Suffering from negativity? Read on!

Indian Astrology | 07-Mar-2022

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Our universe is full of positive as well as negative energies. All of us are surrounded by energies that tend to affect us in good or bad manner. We all have an invisible kawach or aura that envelopes us wherever we go. Some of us have strong aura that no negative energy can pass on through that towards while others with weak aura fall prey to negative energies.

It is not that someone deliberately exudes negative energy towards us but it is about smooth flow of energy within our body through our chakras. But we must remember that we ourselves should not act as a recipient and transmitter of these negative energies. We may avoid that by keeping negative emotions like jealous, criticism, anger, fights, and lethargy a bay. 

Becoming a better human is a lifelong process and we should know that our energies put affects on our surrounding environment and vice-versa. Here in this article we will understand what are the signs of negative energies in our surroundings? What effects they may bring to our lives? How to avoid them?

Indications of negative energies in your surroundings:

  • Chronic ailments to any of the family member who doesn’t respond to medical treatment  
  • Failures at the last moments when things seem to give positive results
  • Good opportunities running away repeatedly
  • Success doesn’t come through any means
  • Feeling of lethargy and body aches
  • Stillness of mind or thinking
  • Uneasiness in staying or working in your premises
  • Constant negativity
  • Erratic and quarrelsome behavior of family members

Remove negativity with Salt:

  • Since ancient times, salt has been used as a staple ingredient in cooking but not just in cooking, both Astrology & Vastu Shastra also take ‘Salt’ as a core ingredient for remedial measures to boost luck, fame and wealth of a native.
  • There is a secret why restaurants or eating joints always put salt on their tables. It is believed that keeping salt on the dining or eating table increases the prosperity in the house and the family never runs out of money.
  • To maintain a constant flow of money in the house, fill a glass tumbler with water and stir a pinch of salt in it. After that keep it in the southwest corner of the house. Ensure there’s red bulb behind the glass. Repeatedly clean and change the water and salt, whenever water in the glass dries up.
  • Salt is also good enough to ward off evil eye. If a small child is suffering then take a pinch of salt and a little mustard together and rotate it above the head of the child seven times and then drain it in wash basin. This remedy brings immediate benefits.
  • A concoction of water, lime juice, salt and white vinegar should be used to wipe off the door knobs and windows. 
  • Put sea salt at the entrance and cover it with a doormat to prevent any negative energy from entering your premise.
  • One should add a pinch of sea salt o the water while mopping the floor. However this should be avoided on Thursdays. This helps to remove the negative energy in your premises.
  • To take away negative effects of evil eyes, take a pinch of salt in your fist and rotate it over the head of the affected person three times and throw it outside the house. This can be done for 2-3 consecutive days. 
  • This salt-remedy is wonderful for the growths of business, for it, put a piece of salt in red cloth and hang it in your shop or house. This will protect the premises or businesses from evil eyes and negative energy. This will increase profits in business and will safeguard the house against poverty.
  • Negative energies present in the washrooms and toilets can be removed with the help of a simple Vastu tip – As per Vastushastra, both glass and salt signify Rahu. Therefore, a glass bowl filled with salt should be kept in the toilet which helps in removing Vastu dosha.
  • In case of disharmony in married relations or conflicting situation between husband and wife, then a piece of rock-salt should be kept in one corner of the bed so that it removes negative energy in the room. Replace this piece of salt after every few months.

Remove negativity by burning incense sticks (agarbatti)

  • Burning camphor, agarbatti (incense sticks) and dhoop can augur auspiciousness in your surroundings. One should take burning agarbattis and dhoop to every corner of the house twice daily. This helps to reduce the negativity and promote auspiciousness in the house.
  • Burning guggal or smudge sticks and spreading its fumes in the house also help in removing negative energies out of the house.

Remove negativity with crystals

  • Use of crystals like rose quartz, amethysts, black tourmaline and others may eradicate negative energies from the premises.
  • Colors carry positive and negative energies with them and can be used effectively to remove negativity of the house. Every direction has a specific color and sticking to it may produce positive results whereas anti-colors give rise to negative energy. Blue is prescribed to the NW, N, NE directions. Green is the color for East direction and Orange is suggested for SE, Red in South, and Red+ Yellow in South West. Dark blue is meant for the West direction.

Remove negativity with religious symbols, articles and chants

  • We may install religious items, like pyramid, yantras and divine idols or pictures to invite positive energies. 
  • The ideal location of the puja room is in the North East to as per Vastu shastra.
  • Symbols like horses, mountains, elephants and others can also be placed at strategic locations to enhance positive impact in the premises.
  • Auspicious sounds like those of wind chimes, bells, conches, cymbals etc. should be encouraged. These are helpful in removing negative & stagnant energies from the surroundings.
  • Chanting Vedic mantras or playing them on electronic means is very powerful to neutralize negative energies.
  • Meditation and reiki also help in eradicating negative energies from the house.

What should not be kept in the house?

  • Negative energies tend to increase exponentially, if there are paintings depicting rivalry or war or showing sadness.
  • Miniatures of Taj Mahal or sculptures of terrifying dispositions should be avoided as they may bring negativity without your knowledge. 
  • Broken glasses, mirrors, statues or idols of Gods, and cactus plants should not be kept in your premises. 
  • The house especially the entrance should be clean and clutter free.