Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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Depending on the situation or problem you are dealing with you may need to opt for a spread. A spread is an arrangement of cards from the deck and are placed in a certain order and interpreted accordingly.

There are innumerable kinds of spreads. Choose that which suits you the best. And the reader can also create his/her own kind of spread that would answer the question.

  • One card,
  • Yes or no spread,
  • Relationship spread,
  • Two Cards,
  • 3 cards, Past Present Future,
  • Personality spread,
  • 5 Card spread,
  • 7 Card Spread.
  • Horoscope spread (12 houses spread)
  • Celtic cross spread,
  • Marriage spread and
  • The Health spread.

Everyday spreads – This is useful for resolving simple issues or for self awareness on a daily basis. It enables you to know more about the cards individually before you start to use more complicated spreads.

3 Card Spread- Problem, Suggestion and answer or Past Present Future spread

5 Card Spread - Past, Present, Future, action, advice

A spread is a preset pattern or a template guiding the placement of the cards. It defines how many cards to use, where each one goes, and what each one means. It is within this template that the meanings of the cards come together.

The most important feature of a spread is the fact that each position has a unique meaning that color the interpretation of whatever card falls in that spot.

Tarot spreads can be any size or pattern. A spread can also contain just one card. Most spreads contain between three and fifteen cards. The weaving of a story from the cards in a spread is the most exciting and creative aspect of a Tarot reading. It is an art, but there are many guidelines you can follow.