Bad Birth Timings may be your biggest enemy

Indian Astrology | 30-Sep-2021

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Every individual on the Earth gets happiness and sorrows according to his past and present karmas or deeds. God determines happiness and sorrow through the position of the planets in the kundli

The person who is born in auspicious time gets good results in life and those who are born in inauspicious time get bad results. According to the best astrologers in India, what is this auspicious time and what is the inauspicious time?

Remedies for Birth in Amavasya

Amavasya is also known as Darsha in astrology. Birth on this date is believed to have a bad effect on the financial condition of the parents. Those who are born on Amavasya Tithi have to face financial difficulties in life. They have to put in a lot of effort to get fame and respect in society.

Even in Amavasya Tithi, a person who is born on a new moon is considered more inauspicious. To reduce this inauspicious effect, chhaya daan, Rudrabhishek and pacification of Sun and Moon after talk to astrologer should be done to reduce the inauspicious effects in life.

Birth on Sankranti

The birth of a child at the time of Sankranti is also considered inauspicious. The child who is born at this time has to struggle a lot in life. 

There are many types of Sankranti such as Sunday's Sankranti is called Hora, Monday is called Dhvanakshi, Tuesday's Mahodari, Wednesday's Manda, Thursday's Mandakini, Friday's Misra and Saturday's Sankranti is called Rakshasi.

According to best astrologer, each Sankranti put different ill effects on the native. The person who is born on Sankranti Tithi should donate cow and gold to Brahmins, it reduces inauspicious effects. 

Rudrabhishek and donation of shadow pot or chhaya paatr also reduces the inauspicious effect of birth during Sankranti period.

Remedies for birth in Bhadra period

For the person born in Bhadra, troubles and difficulties keep coming one after the other in his life. 

To avoid happiness and trouble in life, the person born on this date should do Surya Sukta, Purush Sukta and Rudrabhishek. Worshiping the Peepal tree and reciting shaanti paath also improves their condition.

Remedies for Birth in Krishna Chaturdashi

The great sage Parashara ji has divided the tithi or date of Krishna Chaturdashi into six parts. He narrates different results for a person born in different part of that day. According to this, birth in the first part is auspicious, but if born in the second part, it is inauspicious for the father, if born in the third part, the mother has to face the consequences of inauspiciousness, if born in the fourth part, there is a crisis on the maternal uncle, If born in the fifth part, it is inauspicious for the family and if born in the sixth part, it is inauspicious for wealth and self.

For the birth of a child in Krishna Chaturdashi, the parents and the native should be anointed and should also feed Brahmins along with chhaya daan.

Remedies for same birth constellation or nakshatra

According to the rules of astrology, if the birth constellation of father and son, mother and daughter or two brothers and two sisters is the same in the family, then both of them have to face a lot of trouble in life. 

It is particularly bad for the person with weak placement of the planets in their online kundli. In this situation, the native should worship the Navagraha, nakshatra deity and make donations to Brahmins to reduce the inauspicious effects.

Remedies for birth in solar and lunar eclipse

Solar and lunar eclipses have not been considered auspicious in the scriptures. The person who is born at this time has to face physical and mental suffering. 

They have to face financial difficulties as well. There is also the possibility of early death for the person born during a solar eclipse. Nakshatra lord should be worshipped with reverence to reduce the ill effects. 

Worship of Sun, Moon and Rahu also proves beneficial in this case. One can resort to Free Online Horoscope to know his/her birth nakshatra. 

Remedies for birth in Sarpashirsha

When the third and fourth phase of Anuradha Nakshatra occurs in Amavasya Tithi, then it is called Sarpashirsha. Sarpashirsha is considered an inauspicious time. 

Nothing good happens in this part of the day. In Sarpashirsha, the birth of the child is considered inauspicious.The child who is born in it has to suffer the ill effects of this yoga. 

In this yoga, after the birth of a child, Rudrabhishek of the child should be done and food and charity should be given to the brahmins, this reduces the negative effects of this dosha.

Remedies for Birth in Gandanta Yoga

Gandanta Yoga is said to be an inauspicious time for the birth of a child. If a child is born at this time, then only after performing Gandant Shanti, the father should see the face of the child. According to Parashara ji, if one donates a bull or cow in Gand Tithi and also donates gold in Gand Lagna then the ill effects of the birth are removed.

If the child is born before Gandant, then by anointing the father and the child, and if born towards the end of the Gandant, then by anointing the mother and the child, the defect is removed.

Remedies for birth in Trikhal dosha

Trikhal dosha occurs when a son is born after three daughters or a daughter is born after three sons. In this dosha, both the maternal and the paternal side have to suffer the consequences. To avoid the inauspicious effects of this dosha, parents should take the perform shanti of this dosha.

Remedies for birth defects in Moola Nakshatra

Birth in Moola Nakshatra is considered very inauspicious. In the first phase of the mool, the father has to bear the consequences, in the second phase the mother, in the third phase there is loss of wealth and other means. 

If born in this nakshatra, the father may die within 1 year and the mother may die within 2 years. There is a loss of wealth within 3 years. If born in this nakshatra, there is a possibility of death of the person within 1 year.

The remedy for this inauspicious situation is that whenever Mool Nakshatra falls within the month or year, Mool Shanti should be done. As an exception, the fourth phase of the moola is auspicious for the person who is born.

Other doshas

Apart from these doshas in astrology, there are many other yogas in which birth is considered inauspicious, some of these are Yamghanta Yoga, Vaidhriti or Vytipat Yoga and Dagdhadi Yoga. If there is a birth in these yogas, then its shanti must be done.