Problems in Childbirth and Pregnancy- Solve it with Astrology

Indian Astrology | 22-Feb-2022

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Progeny brings happy vibes with it in the family that makes each everyone in the family feel escalated. You are advised hundreds of things on the part of your doctor and relatives. All these advices are meant to make your pregnancy go smooth to ensure a happy mother and a healthy baby. It is a general practice to take a consultation with the doctor as soon as you decide about planning a baby. Regular health check-up and medications follow the whole span of pregnancy for the sake of mother and the child. In short, the sole purpose of the whole process is to get a healthy child! 

But do you know Childbirth Astrology may predict about the health of your child. Astrology and the planet Moon may very well predict what kind of baby is coming to your life. All characteristics, features, physical appearance, mental inclinations and in fact every detail about the child can be known through the position of the moon in the natal chart of the child. Even the time of pregnancy can be ascertained with the help of Astrology.     

The Moon and pregnancy

Moon has phenomenal relation with pregnancy and this is something where destiny overtakes medical science. It is planet Moon in astrology that decides what kinds of babies are there in our destiny. The moon is the dominant player in one’s kundli for pregnancy in astrology. It is not mere coincidence to have menstrual cycles at the same date every month!

Connection between fertility and the Moon

As per research studies in the USA, most females reach the peak of fertility around the event of the new moon, and their monthly cycles would occur within the next ten days of the full moon. The monthly cycles and the moon are strongly associated. 

There has been a popular Jonas’s method that offers a direct link between astrology and fertility. Women around the world have followed this method since 1950 to initiate pregnancy. Dr. Jonas states that fertility period of a female is as per the moon phase at the time of her birth, and she would be most fertile during the same moon phase that would match her time of birth. It is amazing to know that moon phases decide the conception period in a female’s free birth chart.

It is common see several births during a particular time of the year which is due to completion of a fertile moon phase. Not just conception but many incidences like epilepsy, road accidents, stock market inflations and tides in ocean all occur due to these specified phases of the moon.

Every female is different and so are their natal charts. To keep a track of fertility with the phases of moon, one needs to analyze lunar ovulation calculator to match it with the moon phases.

Dr. Jonas says that every woman gets fertile periods twice within each cycle. Firs, the fertile period would be according to the natal moon phase. Second, a female may use a traditional ovulation calculator to know ovulation correctly. Many casual occasions also give spontaneous ovulation, specific to the person. Astrology says that moon placed in certain signs indicate more fertility than if placed in other signs of the zodiac. Let’s know more about it.

More chances of fertility based on the moon transit

The couples may plan conception based on the moon’s transit in their birth horoscope. Fertility in females is generally higher when the Moon is in these zodiac signs also called the most fertile signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Moderate fertility period is stated when the planet moon is placed in the “semi-fertile” signs: Libra, Taurus, and Capricorn. Fertility is almost negligible when the moon is placed in the “very low fertile” signs: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. Apart from this, the condition of the fifth house is also taken into consideration while ascertaining degree of fertility for a female. 

Let us understand how Moon is used for determining fertility 

The fifth house indicated progeny, fertility and children apart from other things. So, for example, if the moon visits cancer which falls in your fifth house and is also a high fertile sign then it is time to conceive. The stars are in most supportive position for conception. You have to check when the transit of full moon occurs on your fifth house. One may easily detect the full moon date through moon calendar. 

If you are Leo, it is time the most fertile period during Sagittarius full moon. In the same way you may calculate the most fertile period for all the ascendant. The fifth house in horoscope indicates fertility and child birth in general. Any malefic presence in the fifth house may create problems in progeny on the other hand, benefic presence bring early pregnancy with no difficulty at all. Different planets also help to determine the sex of the child, for example, Venus and Moon denote girl child and Sun, Jupiter and Mars denote a male child. Saturn and Mercury give mixed results. The presence of Rahu, Ketu and Saturn shows difficulties in bearing child. 

Not just fifth but other astrological houses and their influence on the fifth lord also play important role in shaping up the birth of the child. Transit of Jupiter, the karaka of child birth also plays a dominant role in determining as to when the child will take birth. 

Since ancient times, couples still follow this system of conception based on lunar cycles and in fact medical science has accepted this. They call it ovulation period based on monthly menstrual cycle and in astrology that has connection with the Moon. The couples may talk to astrologer to decide about a tithi and nakshatra for conception to get a child with desirable qualities. 

Some days are considered inauspicious for conception:

  • Amavasya or new moon tithi results in the birth of a child with inappropriate mental tendencies. 
  • Chandrashtama Utama day is also not considered good for conception as it results low immunity in the child. 
  • If a female conceives on Ashtami or Navami, the child gets arrogance and aggression who never adjusts to the surrounding situations. 
  • Couples should avoid holy days for conception.
  • Also the days when you suffer from headache or some kind of urinary infection are not supposed to be chosen for conception.
  • One may try conceiving between 3-5 am in the early morning known as Brahma Muhurta. 
  • Also, avoid conception for full five days of menstrual cycle. If conception occurs accidentally during these days, an abnormal baby with shorter life span might be born. 

When to conceive a baby with desired qualities 

  • Conception on the sixth day after menses, a male child who saves the tradition and values of his family would be born. 
  • Conception on the seventh day causes a girl child with defective private organs to be born. 
  • Conception on the 8th day results in birth of an impotent male child. 
  • Conception on the ninth day would give birth to a beautiful, intelligent, and blessed girl.
  • Conception on the tenth day gives birth to a healthy boy. 
  • Conception on 11th day will give birth to an odd looking girl. 
  • Conception on the 12th day will give birth to an intelligent, knowledgeable, and kind boy. 
  • Day 13 will result in birth of a child with considerable low values. 
  • 14th day conception brings a wise child with noble character. 
  • Conception on 15th day would give rise to a beautiful girl with a generous heart.
  • Conception on 16th day gives rise to a scholar boy. 
  • The couples should remember that, from the day of menses, initial five days should be avoided, and again, the 7th, 8th, 11th, and 13th day should be avoided for conception.