What does Your Kundli Reveal about Your Fate?

Indian Astrology | 31-Oct-2020

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Get your Janam Kundali analyzed by the Best Astrologer in Delhi and know the Astrological remedies that would empower you to create your own destiny! 

Our Kundli or Horoscope is a cosmic map that holds all the information about how our fate is slated to unfold in our lives. We must understand that it is the celestial bodies in the form of planets that hold our karmic account and provide us the results of our karmas in various aspects of our lives.

The planets as per their positions & state in our Kundli, give us the results of a particular set of our past karmas by affecting a particular aspect of our lives and that too at a pre-decided period of operation in our lives. 

If the underlying set of karma is good then we see positive results in the aspects of our lives that the planet/s involved are associated with and if they unfold our negative karmas then the results are painful & troublesome.

The Role of an Astrologer

An Astrologer by applying the principles of Vedic Astrology, analyzes the Kundli of a person and deciphers what the planets & stars have in store for various aspects of that person’s life. The Astrologer also finds & recommends powerful astrological remedies to the person that have the potential of successfully pacifying the planets that seem to hold the account of negative karmas from that person’s karmic account and as a result are positioned to wreak havoc in a specific aspect of that person’s life.

Look it is impossible to know what good or bad karmas one performed in his/her past lives but it is very much possible to identify the planets that are slated to provide the results of the positive karmas done by the person as well as those that are slated to provide the results of the negative karmas done by the person. Moreover, the timing of those results can also be determined as well the aspect of life that is poised to face those results.

Frankly speaking, this much information that the Kundli provides is more than enough to take informed decisions in life and perform timely astrological remedies to negate or minimize the problems that a person is otherwise destined to face.

The Sensible & Smart Way to Approach Life  

There is no point in living entirely at the mercy of our fate when the Holy Sages of Ancient India revealed a phenomenal occult science in the form of Vedic Astrology thousands of years ago out of their sheer compassion & well wishes for the humankind.

Vedic Astrology by means of powerful remedies, gives us an opportunity to reduce the troubles that are slated to come our way by pacifying the ill placed planets of our Kundli and at the same time strengthening those planets that are favourably placed, thus ensuring success, happiness & prosperity in our lives.

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