Love Styles of All 12 Ascendant Signs: What’s Yours?

Indian Astrology | 03-Apr-2023

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The ascendant sign in a person’s Horoscope signifies that person’s inner nature. It is the ascendant that reveals the personality, outlook and inclination of a person when it comes to behaviour or interaction in life.

Love is a very beautiful emotion that finds expression in one’s life as per his/her inner nature & personality. Therefore, in order to have a successful love relationship in life, it is important that there must be compatibility between you and your partner.

Now, there are multiple parameters on which Astrology, through an incredibly effective process called Horoscope Matching, evaluates the compatibility between a boy & girl who are in a love relationship.

Ascendant sign reveals the inner nature of a person & helps in determining the love style that the person would employ while being in a love relationship.

But, before we proceed and throw some light on the love styles of all 12 ascendant signs, we urge you to do Talk to Astrologer for an in-depth analysis of your Horoscope to know how exactly the love domain of your life is ‘originally’ slated to unfold.

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So, without ado, let’s find out what will be your love style as per your ascendant sign!


Mars is the ruling planet of your ascendant and your approach towards life is fuelled by a fiery attitude. You become restless if you don’t take charge in your relationship. You are extremely protective/possessive of your partner but more often than not, your partner finds your ‘concern’, as an intrusion of his/her privacy. So, be conscious about not being perceived as someone who enforces his/her will upon his/her partner, otherwise a breakup would be waiting for you.


Venus is the ruling planet of your ascendant and you the ideal choice of a person when it comes to finding a dependable partner. You are a very good listener and this is a huge plus point that makes your love life, a smooth & blissful one. You care for your partner's aspirations and have no hesitation in going the extra mile to make your partner happy.


With Mercury as the ruler of your ascendant, you are very clever in your approach towards worldly affairs but things are not the same in a love affair! You are perceived as a cold hearted materialist as you often neglect the profound emotional basis of love. Therefore, you should approach love with an attitude that is bereft of a calculative approach.


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Having Moon as the lord of your ascendant, you are highly emotional and this makes you a very sensitive person. This means that you are highly prone to heartbreaks and setbacks in a relationship. So, you must dial down on your expectations from your partner and consciously strive towards becoming emotionally strong & independent. This does not mean that you stop caring about your partner but try not to be emotionally vulnerable.


Sun rules your ascendant sign. This means that you aspire to live life- ‘king size’! You are naturally confident and hold very high levels of self-esteem. However, this makes you arrogant and it negatively affects your relationship with your partner. Be amicable and treat your partner as your equal  rather than considering your partner as someone who is meant to please or obey you.


With Mercury as the ruler of your ascendant, you are shy and hesitate in expressing your heartfelt feelings to your partner. You often regret your inability to act on time in a relationship. So, do not hold back on your feelings and be thoughtfully bold & carefully direct to your partner. You are a very good listener and care for the feelings of your partner.


Venus is the lord of your ascendant. Life is all about balance for you. You put so much attention to details that when it comes to relationships, it is perceived as something weird. You are peculiar about how you behave in your relationship and have similar expectations from your partner as well. Try having a ‘less formal’ attitude in your relationship and learn to loosen up a bit. You would do just fine!


Mars is the lord of your ascendant which makes you a person that has too many expectations from his/her partner. You have a rigid attitude and often find it hard not to let go of any bitter arguments that might have taken place in the past. Avoid revisiting bitterness from the past and concentrate on creating a pleasant now & future. While from your point of view, you are not at all demanding, your partner does not perceive it that way. Accepting your partner’s viewpoints will lead to an amicable relationship.


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Jupiter is the ruler of your ascendant sign and you look for precision in life. When it comes to relationships, you put in your 100 % but have no expectation of getting the same from your partner. This is an excellent attribute of your personality that ensures a blissful relationship. You like travelling and spending time outdoors with your loved one.


Saturn rules your ascendant sign and you are often unsatisfied with your relationship. This opens up the doorway to bickering with your partner. You often resort to complaining at the first of things not going as per your expectations. However, you are absolutely committed to your partner and will always be present by his/her side in case of any troubling situation.


With your ascendant sign being ruled by Saturn, you are a deep thinker which is not exactly the personality trait that your partner looks for in you. You are an introvert hence, you appear to be emotionally closed off to your partner which makes your relationship vulnerable to dullness. Interact with your partner and express yourself as the key to a successful relationship is- healthy emotional exchange!


Jupiter is the lord of your ascendant sign. You are good at expressing yourself and have the ability to deeply connect with the emotions of your partner. You are caring and intuitive which makes you an ideal partner in a relationship. Just keep your emotional base strong & your sensitivity in check and you will sail smoothly in the love & relationship domain of your life.

So, this was the in-general description of the love styles of people from all 12 ascendant signs.

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