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Indian Astrology | 21-Mar-2020

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A lucrative career takes care of the ever-expanding aspirations & desires of humankind. It is only a promising career that adds meaning to all the hard work that a person does, day-in & day-out to have resources for more than mere survival and actually have a taste of prosperity in life.

Everyone wants affluence and abundance to be a part of his/her life, especially after completing his/her education. The only objective that hovers in the mind of an individual as soon as he/she enters the career domain of life is- climbing up the ladder of professional success & high earnings.

Make no mistake, having a rewarding career and ensuring its growth trajectory requires immense preparation and proper execution of right decisions at the right time.

Given the level of cut-throat competition out there in the materialistic world, a bad career choice or decision can put an abrupt end to all your hopes & desires.  

Even if you manage to have a job or a business but face constant friction & repeated hurdles in it, just ask yourself- “Is this what you really strived for, all your academic/growing up life?” Whether you are still about to start/choose your career or are already in a career field, it is extremely vital to be on a career path that attracts maximum support from celestial entities that play a key role in determining the result of our actions.

Career Astrology

Planets are immensely powerful cosmic bodies that shape up our destiny significantly and astrology is the ancient & sacred science that reveals what the planets have in store for us.

Astrology Consultation reveals the course of action that would garner maximum planetary support to us and make success- a smooth and natural happening in our life.

The branch of astrology that deals with the career domain of an individual is called- Career Astrology. People who make it big in their career are always the ones who strive in the right direction rather than swimming against the tide. 

Right from the beginning, one should always channelize his/her time, money and energy towards what is really best for his/her career in the larger framework of the professional arena. For this, a person should talk to an astrologer to know what is best for his/her career and what career choices can be made to ensure success & growth.

To decode the career aspect of a person’s life, an astrologer analyzes the Career Horoscope of that individual. This type of horoscope fundamentally reveals the career fields that are backed by positive planetary influences and are thus best suited to provide maximum gains & success in life!

In simple terms- It is only prudent to take the help of a science that provides you the guidance based on which you can choose a career path that will prove to be truly rewarding. Rather than going for blind hard work in a direction which may or may not yield fruitful results in your career, consider going for an Online Kundali Consultation to make informed decisions pertaining to your career.  

What does a Career Astrologer look at? 

There are multiple concepts of astrology that are applied to analyze the career situation in a native’s career horoscope and quite frankly, every native’s kundli/horoscope needs to be looked at in isolation.

However, to start with, an astrologer looks at the following:

2nd House

This is the house that signifies Accumulated Wealth and Bank Balance in a native’s life.

6th House

This is the house that signifies Job and Competition.

7th House

This is the house that signifies Business and Partnership.

10th House

This is the house that signifies Career, Name & Fame and Authority.

11th House

This is the house that signifies Gains and Realization of Desires.

Planetary Results for Career

The result of a planet is ascertained as per the house combinations that the particular planet signifies based on its placement, conjunction or aspects by other planet/s. 

If a planet signifies a house combination that is positive for career, then whenever that planet comes into operation in the life of a native, the native enjoys growth in career and if a planet signifies a house combination that is negative for career, then the native faces career related problems.

One Must  Remember

All the houses in a horoscope point to a specific set of career fields but an astrologer finds out what is best for the native based on the planetary positioning & aspects that are present in the native’s own horoscope. 

For example, if the native wants to pursue a career line that is signified by the 5th house, but the planetary situation or the strength of the 5th house is not conducive for the native, then an astrologer would caution the native from going ahead and ask the native to reconsider his/her decision and suggest the native a career option that is astrologically favourable to him/her. This way the native can choose a career field that would make success, a natural & easy consequence in his/her professional life.

The major effect of a planet in a native’s life is seen when that planet is in operation in its “Dasha” or “Antardasha”. So an astrologer primarily looks for planets that are in operation as per their Dasha or Antardasha at the time when a person requires career advice because the planets whose period of operation has passed will not cast any significant effect on the person’s career domain.

Impact of Malefic Planets on Career

There are 3 malefic planets in astrology:

  • Rahu (North Node of the Moon)
  • Ketu (South Node of the Moon)
  • Saturn

The influence of these malefic planets more often than not creates problems in career and one should perform required astrological remedial measures to pacify their negative effects. However, in certain signs and houses along with some preconditions, even malefic planets offer good results to a native.

e.g. Rahu is considered exalted in the sign of Gemini and becomes very powerful. If the sign of Gemini falls in the 3rd, 6th or 10th houses of an individual’s horoscope, then such a Rahu gives positive results. In fact, Rahu in 3rd, 6th, 10th, and 11th houses more or less give positive results, irrespective of the sign.

Also, if Rahu is aspected by a “positively placed” Jupiter, then the naturally negative tendencies of Rahu are reduced significantly.

Planets and their Career significations

If certain planets are strongly placed in a native’s horoscope then the native is likely to succeed in career fields that are signified by those planets. Some examples are:

SunGovernment Job, Copper or Wheat related professions, Medicine, Chemicals, Objects of Red & Orange colour, People on administrative & powerful posts.

Moon: Government Job, Shipping, Navy, Fisheries, Pearls, Corals, Dairy, Nursing.

MarsMilitary, Police, Butchers, Dentists, Barbers, Arms & Ammunition, Smith’s Profession.

MercuryJournalists, Editors, Publishers, Writers, Bankers, Mathematicians, Income-Tax officers, Traders, Speculators, Musicians, Treasury.

JupiterJudges, Preachers, Teachers, Finance, Law, Religion.

VenusMusic, Films, Art, Painting, Poetry, Acting, Florist, Fashion Designer, Interior Designer, Jewelers, Diamond Merchants, Luxurious Articles.

Saturn: Mining, Lead, Coal, Steel & Iron Industry, Coolly, Property, Oil Exploration, Drilling.

राशिनुसार अपना भविष्य जानने के लिए हमारे अनुभवी ज्योतिषाचार्यों से परामर्श लें और अपनी किसी भी समस्या का सटीक समाधान प्राप्त करें।

So by now, you must have had a fair amount of understanding about the role & influence that planets have on the career aspect of a person’s life and how important it is to choose a career path that is supported by the planetary positioning as per the person’s horoscope.

Furthermore, those who are already in a career field and do not have the liberty to make a drastic career change, can also perform certain astrological remedies to make the best out of their current career especially people who face hurdles or setbacks in their jobs.

Career Astrology offers great relief to people of the business community by removing malefic influences from their lives and shielding their business from sudden losses by way of powerful astrological remedial measures with a single point aim of attracting positive energies of benefic planets in their lives, thereby promoting a prosperous & expanding business.

So, go for the highly useful Career Predictions for 2020 by contacting Future Point and do consult with our Career Astrologer in Delhi to get your Career Horoscope thoroughly analyzed and make success, wealth & prosperity- an integral part of your life!

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