Vastu tips to balance the energies at home

Future Point | 27-Nov-2018

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We are living in an area where lots of positive and negative energies are present. If negative vibes are more in a house then it gives bad effects to the individuals who live in the home. Therefore, one should try to increase.

According to Vastu, a home is a living thing that is either full of energies or is lacking one. We should make efforts to enhance the energies of our surroundings. We often blame the house if we face financial, health or relationship problems while living in it. If you balance the energies of a house, you may live a happy and prosperous life with your family.

How to balance energies in a house?

  • Firstly, identify the space that is spreading negative vibes in your home. For this, you should look out for all the dirty, dark and heavily loaded places of your home. Clean these places to clutter the negativity of the house. Keep your house neat and clean.
  • One can balance the energies to choose the right colors for their house. If there is too much use of color or if there is a deficiency of it your house then you may face problems in life. According to Vastu, every direction of the house has a corresponding color. If you apply a color properly then the positive energies get enhanced.
  • Green color for north direction, yellow for northeast or south, violet for west direction, blue or indigo color for south-east and red or orange color is appropriate for the east direction of the house.
  • Air and sun are the natural conductors of energies. There must be space for air and sunlight to enter the house. Your house must be well lit and well ventilated. For this, one should use light color curtains. Make sure that windows should open in the morning. By this, sunlight can touch every corner of the home.
  • In the Hindu religion, yagyas and havans are very important. They purify the environment of the house. If you feel the negative energies in your surroundings, then perform a Yagya or hawan so that any form of unwanted energy can be removed from the house. Always light a diya in the evening in the house. It protects your house from negativity and evil eyes.
  • One can balance the seven main chakras of the body through meditation, pranayama, mantra chanting and therapies. If the chakras of the human body are balanced then Health problems and mental issues can be cured.

Vastu tips to bring Positive energy

  • Main entrance of the house is the entry and exit point of the positive and negative energies. The main door should be constructed in a way to ensure that when you step out, you face the north, east or northeast direction. Also, use superior quality of wood for main doors. You must ensure that there should not be a bathroom near the main door. Don’t paint the black color in the main door.
  • Meditation is important for the house and to balance the energies in the house. Design a place or room for meditation and prayers as it will ensure the spiritual growth. East or northeast direction is good for meditation. Face the east direction while meditating as it will increase the positivity.
  • To attract positive energy one should arrange and correct the items and things in the surroundings. If the bathroom is directly opposite to the kitchen then keep the door closed always. One can use a Vastu energy partition on the door frame to separate these opposing energies and to block the negative energy. vastu consultant online tool will also help you to eliminate negative energies from your life.
  • Décor tips to increase positive energy.
  • Keep the windows open of the house as it allows sunlight and air into the house.
  • Placing an aquarium is auspicious. One should place it in the northeast direction.
  • There should be no tree, pole or pillar facing the main door. It is called door obstacle and it can create problems for you and other family members.
  • Always keep the bathroom door closed. Make sure that there are no leaking taps at home.
  • Do not keep medicines in the kitchen. Switch off all electronic and wifi systems when they are not in use.
  • Play bhajans and spiritual songs in the morning.
  • Furniture edges should not sharp. Avoid excess use of red, black and grey color in the house.
  • Avoid having split levels in the door.
  • Always try to use positive pictures and images on the walls of a home. Avoid depicting war, loneliness, and poverty pictures at home.

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