How can you start a career as the best Numerologist?

Indian Astrology | 20-Feb-2023

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People have built their trust in Numerology for its accurate predictions and guidance. Numerology is an ancient wisdom that involves the study of numbers. We all have significant numbers in our lives, like birth date, house number, mobile number or account number, etc. The best numerologist states that every number has a specific value, and this value is associated with a specific planet. Now, the energy a number carries has different effects on our lives. For example, you can predominantly have the energy of the number 1 or the Sun in your life. This energy can make you powerful, influential, arrogant, and confident. So, each number has a special effect on your life.


Why is Numerology important?


We can’t deny that universal energies affect us throughout our lives. It is the result of these surrounding energies that we experience various mental states. These can make you feel happy, sad, annoyed, angry, frustrated, etc. The same energies work on the advanced level to affect our education, marriage, career, finance, wealth, health, and other areas of life. The universal energies carve us into the person we are and our way of interacting with people. 

If you learn Numerology online, you can make out the working style of these energies. These energies are nothing but planetary energies. In Astrology, we analyze the effects of different planets on our life with the help of the birth chart. In Numerology, we do the same but with the help of our birth date and name. In Astrology, also we refer to the date and time of birth; see, the numbers are present here too!


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How does Numerology works?


It is quite ordinary to ask how Numerology works. Here, our birth date and name come to the center place. The numerologists add the numbers in our birth date to know our life path number. Similarly, the numerical values of the alphabet coming in our name give the destiny number after adding them together. The alphabets also carry a numerical value that affects our lives a lot.

The Numerology course online can give you information on calculating all the important numbers like personality numbers, heart’s desire numbers, power numbers, etc. Once you know the important numbers, you can use them to achieve success and prosperity. The numbers explain the path to be taken, suitable career, suitable life partner, good and bad times, strengths and weaknesses, etc., of a person. You can know yourself better as a person. The individual’s inner and outer traits get affected by these numbers. 

There are many types of Numerology, like Pythagorean / Western Numerology, Chaldean Numerology, Loshu, Kabbalah Numerology, and Tamil Numerology. In all kinds, we make use of the birth date and try to create a balance of different energies to get desired results in life. Suppose a couple wishes to have a child. In that case, the numerologist will use the numbers in such a way that they get the benefits of the energy of Jupiter, which blesses the individuals with progeny similarly, if one wishes to have a govt. Job, then, should focus on the energy of the Sun. This way, we can balance energies by adopting different remedies and spelling alterations of the names. 


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Numerologist- a promising career


People face one or the other problem in their lives. Sometimes, the problems are so huge that they turn their lives upside down. In such a situation when the person loses hope from all sides. A numerologist can show him the right path. He can illuminate the path of success and victory for that disheartened human. Here, the first perk of becoming a numerologist is to affect society at large. You can use your life meaningfully by helping those in need.

Secondly, Numerology gives handsome income as you charge a consultation fee. You can become financially independent while helping your friends, relatives, and others. Numerology helps to grow financially as well as holistically. 


A numerologist can suggest-


  • The numerologist can explain your strengths and weaknesses. He can explain where you need to put effort into work and relations and where you can be at ease. This valuable information helps in developing the personality and surroundings of an individual. He can become a better person. He can apply a systematic approach to achieve his desired goals. 
  • You may know your best career for professional success and satisfaction. The numerologist can suggest the time to apply for a job or promotion. He can also warn you against change in a job or losing a job.
  • The numerologist is a great help when finding a perfect life partner. By matching the energies carried by the names and birth dates of the couple, he can predict compatibility.
  • The numerologist can help in making day-to-day decisions. He can tell you the lucky days and dates a person can utilize for making important decisions. Sometimes, the energies predict too many expenses, and you may prefer to stay at home or keep a low profile that day.
  • To your amazement, the numerologist can give you a number for betting and speculation. You can use your lucky numbers to get profits in the stock market or lottery.
  • Your mobile number, street number, house number, account number, and vehicle number plate have something to say. Your business starts declining as soon as you take a new mobile number. It happens because the numerical value of the new mobile number may not be in coordination with your business. So, a numerologist can advise which number to use or avoid.
  • The right selections and decisions at the right time lead you to success. In Numerology, if decisions are taken at the right time, they yield desired results. Numerology helps in making the right choices. You can ascertain the best career for you with the use of Numerology. Similarly, you may know the right investment time to gain whooping money.
  • After becoming a Numerologist, you can suggest a lucky name. Birth date and name, when in harmony with each other, bring success and prosperity to a person. You can gift a lucky name to a newborn in the family to shower luck and fortune in his life.
  • Life shows a variety of events, and one has to face ups and downs in it. When you are aware of the difficult times ahead, you can be well prepared for that. One can reduce the bad effects to a considerable amount by knowing about them in advance. Numerology prepares the person for sudden and undesired events. Numerology can predict the lucky dates, good and bad days, dates, months, and years so that one can use them wisely. 

Become a Numerologist to touch the lives of others miraculously while reaping good benefits to you. One can make the most of their lives with the use of Numerology, and only you can help them as a Numerologist! 


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