Vastu Shastra - a sure shot recipe to happiness

Indian Astrology | 20-Mar-2021

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People say there is no sure shot road to happiness. Happiness lies within and you cannot search for it outside. However some people are happy and positive while some are sad and negative. The reason can lie in your Kundli as that gives an insight into any native’s life but it can also be because of the way your house or work place is constructed. 

The architecture of any place according to the traditional Hindu system is called Vastu Shastra. This Vastu Shastra is effective based on its relationship with the science of building any structure to ensure that peace and harmonious benefits continue to flow in the property. You should visit an expert astrologer to get the best Vastu tips for a happy life.  

Sometimes a Kundli has very good yogas like Raj Yog or Gaj Kesari Yog or Panch Mahapurush Yog and favourable Dasha also running but the native does not get the results for it. They continue to do hard work but the results do not show. Or if they get results at work, their mind is not stable or happy at home. Then the reason can lie in some Vastu defect at their home or work place. In this case they can take guidance from a Vastu expert.  

There are 5 elements of Vastu Shastra -  

  1. Space - space is the first element of Vastu. The construction of any structure should be such that the central area should get enough light so it brings light and happiness to the human life who reside there. 
  2. Air - air is the most important element for human life as without air humans can’t live. Vastu provides guidelines for proper ventilation through doors, windows etc. so that it brings positivity in the house. Usually according to Vastu the air should enter a house from north - west direction. 
  3. Fire - fire is linked to sun which is the source of energy. Vastu suggests where the fire sources be placed in a structure such as electronics and kitchen for the benefit of the people staying there. According to Vastu the fire elements should be placed in the south direction. 
  4. Water - water is a very important element as a human body is made up of 70% of water only. The correct placement of water sources such as wells, boring, swimming pool or fountains according to Vastu is in the north east direction. 
  5. Earth - the site selection of any house is very important. All the aspects of the site should be thoroughly inspected before construction according to Vastu to bring out positive energy and happiness.  

Vastu Shastra is a very wide science and there are various courses to learn Vastu. Vastu experts learn it formally and practice it at a few sites before becoming a professional Vastu expert. Here are a few general Vastu tips to apply in your house for overall good health and happiness. These if applied bring in positive energy in a home and you can see a lot of difference in your life.  

  1. Main entrance - the main door or entrance of the house is not only the entry point for the family but also for all the energies. The main door of any house should be preferably in the east, north or north-east direction. It should be well lit. It should be made of a good quality wood and should not be painted black. 
  2. Pooja room - the pooja room in your house is the most positive room. The people get peace of mind and tranquility there. The pooja room should be in the east or north-east part of your house. You should face east when doing pooja or meditation. 
  3. Bedroom - we all spend a lot of time in our bedroom. The bedroom should be in south west direction to bring good health and prosperity. The bed should be in the south west direction & avoid placing a mirror right in front of the bed as it can lead to domestic problems. 
  4. Kitchen - the kitchen is where the fire is placed. It should be in the south west corner of the house. Sometimes if the kitchen is the north or north east it is believed that you are burning your money on fire. So the kitchen placement is very important. 
  5. Living room - the living room has the maximum activity in the house. It is the first and foremost place where you get your guests so it is important to make a good impression. According to Vastu, the living room should be in the north or north east direction. The host should sit in the north east and guests opposite to them.  

Like this there are many things to be analysed in a house or office to attain maximum benefits for the people residing in it. Right from placement of furniture to colours on the walls everything is defined by the science Vastu Shastra for a peaceful and happy living of humans.