Is Amavasya a Good Day to Buy a Car According to Astrology

Indian Astrology | 22-Feb-2024

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Amavasya, also known as the new moon day, is considered one of the most important days in the Hindu calendar. The Moon is invisible in the sky on Amavasya and loses its strength. A weak Moon is not considered good in astrology. Hence, people follow worship and donations on Amavasya, believing that it may safeguard them against the bad effects of Amavasya. The day is not considered auspicious and people often wonder whether Amavasya is a good day to make major purchases like buying a car. Let's analyze what astrology and ancient scriptures say about this.


Which days are good for buying a vehicle as per Astrology


In Vedic astrology, there is immense importance of “Muhurat”, the auspicious time of the day, month or year. It is believed that doing things in auspicious Muhurat will bring beneficial results for us. According to Hindu Panchang, certain days are suggested to purchase vehicles. These are auspicious days, and buying vehicles on these days keeps your assets in good shape, and their value grows over time. Depending upon the transit of the planets the scholars calculate Muhurat for doing different auspicious activities.

The most auspicious days as per astrology for buying a new vehicle are - first day of the month, weddings days, 11th day after new moon and full moon, days with Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga, Amrit Siddhi Yoga and Dhriti Yoga. The astrologers and other scholars don’t recommend Amavasya for big investments or buying things involving high monetary values like a house, machinery, or vehicle.


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Significance of Amavasya


In Hinduism, Amavasya holds great spiritual and religious importance. It is seen as a day to offer prayers to ancestors and perform tarpan for their souls. Since, on Amavasya, the Moon affects the Earth more, as is evident from the high river tides generally occurring this day. There is a ritual of observing a fast on Amavasya, and many bathe in holy rivers.

However, Amavasya is also considered inauspicious by many due to the absence of moonlight. In earlier eras, people avoided travelling at night on Amavasya due to lack of visibility and threat of wildlife attacks. Over time, this night came to be associated with bad omens and difficulties.


Views on Vehicle Purchase on Amavasya


There are contradictory views among astrologers about buying vehicles on Amavasya. Here are some of the major views:

  • A section of astrologers opine that new moon day should be completely avoided for purchase of automobiles as it is the darkest day devoid of light. Journeying in a new vehicle on this day is seen as unfavorable.
  • Some astrologers make an exception only for luxury vehicles. They recommend buying high-end luxury cars and bikes on Amavasya as it symbolizes owning something remarkable even in darkness.
  • A few astrologers believe that Amavasya should not pose any trouble if the muhurat is during day time. They contend that only night time on Amavasya is inauspicious for buying valuable assets.
  • Another view is that Amavasya is one of the best days to buy black vehicles since new moon itself is black in color. Making major purchases on relevant lunar days is seen as being aligned with nature by some astrologers.
  • Certain astrology experts opine that Amavasya can be favorable to buy automobiles if it coincides with other positive lunar alignments in the natal chart. For instance, if Amavasya occurs on a Thursday it makes for a good automobile purchase date as per Vedic texts.

So in summary, opinion is divided among Vedic astrologers about whether Amavasya provides a conducive environment for buying a new car or bike. It depends on factors like lunar alignments, birth chart and Muhurat timings. Most prefer to avoid this new moon day for high expenses.


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What Ancient Scriptures Say


Some ancient Hindu, Jain and Buddhist holy scriptures also highlight the spiritual nature of Amavasya and advise against making materialistic pursuits on this date.

For instance, the Surya Siddhanta, an ancient treatise on Astronomy, categorically states that assets bought on Amavasya are ultimately destroyed and bring grief. It highlights that any activity other than spiritual ones should be avoided on new moon and full moon days.

Thus, religious scriptures strengthen the view that Amavasya might not be the best day for a vehicle purchase from a spiritual perspective despite some astrologers seeing it as favorable based on charts.


Key Reasons Why Amavasya May be Inappropriate


Here are some key rationale why most experts discourage buying automobiles and other expensive goods on the new moon day:

  • Being a dark moon night, visibility on roads is already low. Taking an auspicious first ride in a new vehicle on Amavasya might be risky
  • Our ancient sciences have repeatedly clarified that any asset bought on this day leads to eventual destruction and loss based on metaphysical principles
  • Since Amavasya is meant for somber activities like offering prayers and holding ceremonies for ancestors, buying a frivolous material object seems inappropriate
  • As per Vedic rituals, people should ideally be fasting and praying on Amavasya rather than spending time on shopping. This means the focus is diversion from spiritual self.
  • As moon exerts influence on mind and emotions, absence of moon may lead to faulty decision making ability on Amavasya when splurging money on a valuable purchase.

To conclude, while astrological opinion may be divided, wisdom from most ancient Hindu, Jain and Buddhist texts discourages buying automobiles and other consumerist assets on Amavasya day based on spiritual and religious reasons.


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When buying vehicles, astrologers have mixed opinions about whether new moon day is a good day to make such purchases. Some believe it is okay depending on factors like lunar combinations and Muhurat. In contrast, others prefer to avoid this date as scriptures recommend focusing on rituals and prayers rather than material acquisitions on Amavasya. Although a few modern practitioners overlook religious guidance, most believe that this dark moon day is best suited for spiritual practices rather than acquiring materialistic things. Therefore, if you have plans to purchase a car, it might be best to avoid making purchases on Amavasya. It is better to choose other auspicious dates suggested in Vedic texts rather than risking a purchase on Amavasya, though occasional exceptions may occur!