Corridors - Lobbies - Stairs

Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Just after entering the house the first impression is created by the corridor. The corridor should not be long. It will be better if it is not built. The children's room, temple and kitchen should not be made in the corridor. Long corridors create internal Sha.

Hall or lobby should be open, welcoming, light and clean. Fresh air and fragrance should come from all directions so that the visitor feels delighted. This part should be big and well lighted. The corridor should be sufficiently broad so that Chi flows easily. There should not be a feeling after entering the house that it has limited energy. The faults may be corrected by mirrors and proper lighting.

Stairs : Stairs should be made in such a manner that its entrance should face East or South. Alternately the stairs should be in West or North. Directions of stairs should be clockwise. The number of steps should be odd. The location of stairs is important as stairs help in up and down movement of Chi. The stairs should be wide and well lighted.

Stairs should not be in front of main door as Chi is confused by it. Good opportunities of life are lost by it. Heart trouble is possible.


  • If the stairs are situated in front of the door, fixing of a bell or mirror rectifies the fault.

  • A crystal ball or artificial flowers may be hanged from the ceiling between stairs and front door.

  • Keep a flower basket at the bottom step.

The spiral stairs are considered good in the hall. Stairs in the middle of home may cause health problems.

When building a house, remember that a person standing at the main door should not be able to see the stairs inside the home as it is undesired.