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Indian Astrology | 04-Jan-2021

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The best advice is always in the form of guidance that helps us to take informed decisions in our lives. Achieving success in our lives becomes a natural consequence once we get a fair amount of idea about how our fate is ‘originally’ slated to pan out. Remember, there is always an element of ‘Free Will’ attached to our fate and if we take certain key & timely decisions in our lives then we can literally engineer our own fate going ahead!

But how to get that crucial information about the plans that our fate has for us?

Well, Tarot Card Reading is an amazingly effective occult science that reveals how the fate of an individual is poised to unfold in the foreseeable future ahead. It is the job of a Tarot Card Reading Expert to use the mystical applications of Tarot Cards in order to decipher fate’s plans for an individual with respect to a particular aspect of life that the individual is interested to know about.

It is the sheer effectiveness of Tarot Cards in revealing the future of a person that has made this occult science extremely popular in our society and as a result, many occult enthusiasts are getting attracted towards learning this occult science these days.

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The Tarot Course offered by Indian Astrology is delivered by instructors who have absolute mastery over the theoretical concepts of this amazing occult science as well as are incredibly talented professionals who are known for their astounding intuitive abilities when it comes to deciphering what the Tarot Cards are pointing at with respect to an individual’s fate.

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Types of Readings     

There are two types of readings that are prominent in the intuitive branch of occult. By now we have already talked about Psychic Readings involving Tarot Cards. 

However, there is another type of reading that is called a Spiritual Reading which involves looking for answers with respect to one’s life based on certain spiritual parameters such as the state of the ‘Chakras’ or ‘Key Energy Junctions’ of one’s subtle body.

A Psychic Reading involving Tarot Cards focuses on deciphering the will of fate with respect to a particular aspect of an individual’s life whereas in Spiritual Readings the life of an individual based on his/her karmic structure from past lives is analyzed and a best course of action based on the activity in the Chakras of his/her subtle body is suggested to ensure that individual’s life finds complete expression driving that individual towards ultimate peace & happiness!

So, how can one know which of the two readings is best for him/her?

Well, it is not about which type of reading is better than the other because both have their own immense & invaluable significance in positively shaping the life of an individual. It is just that a person needs to choose the reading that best serves his goals in life.

If someone is looking to know on an immediate basis about what a particular domain of his/her life is holding up then that person should consult with a Tarot Card Reading Expert who would perform a Psychic Reading and help that person to take decisions that would ward off the hurdles that are initially poised to unfold with respect to that particular domain and at the same time significantly enhance the chances of clocking in maxim success in that domain of life.

On the other hand, in a Spiritual Reading the Chakras (energy points) as well as the overall Aura of the subtle body of the individual is analyzed. The Life Force energy flows inside the subtle body of an individual and if there is a karmic blockage in the energy’s path then misfortunes or troubles crop up in the life of that individual.

A Spiritual Reader identifies the karmic blockages in the subtle body and provides remedies to heal those blockages to ensure a smooth flow of energy. Thus helping the individual in warding off subtle but powerful problems related to past life karmas stuck as a hurdle in the path of the flow of energy.

A Spiritual Reader also reveals the overall life trajectory of an individual as signified by the cosmic forces as per the individual’s karmic structure. All of this analysis is done on the energy plane and the ultimate aim is to chart the best course of action for the individual that would empower him/her to lead a fulfilling & meaningful life.

Therefore, to sum it up we can say that Psychic Reading or Tarot Card Reading provides guidance with respect to a specific aspect of life for the foreseeable future as well a Spiritual Reading helps in bringing clarity & vision in life that would propel the individual towards true contentment and peace.

So, what are you waiting for?

Bring the phenomenal & life changing mystical occult wisdom of Tarot Card Reading as well as Spiritual Reading in your life and take charge of your own destiny.

It is only prudent to know in advance what plans does fate originally hold for you and how you can maneuver your life towards bliss, joy, sound health & prosperity with the least amount of friction or hurdles on the way.

Therefore, get in touch with the best Tarot Card Reading Expert and know what your immediate fate holds for various aspects of your life and know the best ways in which you can approach life to garner maximum growth & success!

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