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S.P. Gaur | 01-Jan-2014

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When it comes to predicting about a profession not much help is available from the classical books on astrology. May be it is because in olden era when these treatise were prepared, there were only a few occupations and a single profession was catering to several services simultaneously.

In Varahmihir's "Brihajjatak" in the chapter on 'Karmajeevodhyay' the following shloka appears.

अर्थाप्ति पितृपितृपत्नि शत्रुमित्र भ्रातृस्त्रीभृतकजनाद्दिवाकराद्यैः।
होरेन्द्वोर्दशमगतैर्विकल्पनीया भन्द्वकंस्पिदपतिगांशनाथवृत्त्या।।

The above shloka explains the source of income as father, if Sun is posited in 10th house from Lagna or Moon.

Mother If Moon Lagna or moon
Enemy If Mars Lagna or Moon
Friend If Mercury Lagna or Moon
Brother If Jupiter Lagna or Moon
wife If Venus Lagna or Moon
Servent If Saturn Lagna or Moon

Mother, if Moon Lagna or Moon Enemy, if Mars Lagna or Moon Friend, if Mercury Lagna or Moon Brother, if Jupiter Lagna or Moon Wife, if Venus Lagna or Moon Servant, if Saturn Lagna or Moon.

In case no planet is posited in the 10th house, then the Navmansh lord of the 10th lord from Lagna, Moon and Sun chart would be indicative of the income during its dasha.

In "Phaldeepika" in the fifth chapter on "Karmajeeva" a similar shloka appears as follows :

अर्थाप्ति कथयेद्विलग्नशशिनोः प्राबल्यतः खेचरैः कर्मस्थैः पितृमातृशास्त्रवसुहृöात्रादिभिः स्त्रीधनात्।
भृत्याद्वा दिननाथ लग्नराशिनां मध्ये बलीयांस्ततः कर्मेशस्थ नवांश राशिपवशाद्विृत्तिं जगुस्तद्विदः।।

The meaning of this shloka is same as that of the previous shloka from 'Brihajjatak'. One interesting thing is observed here that while Mars in 10th house gives income from enemy, Jupiter gets income from brother. It is also understood that the strongest of the Lagna, Moon or Sun chart should be reckoned for specifying the source of income. Phaldeepika also contains some details about some professions and items of trade peculiar to the seven planets but none of planets signifies doctor's profession. With the passage of time, the number and variety of professions has increased tremendously and the pace is likely to accelerate in future.

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For assigning a particular profession to a particular planet, the scholars have to depend on their general significations and use their common sense and analytical skills for assigning the particular profession to a particular planet. Which planets can decide the profession? We all know that 10th house is the Karma bhava and therefore the apt house to decide about the profession of the native. In accordance with the "Bhavat Bhavam" principle 10th from the 10th i.e. 7th house can also give indication about the profession. Scholars generally prefer to use 7th house for own private business or to tackle the question whether business can be done in partnership. In classical books there is mention of lord of the Navmansh containing the 10th lord, to be indicative of the natives profession. Some scholars are of the opinion that Lagnesh is the most important planet to reflect upon the native's profession.

There are others who feel that the strongest planet of the horoscope will have maximum influence on the native's profession. The placement of 11th lord gives the source of income and hence can be indicative of the profession. Again the lord of Dashmansha chart is also the potential planet to decide about the profession. Our classical books, while dealing with the significations of Rashis, have also mentioned about the likely occupations, the native can have when such Rashi falls in Lagna or 10th house. Similarly the native's Nakshatra or the Nakshatra of the planet indicative of the profession can also give sufficient clue about the profession.

Predicting profession is a difficult task As listed above there is a plethora of factors which have a direct bearing for deciding about the profession. It is a tricky affair for any astrologer to come to a firm conclusion about the profession of a person. Moreover it is an often raised question. When children are in school stage parents seck help of astrologers to decide about which stream of subjects should be opted for, which directly points out to profession in future. At least at this stage decision is required to be taken whether the student would adopt engineering or medical line after senior secondary level.

