11th House in Astrology- Where your desires are fulfilled!

Indian Astrology | 28-Dec-2021

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The eleventh house in Astrology is considered as an important house to see whether the native will live a satisfied life and how much will the native earn or accumulate in this life?

Everyone is curious to know whether his/her wishes will come true? Whether they will be able to lead a contended life? How much fame will we get in our present life? All these and many more answers may be answered through a careful analysis of the eleventh house of your kundli. 

The eleventh house in astrology is a house of fulfillment of wishes. The amount of materialistic as well as spiritual gains received in the present life may be measured through the eleventh house. A horoscope or kundli contains all information about a person regarding different aspects of his/her life. All events in a person’s life can be predicted with precision in astrology. Most of us are interested in material aspect of life and are curious to know the quantum of wealth to be achieved in this life. The position of the eleventh house may reveal all secrets related to your financial and spiritual gains. 

The eleventh house is popularly known as the labha sthaan in astrology and signifies how much profits one can make through his endeavors. It is also called as “kama siddhi house” which also signifies sexual desires and their fulfillment. Kama not just shows passion but also displays hopes, wishes and desires of a person. Siddhi means the fulfilment. So, it represents the fulfillment or gains from your hopes, wishes and desires. Ekadasha bhava is a house of name and fame to be earned by a person too. It represents praapti or accomplishments in life. 

However, it is also considered a bad house in astrology because it shows income and materialistic gains and if a native has a prominent eleventh house he/she will have lots of gains in this life and with so much gains the native can’t make spiritual progress which is the ultimate goal of human life.   

Brief about the eleventh house in astrology

In fixed zodiac or kaalpurush kundli, the eleventh house is a sign of Aquarius which is ruled by Saturn. So, the eleventh house is closely associated with the attributes of the planet Saturn. If a native has a strong eleventh house, he/she leads a successful life with great contentment. 

What does the eleventh house in astrology depicts?

Aya bhava in astrology i.e. the eleventh house signifies various modes of gains, accomplishment, social circle, friends, elder siblings, recognition, awards and freedom from pains and obstacles in life. It is concerned with one’s desires, wishes, aspirations and fulfillment of the same. It also represents gains from profession or business, higher studies or foreign relations, election, health, litigation, speculation, writings and hard work.

Vedic shastras ascribes eleventh house as a house of elephant riding, horse riding (elephants, horses and conveyances), precious clothes, ornaments, crops, wisdom and wealth. Astrology books say that one should deduce all information about these aspects from the eleventh house.

What one may know through the eleventh house in kundli? 

  • The eleventh house is all about gains. It may be regarding any aspect like through your education, career, profession, spiritual path or marriage. This may fairly give an idea how well you will earn or gain through these aspects in life. An excellent eleventh house may give you name and fame and make you a popular person.   
  • If you have participated in election then it is the eleventh house that may declare whether you will win or lose?
  • Your win in litigation or any competition can be very well announced through analyzing the eleventh house in your horoscope. 
  • How bright your personality, health, wealth and social circle will be?
  • Whether your literary efforts and communication skills will win you accolades? 
  • Your relations and support or gains through your elder siblings can be seen through it.  
  • Your level of satisfaction also depends upon a positive eleventh house. 
  • Acquisition of wealth, gains through enterprise, additional sources of income, strength of your luck and influence, your paternal uncle and brother-in-law, spiritual inclination, creative pursuits, worship, your behavior towards elders in the house, acquisition of knowledge, advanced intelligence, longevity of mother and your left ear and knee. 
  • A fortified 11th house ensures prosperity, fast progress in life, kind partners, and friends that stick together in tough times. 
  • The possibility of love marriage and satisfaction through it.
  • The seriousness of a love relation can be ascertained through the eleventh house as well.
  • The eleventh house decides your dignity in society. 
  • The eleventh house if placed in Shubha kartari yoga then this house confers many encouraging benefits to the native. 
  • If you wish to know how obedient your children will be then get your eleventh house checked by the best astrologer. The children are the outcome of a marriage that means gains through marriage so can be very well analyzed from the eleventh house. 
  • A social circle you may rely on during thick and thin in life is what we all aspire for. Whether you will have one or not? Know it through your eleventh house. Apart from that, children astrology can bless you with loving and obedient children.
  • The eleventh house operates in two manners. First it gives you results of your past deeds which may be in the form of rewards or punishments and secondly it ensures the wellbeing of the native due to good karma during the activation of the eleventh house. 
  • Mental peace you attain in life also depends upon the eleventh house in astrology. The rewards it dispenses are the outcome of a native’s efforts in present or past life.
  • Sometimes, you witness a person of high status losing his respect at once for some unexpected reason; it may be the result of an afflicted eleventh house. 
  • Acquisition of wisdom and occult knowledge 
  • Details about your daughter-in-law can be ascertained through eleventh house in your kundali. 
  • Those born with silver spoon or born in reputed lineage have a well-fortified eleventh house in common. 
  • A strong eleventh house put end to miseries and saves you from the claws of enemies and health troubles.
  • It is interesting to know that the eleventh house may also narrate the details about the longevity of your mother and her last journey to abode. It also reflects about her spiritual accomplishments. 
  • You may ascertain the egotistic tendencies of your father through the eleventh house.  
  • The eleventh house sets the path for alterations in your life style to be adopted or karma correction to be done on your part for the desired life. Astrologers take help of the eleventh house to suggest the most effective astrological remedies to their clients. 

Thus the eleventh house in astrology gives valuable information to the native and it also gives clues as what should a native do to attain a successful and peaceful life. The best astrologer may help you to know what your eleventh house says about your accomplishments and gains in life. A talk to astrologer will help you to know the best path to follow to succeed in your endeavors!