Will you go Abroad in 2020? Find out in 2020 Travel Forecast

Indian Astrology | 27-Aug-2019

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2020 Travel Forecast: Everyone dreams of traveling abroad and to spend their best time in a foreign location that is exotic and at the same time makes for a great picture on social media. Traveling to a new country brings up a lot of new experiences for a person. Crossing seas and oceans to spend some time in between strangers with completely different traditions, languages, and backgrounds is a part of everyone’s wishlist. The opportunity to travel abroad can be presaged through travel astrology predictions providing a completely new perspective on life. Travelling rejuvenates one’s mind, body & soul and most of all it makes the individual feel alive once again.

Travel Horoscope foretells the accurate traveling horoscope predictions of the individual based on planetary movements, events, and aspects. But isn’t it astonishing that some people get to travel abroad so easily and settle there while some struggle for the same? Even after having enough resources and being qualified, some people are devoid of the chance of traveling to a foreign country. In this state of confusion, a call to astrology will help to sort your problems. Travel horoscope plays a vital role in helping one to know whether they would be fortunate enough to travel outside the country or not. The presence of Foreign Travel Horoscope Yog in their Janam Kundli will help a native to know all about their travel plans 2020.

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Here are the Foreign Travel Predictions for various Zodiac Signs in 2020:


2020 seems really promising for the natives of Aries Zodiac sign. It will offer them with frequent short trips and journeys. The chances of traveling to a foreign land for work-related affairs is likely. All the trips they take after September will be highly profitable for them.


As 2020 starts, there are chances of short and unprofitable trips in Taurus Horoscope 2020. Traveling with a partner will help to improve their relations with them. A trip to a pilgrimage with their parents is highly likable in the month of March or April. The probability of foreign travel can be high after the month of August.


The coming year of 2020 brings numerous short trips for the natives of Gemini. The chances of traveling to foreign lands with family are high, after the month of March. These short trips will help them to stay in good health and also be highly beneficial for them financially, as per the Gemini Horoscope 2020.

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The horoscope of Cancer in 2020 suggests that they should stay away from wasteful short trips which are likely to take place frequently. There are high risks of wasteful expenses, which stresses them out later in the year. They need to manage their trips in the correct manner so that they don’t have to make multiple trips for the same work.


Frequent trips for Leo in 2020 will keep them really busy. There is a high probability of foreign travel. Work-related travels might keep them occupied, but it will bring them the desired profits. Leo Horoscope 2020 predicts that traveling will also help them expand the business and their network in order to carry it successfully.

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Traveling horoscope 2020 for Virgo doesn’t hold much for the people with their zodiac sign as Virgo. The trips taken might not reward them in the best way and earn them the expected rewards. It is advised to avoid all types of short trips. Work-related trips will also not yield expected rewards.


2020 for Libra will bring their traveling fantasies to life. Short travel and foreign travel have a high possibility but work-related travels might not be profitable. Successful gains are expected after mid-2019, with new projects. The Libra 2020 Horoscope Predictions also presages that they might settle abroad permanently.


2020 will bring in a lot of traveling for Scorpios. They are expected to have many religious journeys as stated in the Scorpio Horoscope 2020. March onwards, foreign trips will raise their expenses and their mental stress. Traveling to long distances must be avoided in order to be in good health. Avoid arguments and clashes when on a trip with anyone.

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The start of 2020 offers the natives of Sagittarius with a limited number of travel options. People belonging to this zodiac must take care of their health while traveling. On and off plans with friends can become really stressful and confusing. The Horoscope for Sagittarius predicts that they might get a chance of a trip abroad with family by year-end.


2020 doesn’t bring much for Capricorn in the travel prospects. There is a high possibility of delay in their travel plans. The Capricorn Horoscope for 2020 states that after the completion of the first half of the year, things will improve and difficulties are likely to be resolved in all the terms. They might have to make several trips for the same work as the year comes to a close.


The 2020 Horoscope for Aquarius predicts that they will have frequent travels for themselves throughout the year. They are expected to have religious journeys with their families. Work-related trips would be a huge success and a sufficient profit would be gained from the same. They might have a long trip because of studies or the profession.

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For the natives with Pisces zodiac sign, 2020 is expected to be really beneficial in terms of traveling. they will get to travel more by water than any other means of transport. Traveling by air is least recommended for them. They might have to take a lot of trips for business purposes.

With the help of Foreign Travel Horoscope by date of birth, one can know about his/her prospects of traveling in 2020. Everyone is willing to know whether Will I go abroad? Astrology can help you to solve this problem of yours. Astrology consultation is the best way by which one person can know about various aspects of his/her life or with an Online Kundali that sheds light on every key area of your life with remedies to tackle the bad times with ease.

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