Your guide to Astrology and CORONAVIRUS / COVID -19

Indian Astrology | 19-Mar-2020

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Corona Virus has made day today life so difficult. It is known to cause severe acute respiratory problems . It is a highly communicable disease, which spreads through human contact or being in the vicinity of the infected person. It may lead to death of the patient (mortality rate is just 3%). Over the past few weeks, this virus has spread rapidly along with the panic. With the shut down of schools,colleges,cinema halls and even most countries have closed their borders to foreigners, and markets have been left barren. We thought maybe Astrology could offer some insight into this situation which has handicapped us socially and spiritually.

The first case of coronavirus came out in Wuhan city of China at the end of 2019. As of now, 80 countries have confirmed cases of this virus and more than 3000 deaths have been officially confirmed so far due to this virus. The scientific name of this dangerous virus is Novel CoronaVirus-19 (COVID-19). On 23 January 2020, the World Health Organization declared it as a public health emergency across the world, keeping in mind the rapidly growing number of cases of coronavirus. Coronavirus in India has infected over 137 people so far as per the official report. The number of coronavirus cases, i.e. people infected across the world with the coronavirus has crossed over 1,89,683 with over 7500 deaths.WHO along with Leading countries from all over the world, are making great efforts to prevent the disease from taking more lives. However, the number continues to grow.

Astrology & Coronavirus

Every disease is caused as a result of various factors / planets being at a particular position in the transit. Each of us belonging to different moon signs are constitutionally different. Some zodiac signs are more robust than the others. It does not imply that they are not susceptible to infection and must not take any precautions just that they have stronger immunity within themselves to combat it.

Zodiacs Signs and their Immunity -

Refer to this chart. This speaks about the link between the signs and their inbuilt immunity to combat coronavirus.

Zodiac ( Moon Sign) Effect / Result of CoronaVirus
DHARMA- Aries, Leo, Sagittarius (EAST) Strong immunity. Need not worry too much.
ARTHA - Taurus , Virgo , Capricorn (SOUTH) Good immunity. Be safe and stay active.
KAAM – Gemini , Libra , Aquarius ( WEST) Average immunity. Take precautions, good diet and avoid public places.
MOKSHA – Cancer , Scorpio , Pisces (NORTH) Weak immunity. Be cautious, take precautions and please do not panic.


Planets and its effect for causing the outbreak

Most of the malefics like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, ill associated mercury, weak moon and Ketu are playing a pivotal role in the spread of such a pandemic disease which has brought the entire world on its knees. Let’s see the factors responsible for this pandemic-

  • The Covid-19 virus has originally been spreading via marine life (fishes) and seas represented mainly by the Moon.
  • Rahu and Ketu are responsible for growth and spreading of viruses through animals. Its vaccine has not yet been developed – a unique trait of Rahu (undiagnosed illnesses and treatment). The lack of verified facts and too many rumours are being spread.
  • Currently Rahu in Gemini sign (exalted) and Mars in Sagittarius with Moon and Ketu.
  • Gemini sign is associated with throat related infections and Cancer sign with water borne diseases. Both are badly inflicted with Mars.
  • Its major symptoms are flu like pneumonia and breathing issues caused by ill associated mercury with Saturn and Mars.
  • Jupiter (the karaka for expansion, Ether tatva) conjunct with Ketu is responsible for widespread of this disease in such a short duration of time.
  • Saturn (Air tatva) in its own sign Capricorn has influenced in the spreading of the virus via air.
  • Sun is the sole benefactor of good health and immunity which moved to the sign of Capricorn (lord Saturn) from 14 Jan 20 is in a weak state.
  • As per the medical reports people suffering from diabetes and depression are more susceptible to the infection as their immune system is quite low. Diabetes and depression both are caused due to inflictions on Moon and Jupiter.

