’s) that fight infections within our body, Amla is known for its high antioxidant levels and tremendous rejuvenating properties. 

Drinking the juice of Amla and Giloy everyday or consuming them in ways other than their juice, would ensure a healthy immune system that is ready to combat and ward off infections.

Herbal Tea is also in fashion these days. However in this lockdown when access to readymade herbal formulations is not easy, you can make your own herbal tea formulation as per Ayurveda to strengthen your respiratory system in particular. 

Search the internet and you will get multiple videos showing how you can make a herbal tea at home to boost your immunity and strengthen your respiratory system.

Remember, the more a person is connected to nature especially via diet, the less that person is prone to external microbial invasions.

In the end, we would like to say that- “Kindly bring in as much positivity in your life as possible during this time, so that this period of preventive lockdown would become a blessing in disguise for you and bring health, joy & peace in your life! 

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