Appearing for Exams in 2020? Aim for the stars with Effective Vastu Remedies

Indian Astrology | 24-Dec-2019

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The life of a student is not as easy as it seems. With each step, every student has to face the real world. Our future dreams, desires, and hopes depend upon it thats why it takes months of hard work and consistency to achieve great results. Talking about results, a comfortable study environment is a must that should reflect positivity and wisdom.

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The Philosophy of Feng Shui principles is based on Chi or Energy This old and traditional Chinese art helps the students in creating a good career, in harmonizing energies. The ancient practice of Feng Shui was aimed at creating a positive space and preserving it with elements that create peace and tranquility. It channels good fortune and harmony in life. When decorating or tidying up space where you study, if you follow through with some of the mentioned remedies and tips, you will be able to create a space for yourself that harbors good results and positive vibes. When you study, the chakras as per Vedic Astrology are activated and when you study in a positive space, you automatically add more to the chakra activation, unknowingly. Achieving success in all your exams is not such a big deal if you dont make it out to be one!

Remedies for a better space to study

  • Keep it mess-free
    If you want to have a neat and clean students corner, then the first step is to clean up the mess. Always make sure that your table is clean tidy, wherein you keep all the stuff that you require. A tidy corner defines a clean organized mind. Discard the papers that you no longer need to facilitate the materials you need. In order to create a balanced chiamalgamate the factors that promote positivity in life. A healthy & sound mind can be simulated with a creative corner where you get all your work done without making a mess or looking for items. As per Energy Vastu Expert, Mr. Jayant Pandey, any sharp objects must not be kept on the study desk, as they could be portals that bring in the negative energy and hamper the concentration.
  • Placement of the Study table
    Your study room or desk is the place where you work. It must attract only positive vibes. In order to stop any kind of hindrance, make sure your desk should not be placed in the middle of the room nor facing towards the wall as it can become a stumbling block in one’s career. Always make sure that your study desk should not be facing the front door because that can break your concentration from the studies. According to the Vastu experts, the best direction for the placement of your desk is the northeast corner of your room having the seating comfort towards the right of the window. You can also hang a mirror on the left side.
  • Right Color
    Colors can decide our mood. They are the most important part of our life, so in order to want a peaceful environment, you can go for the neutral shades of grey or white. These shades symbolize mental clarity and the best ideas to think. You can also go for the other options like blue or black which represents water. These tones of shades help an individual in increasing their concentration and thinking power. Try to avoid the darker shades for the room as it can spread negativity.
  • Beautify your Space
    According to experts, Feng Shui symbols and elements contain some magical and effective powers. The metal elements like wind chimes or tubular bells are used as a decorative touch but on the other hand, they also eradicate negative energy from that space. You can also place a crystal sphere near the main window in order to produce good energy. To increase knowledge, Amethyst Tree would do wonders if placed in the northeast corner of the study table. There are so many feng shui objects that can be placed in the room like Hematite, crystal ball, or the laughing buddha as these items only promote positivity.
  • Creating a bright corner to study
    Lights have a big role to play in helping one study. If you brighten up your study corner, there is a high chance that you will get to taste the success you have your eyes set upon. Bright lights can remove all the darkness as per the Feng Shui theory. So make sure your study room should have lamps on side of your desk that can give maximum light when you are studying. Make sure that light should not affect the eyes of the individual and never use colorful lights for studying.

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