Why do colours affect our mood?

Future Point | 31-Dec-2018

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Colours are not just associated with things that we see around in our life.

In fact, colours are also associated with certain cosmic entities that cast an enormous influence on all of us.

Yes, we are talking about planets!

There is an interesting correlation between colours and planets which is very influential, if one pays close attention to it.

Each of the nine planets as per Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra (science of celestial architecture) are linked with a colour and presence of that colour near us, attracts the energy of that particular planet into our life.

Now, this is where it gets tricky.

If a particular planet is not conducive for us in terms of its results on our wealth, health, marriage, job/career, property etc. and we embrace the colour associated with that planet in the form of clothes, wall paints in our house or the vehicles that we drive, we are actually attracting the destructive energy of that planet in our life.

But if by above mentioned means, we attract the energies of a planet that is benefic to us, then its constructive energies will bring positive abundance in the aspects signified by that planet.

It is because of this phenomenon, colours affect multiple crucial aspects of our life and eventually bring swings in our "mood" when those aspects get affected.

Therefore, it is extremely important to get our horoscope thoroughly & comprehensively analyzed by a professional astrologer and vastu expert to know which planet/s are best for us when it comes to increasing the presence of colours associated with them in our life.

The process of attracting energies of benefic planets in our life is called "Colour Therapy".

Colour Therapy works on the principles of Vedic Astrology and Vastu Shastra.

Following are the colours that are associated with all the nine planets:

Sun- Rose Red

Moon- Pale White

Mars- Blood Red

Mercury- Emerald Green

Jupiter- Bright Yellow

Venus- Pure White

Saturn- Black or Sapphire Blue or Violet

Rahu- Smoky Black or Grey

Ketu- Pale Brown

The condition of a particular planet in our life as per our horoscope decides whether the colour associated with that planet should be embraced or not.

While embracing the colour of a benefic planet as per colour therapy can do wonders in our life, however any induction of a harmful colour can bring problems as well.

So, we should be careful while involving any colour heavily in our life and if we face troubles, especially erratic mood swings after a recent addition of some colour in our life, then we ought to go for a through Vastu and Astrological analysis as soon as possible.

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Take Care!