Venus in a Man’s Horoscope Reveals His “Type” of Woman

Indian Astrology | 01-Apr-2023

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A woman’s expectations of the kind of man that she would like to be in a relationship with, are always intense and much talked about. Similarly, a man also harbours expectations on equal lines of the kind of woman that he would prefer as his ‘partner in love’.

However, the subject of a man’s preferred “type” is seldom talked about.

Well, that’s not fair and we intend to bring out men’s preferences about women, backed by the time-tested wisdom of the occult science of Astrology!

And why not? Afterall, men would also want their astrologically backed preferences for women, said out loud in the open. Right?


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Venus- The Natural Significator of Love, Relationship and Marriage

As per the occult science of Astrology, Venus is the planet which functions as the natural significator of love, relationship and marriage domain in the life of a man as well as a woman.

The position of Venus in a person’s natal Horoscope, reflects his/her innermost desires pertaining to the love & relationship domain of life.

But when it comes to a man’s preference for a woman, Venus very specifically points out to the kind or type of a woman that a man would prefer for himself as per the “Sign” in which this planet is positioned in his natal Horoscope.

So, without further ado, let us look at what type of a woman is preferred by a man as per the sign placement of Venus in his natal Horoscope.


If your natal Venus is placed in Aries then you aspire for a woman with bold characteristics in her personality. You would want her to be courageous and someone who would not shy away from taking a firm stand in challenging situations. You do not want her to be emotionally vulnerable. In fact, you desire for a woman who could stand by your side and instill confidence in you so that you could go ahead and deal with any & all obstacles that life might throw at you.


With your natal Venus placed in Taurus, you look for a woman who maintains her composure at all times and does not throw attention seeking tantrums at you. You desire patience, perseverance and clarity of thinking in her. You want her to be the manifestation of trust & commitment and someone who would be your go-to person to seek advice when faced with an adversarial situation. You deeply look forward to the element of beauty & sensuality in her persona.


If Venus is present in the sign of Gemini in your Horoscope, then you prefer to be with a woman who is expressive and can be a person with whom you can have a meaningful & relaxing conversation. You want her to be conscious while making expenditures and expect her to understand & value long term financial planning. You want her to be someone who understands you on the subconscious plane and is always there for you as a passionate listener whenever you need to talk to her.


With the planet of love in the sign of Cancer, you want her to be sensitive. You prefer a woman who adorns her femininity with elegance & grace. You do not want her to be brash while expressing herself, in fact, being shy or blushing is what you want your partner to be. You want her to make you feel cared for, even if it is a small gesture. You want her to be someone who has an understanding & caring attitude and is someone who is deeply in touch with her caring instincts.


Venus in the sign of Leo makes you desire for a woman who is headstrong and is not afraid to face any challenge in life. You want her to be dependable so that you could trust her with shared responsibilities and could channelize your energies towards accomplishing the goals which would eventually benefit both of you. You look for a power figure in your partner who would make you feel complete rather than throw through emotional hurdles at you.


If your natal Venus is placed in the sign of Virgo, then you desire a woman who holds unshakeable moral resolve and has unwavering trust in you. You would like her to value, follow & preserve traditions. She should be a person who strives to ensure an ambience of harmony in the relationship. You like your woman to be connected to her spiritual self and emanate a positive aura thus, making her mere presence to be soothing & pleasant.


Venus in the sign of Libra makes you look for a woman with the ability to find balance & calm in the relationship with you. You do not want her to compromise on her wishes & desires but you do want her to be rational & practical in her expectations. She should possess the capability to smartly maneuver the relationship with you towards stability “in case” you face a tough time in life.


Venus in the sign of Scorpio in your natal Horoscope, results in you admiring a woman who can take any challenge ‘by its horns’. You want her to be adventurous & someone who is proactive in sharing responsibilities that your relationship or current situation of the time demands. You want her to be loving & caring and in fact, possessive of you!


With Venus in the sign of Sagittarius, you desire for a woman with an unwavering focus and ‘go getter attitude’. Precisely speaking- you want her to be dependable and willing to be an active participant in your life’s endeavours. You want her to be willingly involved in all aspects of your relationship. She should be willing to help you open up in case you hit an emotional roadblock in life.


With Venus in the sign of Capricorn, you expect a partner who understands you in the real sense and does not burden you with impractical demands. She should not be hesitant to take charge and rekindle the element of love in a relationship in case it goes through a rough patch.


If Venus is placed in the sign of Aquarius then you would like your woman to be a thinker and a future planner. You want her to be someone who is calm & composed in testing situations. She should be a role model and set examples for your children to follow. You want her to provide you with an assurance that she is there for you at every step of your life.


With Venus in the sign of Pisces in your natal Horoscope, you look for a woman who is creative and passionate about maintaining an absolutely positive ambience in her relationship with you. You want her to be an excellent cook even if she cooks occasionally! She should be caring and offer emotional solace to you whenever you go through situations that disturb the peace of mind.

So, this was an in-general & broad description of what “type” of woman a man prefers, based on the sign position of Venus in his natal Horoscope.

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