Which House Numbers to Avoid for Purchasing Real Estate?

Indian Astrology | 21-Dec-2023

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A house is not just a physical structure made up of bricks, concrete, wood, steel etc. It is a place where your life finds expression and it is a cradle that nurtures your relationship with your family members. People over a period of time, get extremely attached to their house simply because of the pleasant experiences that they share with their loved ones under a roof. It is these experiences that transform into sweet memories which people in most cases, cherish for their entire lifetime.


Effects of Numbers


Numbers are mystical entities that are extremely powerful as they exert a phenomenal impact on the lives of people. Numbers affect us in ways that are beyond the scope of a common layman’s understanding. There is an entire branch of occult called Numerology which deals with the effects and applications of numbers.

As per Numerology, each number from 1 to 9 is associated with a planet and reverberates on the same frequency that the planet does. Therefore, each number brings the energy of a particular planet in the life of a person and shapes the life of that person in a significant manner.


Numbers and Real Estate


Numbers primarily cast their effects upon a person as per his/her date of birth. It is the date of birth of a person that reveals the numbers that are highly active in affecting and transforming his/her life in very distinctive ways.

However, the effects of numbers manifest in our lives in multiple ways apart from our date of birth. One such entity that casts enormous effects on our lives is the number from the address of the house that we live in. Contact ‘Indian Astrology’ to enroll in a Numerology Course and become a Professional Numerologist.

The number of a house for numerological purposes is derived after adding all the digits of a house and reducing them to a single digit. For example, the house number 104 comes out to single number 5 (1+0+4 =5).

Remember, it does not matter whether it is a plot, apartment, bungalow, villa etc. The single digit number that comes out after adding all the digits of a house’s address, exerts its characteristics upon each and everyone who lives in that house.


Which numbers to avoid for real estate?


Now, each number from 1 to 9 has its own attributes and subsequent effects on people (residents) that unconsciously & unavoidably come in contact with that number through a property or real estate.

The house number decides the flow of events in the lives of its residents & affects the trajectory of their lives in a phenomenal manner. Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to purchase a house having a number which is favourable to all those who would reside in that house.

Narrowing down on the number of the house that would be best suited for a person takes a deep analysis of his/her date of birth. This is why it is very crucial to consult with a professional numerologist before purchasing a house.

However, as a thumb rule, there are two numbers that must be avoided at all costs while purchasing a house or real estate property and these are:


Number 4


4 is the number which is ruled by planet Rahu and is considered highly detrimental when it comes to buying a house whose address reduces to the single digit “4”. Number 4 is eccentric and signifies troubles in the house. It puts the house at a high risk of attracting the flow of malefic energies that are out there. This number promotes bickering and heated arguments among the residents of the house. Number 4 is not conducive for maintaining harmony in relationships that is why it must be avoided at all costs when it comes to having a house.

Number 4 destroys the peace of mind of the residents and often results in loss of marital bliss in the lives of people who are married in that house. This number also signifies financial losses and that too in a sudden manner. It is also bad for children who are in the academic phase of their life since it makes it hard to stay focussed.

People living in a house which is under the influence of number 4 are often found confused as to what they want in their life. This number dampens the enthusiasm in the residents when it comes to striving for achieving their goals and objectives in life.

Number 4 promotes injuries and mental instability. It signifies loss of health, wealth, peace, harmony, love and prosperity therefore, it must be avoided at all costs when it comes to buying a house.


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Number 8


8 is a number which is ruled by Saturn which is the ‘planet of extremes’. Only a very small number of people are there who find a house with an address reducing to the single digit “8”, suitable to them. Majority of people bear the brunt of this number to the extreme negative side and hence must avoid this number as well when it comes to buying a house.

It signifies accidents, delays and insults in the lives of the residents and influences their financial domain in a highly negative manner. It causes heavy debts and repeated expenditures on health in life. This is a number that brings delays in all key endeavours or events of life such as education, financial stability and marriage.

People living in a house influenced by number 8 are often unable to articulate their views properly and end up having their reputation sullied in the society. Their involvement in the social circle eventually comes down drastically.

The residents of such a house witness wild mood swings and find it hard to achieve their goals in life. It is often observed that people living in these houses suffer from chronic diseases and live a very dull life bereft of joy.

Therefore, number 8 is also a number that must be avoided at all costs when it comes to buying a house or making a real estate investment.




Buying a house is often a onetime activity in the lives of most people. So do get in touch with a numerologist and know which house number would be the most beneficial to all the residents in terms of attracting sound health, abundant wealth, ample peace & consistent harmomny in life.