Colour Composition

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Colour Composition of building is important. Colours should be in harmony with colour of user's personal element. Feng Shui believes that auspicious colour enhances good luck while the inauspicious colour gives bad times. Colour is an important tool for control of Chi's flow.

Every colour represents a particular element. Colours have positive as well as negative influence on human beings. Every person expresses his opinion about colours whether he has any knowledge of colours or not. Colours give a sentimental atmosphere to a room. Certain colours excite us, few cause irritation while many colours have a pacifying effect.

Pa-Kua and Colours

For the development of different areas of a building, different colours may be used or articles of different colours may be placed.

Colours for Different Areas

Wealth : Green, Red, Violet, Blue

Fame : Green, Red, Yellow

Marriage : Red, Pink, White

Family : Green, Red, Blue

Children : White, Golden

Knowledge : Black, Green, Blue

Business : Black, White, Green

Advisor : White, Black

Feng Shui says that internal activities of Yin and Yang change the situations. Yin is black. Its blackness absorbs all colours in it. Yang is white. Its whiteness reflects all colours. Yin and Yang balance 5 elements and their allied colours. White colour represents a fresh canvas while black indicates a clean slate where a picture can be made by desired colours and shades.

  1. Red : Exciting, Hard working

  2. Red colour is more powerful than any other colour. Whenever we look at Red, we get a strong message. This colour is very lucky. Chinese people regard it as a colour of happiness and prosperity. This reduces the size of a room while an object will look bigger by it. This is more useful as a supporting colour. Use of red is prohibited in dining room, children's bedroom, kitchen and office. Red colour is connected with affection, prosperity and zeal. Red is connected with fire element.

  3. Yellow : Positive, Optimistic

    Yellow is connected with knowledge and intellect. This excites the brain and enhances judgement and thinking. Its favourable properties are optimism, logic, quick decision making. The adverse qualities are cleverness and obstinacy.

    The colour of energy giver Sun is yellow. This colour gives brightness, inspiration and pleasure. It makes even a dark room attractive. Chinese people used to regard it as colour of laughter. This colour is also connected with Earth element. It can be used in corridor and kitchen. Avoid its use in bathroom and conference hall. Its excessive use may cause headache. Yellow is a symbol of enthusiasm. Due to this reason this colour is suitable for entertainment rooms.

  4. Green : Peace

    Green colour is connected with Wood element. Green is situated in the middle of a rainbow. This is an indicator of peace. It is connected with development, production and goodwill. It gives comfort and freshness. This colour in ideal for bedrooms and rids the people from stress. It is lucky for hospital rooms, music school and bathroom. However it is prohibited for drawing rooms. Its properties are optimism, freedom and balance.

  5. Blue : Optimism, Safety

    This colour is connected with Water element. Chinese people regard this colour of sky as representative of heavens. It is indicator of truth, intellect, peace and courtesy. It is connected with philosophy, religion, mystique and patience. Its properties are trust, faith and stability. Blue colour is useful for energising prayer and yoga room, bedroom or hospital room. Do not use blue in drawing or dining room. This colour gives internal inspiration.

  6. Violet : Intellect, High Ideals

    Violet has energy of Red colour as well as optimism of Blue. For improvement in life- energy and glory, this colour is effective. Violet is a colour of grandeur and intellect. Its properties are excitement, attachment and orientation towards aim. Violet is suitable for yoga room and bedroom. It should not be used in bathroom or kitchen. Violet is deeply attached with life.

  7. Pink : Pink is related with purity of thoughts.

  8. Orange : Desires, Social

  9. This colour is related to Earth element. Orange is more modest than Red. It is a powerful and pleasant colour. It enhances communication. Its positive qualities are happiness, concentration and intellect . Orange indicates social attitude. Orange generates excitement of Red but Yellow mellows it. These colours should be used in rooms where all people gather for conversation. Orange gives mental strength. It can be used in drawing room, corridor leading to a hall or dining room. It should not be used in small rooms or bedroom.

  10. Golden : Self Esteem, Wealth

  11. Golden colour is connected with Metal element. In China only royal people were allowed to use clothes of this colour. Even today this colour is associated with prestige and reputation. Gold is positive as well as optimistic. It represents fortune when used with red.

  12. White : Purity, Shine

White is connected with Metal element and symbolizes a new beginning, purity and simplicity. Its properties are cleanliness and freshness. White is almost a condition of colourlessness.

White keeps mind calm and quiet. White should be used in bathroom and kitchen but must be avoided in children's room or dining room.

All colours are either Yin or Yang. As we know, a balanced use of these two gives happiness.

Red, orange, yellow and black are Yang. Green, blue and white are Yin, Violet can be Yin as well as Yang according to the ratio of Red and Blue. If Red is more, it will be Yang but if ratio of Blue is more, it will be Yin. By the use of Yin and Yang colours, a balance can be obtained.

Black : Intensity, Formality, Skills

Black colour is related to Water element. Black assimilates all colours in it. The rooms that are black or white do not render comfort. In Feng Shui, Black is related to wealth. It is a mysterious and independent colour. Its positive properties are power and attraction while death, darkness and evil are its negative points. Sometimes it can be used in bedroom. It should not be used in the rooms of adolescents, hospital rooms, studios and drawing rooms.

Sensitive Colours

In Feng Shui, Black and Red are regarded as sensitive colours. Doors should not be black. Doors in East and West should not be Red. These 2 colours should be used with caution, otherwise serious problems may be faced.