The grown up people also seek astrologer's advice for taking up a particular line of business or suitable change of profession. When the astrologer considers all the possibilities, several planets get involved pointing out to a range of diverse careers. So if the decision is left exclusive to the astrologer, he can only indicate options of several careers to the native, instead of one and it is ultimately the prerogative of the native to choose one which suits his educational background and job skills or experience. While there can be hundreds of various professions, careers or business dealings, there are only 9 planets to choose from. Obviously one planet caters to dozens of professions and when several planets get involved, it is not possible for the astrologer to advise a specific one field.

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Factors responsible for Medical profession As already stated, our classical books contain only broad hints about native's professions. It is left to the serious students and experienced astrologers to render these broad hints into specific professions and keep on extending the list in keeping with the new developments. In post independence era, several scholars have made their contribution in this field and made the practising astrologer's task less onerous. After gathering the information from classical as well as derivative sources, we thought of concentrating only on one profession i.e. Medical line so as to make it a simple and manageable exercise.

a.Role of Rashis : The fiery rashis viz. Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are said to contribute significantly in choosing of medical line apart from several other occupations as follows :

Aries : Surgery, army, police, firemen, arms, weapons, iron/steel, guard, security, physical sports like wrestling, boxing, electrical, coal, brick kiln, property agents, construction, criminal lawyer etc.

Leo : Doctors, physicians, politician, administrators, executives, speculators, money lenders, ambassadors, soldiers, land lords etc.

Sagittarius : Hospital/nursing home owners, entrepreneurs, bankers, financers, judges/lawyers, preachers, trustees, educational institutions etc. The watery signs are also equally involved in promoting medical profession.

Cancer : Nursing, para-medical, naval/marine, fishing, mineral water, Caterer, restaurants, shipping, tourism, explorers, petroleum, decorators etc.

Scorpio : Doctors, nurses, poisons, drugs and chemicals, medicines, navy/marine, navigators, police, army, explorer, occultists, insurance, liquids etc.

Pisces : Surgeons, doctors, nurses, hospital, jail, secret services, prisons, chemicals, oils, perfumes etc. Thus we find that six rashis viz. fiery and watery ones or 50% of the twelve rashis help in prompting the native to take up medical career though other occupations can also be there as listed above.

These rashis need to be in the 10th house or lagna to be effective for this profession. Some scholars treat Virgo also as a medical sign which can help the native to adopt medical career apart from other careers such as astrologer, accountant, computer, media, teacher, reporter etc.

b. Role of Nakshatras The six Ganda Mool nakshatras viz. Ashwini, Magha, Mool owned by Ketu and Ashlesha, Jyeshta, Revati owned by Mercury are also helpful in taking up medical career. Ashwini nakshatra's deity is Ashwini Kumar, famous for their medical expertise in Hindu mythology. Mool, Jyeshtha, Ashlesha and Ardra are categorised as 'Darun' or 'Teekshana' nakshatras suitable for surgery or use of medicines.

c. Role of Planets Sun : This planet is widely regarded as physician or doctor planet though many other occupations are attributed to it. It may aid Heart and Eye specialists.

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Moon : This planet is related to Nursing services. Being the significator for mind, it relates directly to Psychologist or Psychiarists.

Mars : Mars is widely regarded as the planet aiding profession of a doctor surgeon, being a significator for blood and surgery tools.

Mercury : It is the significator for green plants, leaves used in medicines, skin and nervous system (vertebra). It is related to physicians, dermatologists, ENT specialists.

Jupiter : It is responsible for relief and 'sukh' that comes after treatment, is significator for digestive organs. It is related to Gastroenterology and hospital administration.

Venus : This planet is related to sage Shukracharya, who practiced 'Mritsanjivini Vidya' that is revival of dead persons. Being significator of 7th house / rashi, it is related to medical profession of Gynaecology, urology and sexology.

Saturn : Being the significator for 6th house, disease and death as well as nerves, it is widely considered pro medical field.

