Find solution of your property disputes through astrology

Future Point | 12-Oct-2018

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Wealth is transitory, it takes a lot of hard work and consistency to acquire wealth but keeping it is equally difficult too. When you are rich, people start caring, they want to spend their time with you, they want to make you feel special but when you aren't rich, nobody cares. That is the way the world rolls, around money. When you have accumulated enormous wealth, you will need to know how to keep it also otherwise it will slip off from your hand imperceptibly. Raising a business requires breaking a sweat and sometimes having to trust people. The same people can ditch you for your money and wring you dry off all your wealth.

Also, the ugly spats between brothers concerning a property is also seen which led many people depressed and delusional. One can't begin to imagine how their own blood can prioritize money over the blood relation but that is the startling reality. And then, there are contractors who are awaiting big projects but see no light at the end of the tunnel. Work is slowly drying up for them and no amount of hard work is seemingly helping them. There are many reasons why property disputes occur in your life which goes like:

Why property disputes happen in your life?

Your property house is the fourth house in your birth chart and when it gets affected, you usually face property disputes. When your 4th house gets affected, you will spend most of your days doing rounds in the courts to secure your property from the outside harm. 4th house is very much important in your birth chart hence to understand whether you will have a property dispute in future. People, who are likely to start a new business, usually get their kundali judged by a renowned astrologer, who analyze the 4th house in your kundali to decipher the constellation of planets around it.

How astrology can offer a solution to your property dispute?

In case if you are having property disputes, you can visit an astrologer who will tell you how to deal with the current problems and the ones that are askew. Astrology has the solution to almost all the problems that a human being can face and property dispute is only one part of it which astrology can deal pretty deftly.

Property disputes are very exhausting for people because they have to spend major parts of their lives doing rounds in the courts. This is tiring, heart breaking and takes a toll on your confidence a lot. When you are having property dispute and losing your mind over it, your family too grows concerned and they too bear the brunt of your depression.

It becomes really challenging for your family to see you depressed and there is nothing much they can do about it and they too become emotionally drained seeing you unhappy. Such are the fallouts of property disputes which really rip people off their mental peace, ruin relationships and make people rue their decisions.

When you visit a renowned astrologer to seek solution for your disputed property, the first thing he will ask for will be your kundali or birth chart whose 4th house denotes the probable challenges that you will face for the property. There are many reasons that are at play behind the property disputes such as 4th house, planets in 4th house, position of 4th house lord and planets aspecting the 4th house.

Apart from the 4th house, Saturn too is very important to deal with the property problems. It is said that Saturn casts a negative spell on you which leads to problems in life. Saturn is a plant that needs to be satiated by offering your heartfelt devotion and you will be sorted for a prosperous life. It is a very tedious.

Process to appease the Saturn too and only a renowned astrologer can guide you into the ways to do it.

When Saturn is malefic in your kundli, you will face a lot of hurdles in your life which will bring you to property disputes and ugly feuds with your brothers or business partners too.

When Saturn is malefic in your kundli, you will face a lot of hurdles in your life which will bring you to property disputes and ugly feuds with your brothers or business partners too. In the malevolent effect of Saturn, you can have spat with your neighbors and past owners also. There is a Karmic cause that is at plat behind the property disputes that you face a lot in your life and in order to turn the situation around, you will need to be really devoted to Saturn.

The main motive of the astrologer will be to help you settle the problem out-of-court so that you don't get embroiled in legal battle which is not only time-consuming but depressing too. There is something pre-written in the destiny, you can both win or lose but when you know about the probable result, you can be mentally prepared.