Important Points About The Main Door

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Feng Shui, like India's Vaastu shastra, gives much importance to direction and size of main door. A house built in auspicious direction according to proper flow of Chi makes its inhabitants lucky.

The main door is regarded as most important because it gives a feeling of good or bad while entering the house.

Important Points

  • Main door should be wide so that Chi may enter.

  • There should be no obstacle like a pillar or tree before the main door. Otherwise flow of Chi is obstructed, health and progress suffer.

  • The width of main door should be in proper proportion of entering road. This gives happiness.

  • A narrow path leading towards main door may concentrate Chi that may hinder progress.

  • The doors of the main entrance should not make noise. If it is so, it should be repaired.

  • The main door should open towards outside. Doors opening inside create barriers in wealth.

The gate of boundary wall should not be in a line with main door and back door because Chi will go out speedily, health and money will suffer.

In such a situation hang a bell exactly above the door or keep curtains at main and back doors. By this method Chi's speed will be controlled and prosperity prevails at home.

The main door should be clearly visible. This facilitates entry of people as well as Chi. At several places, the door remains hidden in one corner which is undesirable.

The doors should open by moving inside and not outside. If the doors will open outside, Chi will be obstructed and there will be financial problems.

The main door should not open into a narrow lane as Chi will act as negative.

The important point to be noted in Feng Shui is that there should not be a poisonous arrow.

A single tree alone can create Sha particularly when leaves of trees fall and branches become bare.

All these problems have solutions. A hedge may be put so that the branch of tree is not seen.

For removing the negative effect of a single tree, more trees may be planted or electric poles may be installed between the door and tree in both sides.

If these remedies are not feasible, a Pakua may be installed on the door. Pakua repels poisonous arrows.