Are you having problems or complications in property related matters?

Future Point | 29-Nov-2018

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Property is perhaps either the most valued possession for majority of people or it is their most sought after dream. That is because of the importance that property has for an individual and infact a family in this world. Property not only gives a place to reside, but also provides an amazing avenue for investment as well!

Nowadays, the youth start to plan their finances for buying a property, right after they start earning. This shows their awareness when it comes to making crucial financial plannings in their life. However, interest in property is not something that is prevalent in one particular age group.

Actually the youth for being first time buyers, only look for buying a property whereas, the older generation is into both making a fresh buy in the real estate sector and also selling their existing property as well to either make a switch to another property or for whatever personal reasons they might have.

The bottom line is- Buying and Selling of property is a process that is aspired and executed by everyone. Having said that, it is seen that many people face a number of problems when it comes to dealing in property. Acquiring or selling a property in their life, comes with enormous obstacles.

Since property has huge sums of money involved, any problems encountered in such matters bring mental tensions and unwanted disturbance in peaceful day-to-day living. So what is the solution for problems faced in the matters of property?

The answer is: "Astrology for Property"!

Yes, you heard it right. Since times immemorial, Vedic Astrology has been revealing the future of a native and providing surprisingly effective remedies to overcome all hurdles in life. Vedic Astrology when applied on specific domains to decode their future situations, is for convenience referred by the astrology of those respective domains. Such as, when applied to reveal the aspect of property, it is called Astrology for Property.

Property Prediction by an Astrologer

When a person goes for a property astrology consultation, the astrologer analyzes the person’s horoscope or kundali to see how the planets are positioned and what are the results that they are signifying as far as the prospects of property are concerned.

Remember: Right decision at the right time is the key to a successful buying or selling of property!

In order to give efficient astrology solutions, it is very important to consult with an astrologer that is experienced when it comes to analyzing such a crucial area like property in an individual’s life. Let’s look at what an astrologer looks for in the horoscope of native to find solutions to property problems.

4th House:

This is the prime house of property in a horoscope. The strength of this house becomes the very basis of determining the state of property or real estate in the native’s life. Placement of a positive Sun or Moon in the 4th house increases the prospects of dealing in property with the government. For example, purchase of a plot or a residential structure with the government as the initial owner. However, an ill placed Sun or Moon in this house gives the native, regulatory hurdles from the government authorities when it comes to property e.g. objections from the authorities in the architecture or map of the property etc.

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8th House:

This is the house of inheritance. The condition of this house in the horoscope of an individual reveals the prospects of gain of property through inheritance. Presence of Rahu in this house, often results in loss of property that was supposed to be rightfully inherited.

9th House:

The 9th house apart from being the house of fortune (which by the way is needed a lot to own a property!), is also a house that promotes successful dealings in the real estate or property ventures. Presence or aspect of Saturn in this house creates unnecessary obstacles and delays in gain of a property or successful selling of a property.

11th House:

The 11th house is also very important when it comes to property as it signifies "gain" and whether its buying of a property or the selling, a strong 11th house will ensure gains in the property domain of one’s life.

12th House:

This house tells about the state of expenditures and we all know that in the particular case of purchasing a property, a good expenditure signified by the 12th house means that it would be a good investment.

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Which planets are good for property in the life of a native?

Planets that give results of 4th, 9th, 11th and 12th houses (add the 8th house in case of property through inheritance) are considered good for gain of property or from property. However, planets that signify results of 6th, 8th and 12th houses, negate gain of property or from property. Here it must be noted that, planets signify both good as well as bad houses for property, give hurdles and eventually fail to get the property aspect in the life of a native to materialize during their period of operation.

Natural Significators of Property

Saturn and Mars are the natural significators of property and the involvement of either one of them is a must in the life of a native as the planets in operation in either Dasha (Primary period) or Antar Dasha (Secondary period) at the time of action taken with respect to property. Without the involvement of Saturn or Mars, it is not possible to execute a successful property decision. However, if they are are not in the Dasha or Antar Dasha, then their aspects on planets operational in Dasha or Antar Dasha at the time of taking decision with respect to property are also accepted.

Good to Know

  • Jupiter signifying gain of property means that the native is likely to have a big property.
  • Mercury signifying such combinations means that the native is likely to have two properties or commercial property.
  • A badly affected 6th house gives legal problems in the matters of property.
  • Also, involvement of the 3rd house along with houses of gain in property, signify that the property is likely to be in "shared name" or a "joint property".

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