Venus Transit In Aquarius- Date And Effects On All Zodiac Signs

Indian Astrology | 20-Feb-2024

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Venus is considered the planet of wealth, fortune and worldly pleasures in astrology. It is essential to have a favourable position of Venus in the birth chart as it is the karaka of financial prosperity and marital happiness. A bad Venus in the birth chart can cause troubles in finances and married life. In Vedic astrology, Venus generally signifies your wealth, luxuries, finances, marital bliss, and comforts in life. It should be in a good position in the birth chart, else the person may face problems related to these aspects.

Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus and Libra signs of the zodiac. It is highly beneficial when placed in Pisces because it becomes exalted in this sign. Venus is considered to be good when placed in its own, exaltation, and friendly signs. To determine the placement of Venus, you can create your free online janam kundli. If Venus is placed in Taurus, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces signs in your kundli, you can be assured of receiving good results.         


When is Venus transit in Aquarius 2024?


In 2024, Venus will transit into Aquarius twice. Both times, you will get different results.


  • 7th March 2024, Thursday
  • 28th December 2024, Saturday

Aquarius is considered to be a friendly sign for Venus, and its transit in this zodiac sign is expected to bring positive results. However, there are certain signs that may experience negative effects during this transit. Read below to find out what fate holds for your zodiac sign.



The transit of Venus in Aquarius will bring great benefits for Aries natives. During this period, Venus will move through your eleventh house, which is an excellent position for your finances. You will come across many opportunities that will improve your social networking. Business partnerships and love relationships will thrive, and peace will prevail in your family life. Your family members will support you, and you will enjoy good times together. This transit is perfect for having fun with friends. Students can expect good results, and if you deal in the stock market, this is a good time for you. Those who are waiting for kids will receive good news.



According to Taurus horoscope, Venus is the ruler of your ascendant and it will remain in the tenth house during transit in Aquarius. This transit will bring positive results for your career. Even those who are unemployed will experience some good results. There are chances of getting a promotion as well. However, you may face some health issues during this time. Any negligence towards your work or health may backfire, so stay cautious. There are chances of foreign travel, and students should work harder. In love life, be careful as there can be fights and arguments with your partner. Time is good for finance, and this transit is specifically beneficial for your career.



Gemini natives are going to witness the Venus transit in Aquarius moving into their ninth house. This house is known as the house of fortunes and the presence of Venus in this house is expected to enhance your luck. This period is going to be auspicious for your career, particularly if you have been waiting for a promotion, transfer, or your first job. Students are going to achieve excellent results, and if you're planning to go abroad for higher studies, this is a good time to do so. Businesspersons can expect good profits during this period. Married couples will get full support from their spouses, while for single natives, your old love partner can make a comeback.



Venus is going to transit into the eighth house for the Cancer zodiac sign, which indicates sudden gains and profits. However, we advise you to avoid impulsive spending. During this transit, there may be conflicts with your spouse or love partner, but at the same time, their earnings will increase. If you are involved in occult or research, this is a good time for making advancements. But you need to take care of your health as there may be some issues related to your eyes or genitals, so be cautious and drive carefully. You may gain from inheritance, and if you're planning to go abroad, you can go, but the travel may not bring fruitful results. Keep an eye on your eating habits. A talk to astrologer helps you get remedies for those signs which are expected to have an unfavourable outcome.



According to astrology, for those who belong to the Leo zodiac sign, Venus will transit into their seventh house. This transit is predicted to bring positive changes in their personal and professional lives. People who have been waiting for their marriage may finally tie the knot during this period. Married couples will enjoy a harmonious relationship with passion and intimacy. Business will be prosperous, and there may be opportunities to form new business partnerships. Travelling is also predicted during this time. Leo natives will focus on their personality development and try to improve it. They may spend money on buying new clothes and accessories to enhance their appearance. Overall, this transit is expected to be good and prove to be beneficial for Leo natives.



Venus will move into Aquarius in the sixth house for Virgo natives. This transit may not be very fruitful, as health issues may trouble you throughout and there may be some issues with your colleagues. However, you will eventually get a promotion, but after many difficulties. There may be frictions with maternal relatives, and high expectations in love may cause dissatisfaction. You may not receive the recognition you deserve at work, so you should watch your expenses during this time. Also, be mindful of what you eat and exercise regularly, as this transit can bring about bad results for your health.



According to your horoscope, Venus is the lord of your ascendant and its transit into your fifth house is a great position for you. Students will reap maximum benefits during this time. It's also an ideal time for learning, and many people will enroll in new courses. Additionally, your love life will flourish. Those who were waiting for someone special in their life will find them. It's time to have fun with friends and your partner. Those in the stock market will make good gains. Your social circle will increase, and many new contacts will benefit you. However, you need to be careful in your career as there might be some losses or setbacks in your job or business. Stay vigilant and perform your duties at work responsibly to avoid any difficulties.



Aquarius falls in the fourth house for Scorpio natives. Venus will transit through the fourth house of domestic happiness. This is the time to enjoy with your family, as there will be peace and love. You can also consider buying a vehicle or property during this time. Your career will flourish, and your seniors will support you. You may get a promotion with her support if you have a female boss. The time is excellent for your career and finances. There will be an increase in your friend circle, and you may also plan a travel with your family for leisure. It is a good transition, and your mother will support you. Together, you will have a very good time. This transit is very good for you.


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According to astrology, for Sagittarius natives, Venus will be staying in your third house. This house is associated with siblings, courage, and travel. So, you can expect good results in these areas. However, you may face some laziness, which could hinder your career goals. The presence of Venus in the third house may lead to travel opportunities. There could also be religious inclinations and chances of going on a religious trip with your family. Your career prospects will be good as many opportunities may come your way. Luck will be on your side. Your finances and career will be stable. You may also notice that your voice has become sweet, and you will receive support from those around you. Married couples will enjoy each other's company. Overall, it is a beneficial month for you.



During this transit, Venus will move through your second house, Capricorn. This is an excellent time for your financial position, as you will see a rise in your bank account balance. Your voice will have a sweet tone, and people will be more inclined to listen to you and agree with you. This may lead to good profits for you. There is also a possibility of gaining through inheritance. For those in the finance field, this is a good time. Auspicious events are predicted in your family and family gatherings are also expected. You should pay attention to what you eat and drive carefully to avoid any accidents for your health.



For Aquarians, Venus will remain in the lagna, a very auspicious period. During this time, you will make great progress in your professional life, and your seniors will provide you with full support and cooperation. You can expect positive results from any business or professional trips you undertake. Additionally, this will also be a period of financial growth, and your income and wealth will increase significantly. Your mother will also be a source of benefits and gains during this time. It is an ideal time for investments that will yield significant returns in the future. If you are single, you can anticipate attracting the attention of many people from the opposite sex. If you are married, you will grow closer to your spouse. This period will bring you mental peace, happiness, and prosperity.



If you are a Pisces moon sign, Venus will transit through your twelfth house, which is a house of losses, expenses, and foreign settlement. You may spend more than you usually do on things you don't need. Your siblings may ask for financial assistance, and some may go abroad for work. If you can avoid unnecessary travel, it's better to do so. Take care of your health and avoid risky ventures in your career. Venus in the twelfth house could indicate secret affairs. Avoiding them to prevent any issues in your married life is best.