Baglamukhi Puja: Significance, Method & Benefits

Akhil Pathak | 07-Aug-2023

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Nobody is immune to problems in life as problematic situations are a manifestation of our past life negative karmas. People somehow manage to face most of the challenges or troubling situations in their lives that are fuelled by minor or manageable negative karmas.

However, some problems crop up in our lives as a result of some of our highly intense negative karmas from the past. Such problems are so huge that they break the morale of a person. There comes a time in the life of many people when everything seems to go wrong and there is no respite in sight. It is in time like these that people lose faith in themselves and in the Divine.

So, is there a way out of such complicated & depressing situations in life?

Yes there is!

The Online Puja Service offered by ‘Indian Astrology’ opens up the celestial doorway of divine grace in your life, thus warding off all planetary & karmic issues that are causing obstacles & failures in your life. 

Goddess Baglamukhi: The Vanquisher of All Troubles

Among the “Dash Mahavidyas” (the 10 feminine forms of the Supreme Divine), Goddess Baglamukhi is the 8th Mahavidya. She represents one of the most phenomenally powerful forms of the Supreme Goddess Durga. Goddess Baglamukhi or Maa Baglamukhi blesses Her devotees with peace, fearlessness and prosperity.

The holy scriptures say that if one gets into serious troubles and there seems to be no way out then that person should worship Maa Baglamukhi to propitiate Her. Once a person. There are no obstacles that could stand in the way of a devotee of Goddess Baglamukhi. She being the form of Mother Almighty or the Supreme Goddess Durga, bestows Her incredibly powerful & protective blessings on Her devotees and brings them out of all troubles no matter how difficult or mountainous they appear to be.

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Significance of Worshipping Maa Baglamukhi

Maa Baglamukhi is worshipped to pacify or negate the intensely negative karmas from our past that are cropping up as serious problems in our lives. People who get into serious litigation or find themselves surrounded by enemies, must worship Maa Baglamukhi to propitiate Her and seek Her blessings to overcome all hurdles in life.

A person emerges victorious over all enemies both open as well as hidden by the divine grace of the Baglamukhi form of the Divine Mother. Her Puja (worship) ritual infuses Her protective blessings with the subtle bodies of a person thereby creating a positive & protective aura of energies that are Divine and make it impossible for negative energies to permeate.

Negative karma from the past can manifest into huge problems in life in many ways with few of them being:

  • People falling ill very often or having a weak immune system.
  • Sudden losses or setbacks in business or career.
  • Serious litigations or legal troubles.
  • Enemies setting up roadblocks in your path to progress.
  • Evil Spells or Black Magic being cast upon you.
  • Unexplained bickerings and a total loss of harmony in the family.

However, once a person secures the blessings of Goddess Baglamukhi, the karmic structure that was the root cause of all troubles & problems gets dissolved and the person gets the much sought after relief.

Method of Performing a Maa Baglamukhi Puja

We would like to say this upfront that Maa Baglamukhi is an extremely powerful form of the Mother Almighty that possesses & controls certain highly intense energies that She bestows upon Her devotees as blessings.

These energies are so intense that one must be well prepared to handle them by means of ‘perfectly performed’ Vedic Rituals in the form of a Maa Baglamukhi Puja. This is why it is highly recommended that one contact a learned priest to get the Puja ritual being performed in his/her name.

‘Indian Astrology’ is an organization which provides occult based consultation, education & services to people all over the world. It offers Baglamukhi Puja that is performed in strict accordance with all Vedic Rituals by a highly learned & experienced priest in the name of the person/s who book the puja.

Still, if you want to perform the puja on your own without getting the elaborate process being followed on your behalf by an expert, then we would recommend you some basic steps to connect with the divine energies of the Supreme Feminine.

  • Take a bath by adding some Gangajal into your bathing water.
  • Wear clean clothes and make your puja room or altar neat & tidy.
  • Place the picture of Maa Baglamukhi on a chowki or front of the altar.
  • Offer a rose garland along with red & white coloured flowers to the picture.
  • Offer some fruits & sweets to the Goddess & place a copper pot with some water in it.
  • Close your eyes & sit quietly for sometime while meditating upon the image of the Goddess.
  • Recite the mantra associated with Maa Baglamukhi 108 times.
  • Recite the aarti of Maa Baglamukhi with utmost devotion in your heart.
  • Distribute the water, fruits and sweets among your family members as prasad and have some yourself as well at last.

Benefits of Maa Baglamukhi Puja

There are numerous benefits of worshipping Maa Baglamukhi with some of them listed as follows:

  • One who propitiates Maa Baglamukhi by the Baglamukhi Puja emerges victorious over all enemies whether they are in open or intent to cause harm to a person while being hidden. 
  • The blessings of Maa Baglamukhi create a divine protective shield in the form of an aura around an individual thereby protecting him/her from malefic energies in the form of black magic spells or evil eye.
  • One achieves a sound state of health by Maa Baglamukhi’s blessings and gets rid of long term ailments.
  • The Baglamukhi Puja promotes quick healing and blesses the person with a calm & composed state of mind by warding off stress & anxiety.
  • With Maa Baglamukhi’s blessings, a person witnesses growth in wealth and achieves a stable state of finances in life.
  • Prosperity & success are never away from one who gets blessed by Maa Baglamukhi.
  • Maa Baglamukhi safeguards the assets of Her devotees.
  • The Goddess brings Her devotees out of legal troubles and fake allegations. 
  • The business of Her devotees remains insulated from turbulent shakeovers or unjust competitions.
  • She blesses Her devotees with unprecedented growth & development in all spheres of life.
  • Maa Baglamukhi ensures an environment of peace & harmony in the family of Her devotees.
  • The Goddess protects Her devotees from accidents and fatal harms.
  • Maa Baglamukhi is known to turn the tide in the favour of Her devotees even in the most challenging of situations.
  • Nobody can fool or deceive the devotees of Maa Baglamukhi as She reveals the real intention of people who approach us. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Contact Indian Astrology to Talk to Astrologer and know the root planetary cause (as a result of some troubling karma from the past) that is creating problems in your life. Get time-tested powerful remedial recommendations as well as dedicated puja services that are specifically aimed to successfully ward off the problems that are restricting you from achieving your goals & desires and leading a peaceful & content life.


Is it necessary to get the Baglamukhi Puja being performed by some priest?

Ans. Well, the energies associated with the Baglamukhi form of the Goddess Supreme are extremely strong and require a proper cosmic channel to flow with ease. This channel is created by performing the entire puja process in strict accordance with Vedic Rituals. Therefore, it is advised that a learned priest must perform the puja on your behalf.

Can this puja ward off my troubles?

The holy scriptures clearly say that one who gets blessed by Maa Baglamukhi gets rid of the fundamental negative karmas that are the reason behind troubles & problems.

Can I get this puja performed for one of my family members?

Of course, what better gift can you give someone from your family or even your friend circle to have this puja being performed on their behalf for their safety & well-being.