Impact on India -

We need to examine the Kundali of Independent India to see the impact of cosmic powers-

  • India has a Taurus ascendant with Cancer moon sign. Currently it’s running the Mahadasha of Moon- Antardasha of Saturn and Pratyantardasha of Saturn.
  • Natal Saturn is lord of ninth and tenth house is posited in Cancer with Sun, Mercury, Mars, Venus and Moon.
  • As per the current transit chart Jupiter is in Sagittarius (eighth from ascendant and sixth from the moon sign), which is not at all good.
  • Saturn is in Capricorn (ninth from the ascendant and seventh from the moon sign) which is not a favourable transit.
  • Hence some of the repercussions are - spreading of disease in cities and towns, slowing down the economy and crashing the stock market.

Precaution is better than cure -

As a protective measure governments across various states have started issuing guidelines for people, to follow and be better safe than sorry. Prevention is always better than cure.

  • Stay indoors.
  • Travel only when it is very necessary.
  • Follow principles of hygiene wash hands regularly with soap or sanitise it using alcohol based hand rub.
  • When sneezing and coughing, cover the mouth and nose with flexed elbow or tissue.
  • Healthy people should wear masks only if they are taking care of a person with suspected COVID-19. Others should wear masks while coughing or sneezing.
  • Avoid non vegetarian food.
  • Drink lukewarm water at regular intervals to keep your throat wet.
  • Indian spices are a raambaan for boosting immunity, eat more of cardamoms, black pepper, chillies, mace or javitri, Saffron and cloves.
  • Exercise / go for a walk regularly to boost immunity.
  • Walking involves our knees and ankles (karak- Saturn) would reduce its malefic effects.
  • Do Pranayams and Yoga asanas to stay fit.
  • Consume seasonal fruits and vegetables like Amla, Lemon, Oranges etc in more quantity as they are a rich source of vitamin C, which improves our immunity.
  • Sun bathes – as it produces vitamin D in our body and helps us fight diseases.
  • Greet by saying Namastay and avoid shaking hands.
  • Burn camphor and spread its smoke in your homes for purification of the environment by killing various types of germs and microbes.
  • Avoid close contact with anyone showing symptoms of respiratory illness such as coughing and sneezing.
  • Check your kundali, lord of the current running dasha and take appropriate steps to strengthen the lords.
  • In case you have mild fever, running nose, dry cough or difficulty in breathing, contact your nearest doctor.
  • Pray to lord and recite this mantra to appease the lord of good health – shree dhanwantri - ऊॅ नमो भगवते महासुदर्शन वासुदेवाय धन्वन्तराय अमृतकलश हस्ताय सकल भयविनाशाय सर्वरोग निवारणाय त्रिलोकपतये त्रिलोकनिधये ऊॅ श्री महाविष्णुस्वरूप श्री धन्वन्तरि स्वरूप ऊॅ श्री श्री औषधचक्रनारायणाय नम: जय श्री कृष्णा

End of CoronaVirus

Let us examine the transit of planets on 14th April 2020 and see what the stars foretell?

  • Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in the Capricorn sign (from 28 Mar, 2020) will bring some relief in India.
  • As per transit rules, transiting Jupiter in the seventh house from natal moon is favourable. Hence its spread can be controlled to some extent.
  • Sun will move to its exalted sign of Aries from 14th April 2020. A strong Sun will help in curbing the growth and spread of this virus.
  • Mars would be posited in Capricorn (exalted) along with Jupiter and Saturn in the ninth house from ascendant.
  • Mars and Jupiter would no longer be inflicted by Rahu.

Effect of Retrograde Jupiter when it goes back to Sagittarius on 30th June 20.

As retrograde Jupiter will enter Sagittarius sign on 30th June 2020 and remain there till 20th Nov 2020. This virus may spread between May and September and become a cause of concern for the health ministry. Also the Sun is farthest from the Earth in the month of July, leading to growth of disease causing microorganisms. However when Jupiter enters Capricorn post September its Treatment and Vaccine may be discovered.

Hospitals & Emergency

Below is the list of contact as of now announced by the government for any emergency

AIIMS DR. Mahesh R 9868399038
SAFDARJANG DR. Nitesh Gupta 9873096364
GTB DR. Amit 9654976108
APOLLO DR. Aaron Stephens 9953012659

Precaution is not panic! Stay aware and safe. Things will be back to normal pretty soon.