How Can One Learn Astrology & Become a Professional Astrologer?

Indian Astrology | 09-Aug-2023

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Astrology or Vedic Astrology has been prevalent & practiced in various civilizations of the world for centuries now. But, Bharat or modern day India was the cradle in which this occult science was born. The Holy Sages of Bharat revealed Astrology thousands of years ago with an intention of empowering humankind with the knowledge that allows a person to identify a path to success with as minimum hurdles or friction as possible.

It is the sheer effectiveness of Astrology in making the lives of those who incorporate its wisdom better, that makes it a highly relevant occult science for countless people all across the globe.

In this digital day & age there has been a surge in the number of people who wish to Learn Astrology Online and benefit from this ancient & time-tested branch of occult. However, the charm to learn this science among people is not just to make the best of their lives but to open up a whole new career avenue for themselves.

Yes, we are talking about learning the life-transforming science of Astrology and becoming a Professional Astrologer.

But there are a lot of questions that come to the mind of a person who wants to learn the science of Astrology such as:

  • Where should I begin from?
  • Whom should I contact?
  • Who is the best in teaching Astrology?

And much more…

So let us start exploring this topic in a systematic, structured and easy to understand manner.


What is Astrology?


Astrology or Vedic Astrology is an occult science that originated in ancient India and works on the premise that planets are the celestial bodies that cast a phenomenally strong impact on the lives of people. Planets as per their positioning in the horoscope or kundli of a person literally shape up various domains of that person’s life.

Now, if you are wondering about- “What is a Horoscope or Kundli?”, then try to look at the horoscope as a ‘Cosmic Blueprint’ that holds the positionings of the planets in the cosmos at the exact time of a person’s birth.

Alright, but one might ask “what exactly is gained by knowing the position of planets at the time of a person’s birth?”

Well, the planets are divine entities that give us the results of some of the karmas from our past lifetimes in our current life. The reason we say ‘some of the karmas’ is that we as a soul carry a karmic baggage with countless karmas that we accumulated over the course of numerous lifetimes in the past. Moreover, since we never stop accumulating new karmas and as per the Law of Karma, all karmas must be accounted for no matter how many lifetimes it takes, we continue to remain in the seemingly endless cycle of birth & death.


How does Astrology help?


Each planet is allotted a set of karmas from a person’s karmic baggage that must be accounted for in the current life. Now, if the karmas allotted to a planet are more or totally on the positive side then during the period of that planet’s operation in his/her life, the person would get positive results in the domain of life that the particular planets signifies as per its natural significance and more importantly, its placement in the horoscope.

However, if the planet holds karmas that are more or totally on the negative side then whenever that planet becomes operational in the life of the person, troubles will ensue in his/her life.

Now, an astrologer upon examining or analyzing the horoscope of a person identifies which planets are favourably placed and which are the ones that are ill-placed. Once this is ascertained, it becomes very easy to identify which planets are going to create hurdles in life and which are the ones that will promote positive outcomes in life.


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Plus, the domains of life in which the planets would provide their positive or negative results depend to some extent upon their natural traits or characteristics and to a large extent on their linkages with specific houses of the horoscope.

Once all this is determined then the astrologer gets into a position of making tangible & highly useful predictions about various domains of a person’s life. Not only this, the astrologer finds out powerful & time-tested occult based remedies that would treat the root planetary cause behind the problems that the person is facing with respect to a particular domain of his/her life, thereby enhancing the person’s prospects of succeeding in that particular domain.


A Career as a Professional Astrologer


With modern day interactive & fast communication over the internet, Astrology has caught the interest of a huge number of people worldwide. As the effectiveness of this ancient occult science has surfaced among a large number of people with the mass outreach that the internet provides, the eagerness to learn the occult science of Astrology has also risen among the masses to a large extent.

The primary reason behind this phenomenon is the promising opportunity that Astrology offers in terms of carving out a rewarding career as a Professional Astrologer!

So, the tantalizing question arises: “How to Learn Astrology Online?”

Simple, learn from the best!

“Indian Astrology” is an organization that has been providing unparalleled occult based consultation as well as education services to people all over the world for years now. Functioning under the impeccable guidance of Dr. Arun Bansal who is a world renowned Astrologer & Vastu Expert with over 40 years of experience, Indian Astrology provides the best occult based education.

Be it Astrology, Numerology, Tarot Card Reading or other occult sciences, Indian Astrology is the one-stop destination for all occult enthusiasts. The faculty at Indian Astrology is highly experienced with a total command over even the most rare & complex concepts of their respective domain of occult expertise.

At Indian Astrology, the syllabi of all branches of occult as well as their levels has been carefully formulated after doing a lot of research & brainstorming with multiple highly experienced occult professionals being actively involved in the process. This means that when you would be studying let’s say Astrology from this remarkable institute/organization then your course trajectory will move in a meticulously planned manner to ensure that you develop strong fundamentals to excel ahead with conviction.

Last but not the least, the faculty or instructors are true subject matter experts with a single point focus on making sure that the student develops a strong foundation of the occult principles & concepts that would subsequently translate into a good astrological analysis that would eventually make the student become a Professional Astrologer known for making precise predictions.

Remember, your level of expertise in any career field depends on the quality of education that you received. Therefore, when it comes to such a profound occult science like Astrology, you must not leave any stone unturned and learn only from the best.

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact Indian Astrology and enroll in the Astrology Course that is offered online and learn the incredibly effective & career rewarding occult science of Astrology from the comfort of your home!