Choice of Directions

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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In Feng Shui, the location of main door in the house is decided on the basis of time of birth.

The direction of the door contributes profusely for the prosperity of residents.

The plot should be situated at such a place where harmony may be established between the house and environment. The people of China keep the main door in South so that sufficient sunlight may be available. The North remains cool and is avoided. Chinese do not keep doors in North-East and South-West as they think that satan lives in these directions.

Selection of 4 corners of the house is important because these are instrumental in having progress and good luck. The correct choice of a place for sleeping, living etc gives prosperity.

Keeping a balance between 5 elements gives harmony in the home. Every element is connected with any one of 8 directions.

The results of directions are as below :

  1. South : Prosperity and fame

  2. South-East : Property and Wealth

  3. East : Happy family life

  4. North-East : Intelligence and success in education

  5. North : Successful business and relationships

  6. North-West : A new beginning and journeys

  7. West : Fame of children

  8. South-West : Peace and happiness

Every corner of Pakua represents an element. This is a hexagonal symbol of Chinese culture. Its every corner represents an important activity of life. It can be kept on the map of the house or a room or on the map of a small table.

The directions indicated by compass are not used with the use of Pakua. Compass is used when deciding for individual rooms for family members. The directions can be decided by keeping the compass on entry door of every room.

The room that has doors in North-East is suitable for a young man or for the youngest son.

The directions stated above also can decide the ideal area for a particular activity. For example, as South-East is area of wealth, it is good for study. South being the direction of fame, it is suitable for office work or for study. Rooms in South-West are suitable for girls of home as it is marriage area. Rooms in West should be used by children as it comes in progeny area. North-West room is ideal for consultants as they will be able to concentrate in their work. The main bedroom should be located in East as it is family area.

The facades of homes, according to Feng Shui face South. The front door and other important rooms are also in South, kitchen is kept in East. Rooms of elders are in South-East.