Numerology Matching for Marriage for a Blissful Married Life

Indian Astrology | 27-Oct-2020

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Are you going to tie the knot in 2021? Well, do consult with a Numerologist to know what does Numerology in 2021 signify for your married life ahead!

Apart from the traditional & amazingly effective Astrological process of Kundli Matching, there is another occult science that helps you to identify the best match for you when it comes to selecting a life partner.

Yes, we are talking about the occult science of Numerology which compliments Astrology in an incredible way, especially when it comes to finding out the most suited person that one can get married to.

Numerology Matching for Marriage is a process within Numerology that helps to evaluate the real compatibility factor between a boy & girl who wish to get married. This process is fundamentally similar (as far as the end result is concerned) to the process of Horoscope Matching that is prescribed in Astrology.

Role of Numerology in Ensuring a Happy Married Life

Every matter in this cosmos reverberates at a specific vibration having a specific frequency. However, despite the fact that numbers are entities that are not physical in nature, they also vibrate at certain unique frequencies. The frequencies upon which numbers from 1 to 9 reverberate are the same on which the nine planets that are involved in Astrology reverberate. So naturally, numbers from 1 to 9 form an incredibly strong association with the nine planets and cast an enormous effect upon us as per their state of placement in both our Astrological Horoscope/Kundli or our Numerological Horoscope. 

This is why an individual should get both his/her Astrological Horoscope as well as Numerological Horoscope comprehensively analyzed to find out what different planets along with numbers have in store for various aspects of his/her life.

When it comes to marriage which is perhaps the most significant aspect of a person’s life, the person should always take the prudent step of consulting with an experienced Astrologer as well as a Numerology Expert to know what the planets & numbers are signifying for the marital aspect of his/her life. 

This way, the person would come to know about the remedies that he/she can adopt to ward off the malefic planetary as well as Numerological influences that are slated to create troubles in the marital domain of his/her life and at the same time, attract the positive & prosperous energies of planets as well as numbers that are favourable/lucky for his/her marital domain in life.

Hence, in a nutshell, a person must take the help of both Astrology as well as Numerology to ensure a loving, happy, blissful, joyful & fulfilling marital union in life.

Numerology Matching for Marriage becomes of paramount importance especially in case of Love Marriages. In cases where the couple are very much in love and wish to tie the knot, a consultation with both a Numerology Expert as well as a Love Marriage Astrologer is highly recommended to make sure that they successfully address any problem that they are currently facing with respect to their relationship or are slated to face in the future as a married couple by timely incorporating powerful occult remedies in their lives.

Numerology Matching for Marriage offers a profound insight into the joint future that the boy & girl are expected to have post their marriage. It reveals the quality of life that they can look forward to as a married couple and what are the vital points that they must keep in their minds with respect to each other’s personality & innermost nature that the numbers reveal. 

Wouldn’t it be beneficial to know the innermost nature of your partner & how various aspects of his/her life such as finance, health etc. are slated to unfold before you actually get hitched to him/her for life?

Well, that makes absolute sense and hence we recommend you to go for Numerology Matching for Marriage before taking the final call!

Key Numbers and Their Effects on Marriage

The primary & fundamental input that starts off the process of a person’s Numerological Analysis is that person’s Date of Birth. The date of birth, apart from having numerous segments that contribute to the overall process of numerological analysis, contains two segments that are considered extremely crucial. These two segments are:

  1. Birth Number: It is the number that represents the date on which you were born.
  2. Destiny Number: It is the sum total of all the digits in your date of birth reduced to a single digit.

The Birth Number reveals the broad personality and the real nature of a person, making it highly useful in determining the overall compatibility of a person with people around him/her but especially with his/her spouse.

The Destiny Number on the other hand, reveals the soul purpose of a person in life as well as what is the will of fate in charting out various paths of his/her life such as education, career, finance, health, relationship etc.

When it comes to marriage, special attention is given in cases wherein one of the persons or both the couple for that matter have certain ‘tough’ numbers heavily influencing their date of births. These tough numbers are- 1, 4, 8 and 9 as they are more prone to attracting problems or relationship issues in the life of a married couple.

  • Number 1 represents the Sun and signifies Dominating Nature, Authoritarian Behaviour and an Attitude of Supremacy.
  • Number 4 represents the Shadow Planet- Rahu which signifies Mistrust, Bickering and Secrets.
  • Number 8 represents Saturn which signifies Delays, Gloominess, Loss and Sorrow.
  • Number 9 represents Mars which signifies Anger, Volatility, Quarrels and Accidents.

Now, all of the above mentioned attributes or personality traits do not go well in a marriage unless there are other numerical elements present in the date of birth that balance or negate these attributes which are undoubtedly detrimental for the ultimate marital bliss in the life of a married couple.

Well, these were just a few of the numerous things that are involved in the overall process of Numerology Matching for Marriage. Hence, we urge you to take the help of Numerology and bring in the mystical magic of numbers that are favourable to you in your life and therefore, steer your marriage towards abundant love, true happiness as well as absolute trust!

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