Rahu/Ketu : They follow in the foot steps of their principals viz. Saturn and Mars. They both account for poisons, drugs and medicines. Rahu is related to forensic science and Pathology, testing equipments and Ketu with surgical procedures. Thus we find that all the nine planets can prompt the native to opt for medical career in one way or the other. But then all astrologers may not agree with this proposition because most of them would point out only a selected few planets for helping in medical profession. Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Sun are generally favoured for medical line by most of the astrologers.

Purpose of the Research Study : As can be seen from the foregoing, ultimately it is some planet or some planets which put pressure on the native to take to medical line. The purpose of the study is to find out these specific planets, be it the lord of Lagna or 10th house from Lagna or Moon chart or lord of Navmansh rashi of 10th lord or lord of rashi falling in 10th house or lagna or birth Nakshatra lord etc. For this purpose we collected the birth details of qualified and practicing allopathic doctors numbering 56, prepared their horoscopes and analysed the data to know which are the planets occurring most frequently to indicate medical profession. Simultaneously we would also come to know which one is the best method to reveal the planet influencing the profession of the native.

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Table 1 & 2 : The frequency of rashi occuring most is noticed in case of Vrish and Kumbh at 14% each. Since Sun & Moon have only one rashi, percentage of their rashis is comparatively low at 9% and 11% respectively. Kanya and Vrishchik rashis score is low at 7% and 5%. Groupwise score is :

Agni Tattva 1,5,9 : 9 or 16%

Prithvi Tattva 2,6,10 : 15 or 27%

Vayu Tattva 3,7,11 : 20 or 36%

Jala Tattva 4,8,12 : 12 or 21%

Share of Venus is 25% followed by Saturn at 20%

Table 3 & 4 : The frequency of Rashi occuring most is Leo at 16% followed by Sagittarius at 14%. Virgo and Vrishchik are low at 6% and 11%. Groupwise score is

Fiery 1,5,9 : 22 or 39%

Earthy 2,6,10 : 11 or 20%

Airy 3,7,11 : 9 or 16%

Watery 4,8,12 : 14 or 25%

Share of Jupiter is maximum at 23% followed by Mars at 20%.

Table 5 : Frequency of planets posited in 10th house is led by Moon at 17.5% followed by Mars, Mercury and Saturn at 15% each.

Table 6 : In case of Lord of navamsh rashi of 10th lord, the high is noticed in case of Mars and Jupiter at 20% each, followed by Venus at 18%.

Table 7 : The frequency of lord of birth Nakshatra is led by Ketu at 21%, followed by Mercury at 18%. Together both of them represent Ganda Mool Nakshatras and they account for a significant share of 39%. Affliction of Moon : Another interesting feature has come in our notice that Moon is afflicted by malefic planets in Lagna as well as D/9 chart to the extent of 99%.

Table 8 : We have not taken into consideration 10th house lord from Lagna and Moon charts because the same frequency is repeated as recorded in Table 1 and 3. Hence Table 2 and 4 have been ignored.

Here the frequency is led by Venus at 43, closely followed by Mercury at 41 and Mars at 40 Frequency of Sun and Moon is low at 27 and 24 because they own only one rashi.


1. No particular planets have emerged whose role can be highlighted as crucial, in helping the native to pursue medical profession. In other words, we can say all the planets can be helpful.

2. Fiery Rashis viz. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius as well as Airy Rashis viz. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius have scored over other two groups in a significant manner. Therefore we can say when fiery or airy rashis fall in Lagna or 10th house, the person is more likely to take to medical profession.

3. Ganda Mool Nakshatras viz. Ashwini, Magha, Mool owned by Ketu and Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati, owned by Mercury have prominently emerged as the birth nakshatras aiding medical line.

4. Moon's affliction in Lagna as well as Navmansh chart has emerged as another prominent feature in case of Doctors' horoscopes because its frequency has been recorded at a whopping 99%.

The sample size of 56 doctors is not a big one but the study has revealed interesting facts and broken several myths specially with regard to the role of specific planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu, Sun etc. in medical profession.