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Future Point | 01-Jan-2014

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The Sun (rules Leo)

Tarot Card: The Sun The astrological Sun card tells you to act positively and with complete confidence in your abilities. But take care that you are not being arrogant or selfish.

The Moon (Rules Cancer)

Tarot Card: the High Priestess

The astrological high priestess tells you to listen to your intuition, to wait for the right moment to act and not to be swayed by others opinions.

Mercury (rules Gemini and Virgo)

Tarot card: the magician

The astrological magician tells you to watch out for dishonesty or trickery from others. Be wise enough to see ahead and make plans accordingly.

Venus (rules Taurus and Libra)

Tarot card: the Empress

The astrological Empress tells you to think about your true values. Are you living a lie, or is it doing things and being with people that make you happy?

Mars (rules Aries)

Tarot card: the Tower

The astrological Tower tells you it’s time to shake up the status quo. Get out and do your own thing, and throw aside any limitation imposed on you by others.

Jupiter (rules Sagittarius)

Tarot card: the Wheel of Fortune

The astrological Wheel of Fortune tells you to take advantage of any new or unexpected opportunities. Widen your perspective and move on while you can.

Saturn (rules Capricorn)

Tarot card: the World

The astrological World tells you to face reality, to put your feet on the ground and accept what is possible and what is not. You can achieve much, but you have to work hard at it. You can’t have your cake and eat it.

Uranus (rules Aquarius)

Tarot card: the fool

The astrological fool tells you to move forward and try a new direction, even if it seems a little risky. This is your chance to do your own thing and leap ahead.

Neptune (rules Pisces)

Tarot card: the Hanged Man

The astrological hanged man tells you it is time to relinquish your attachment to things or people, which serve no purpose to you. You have a life, so live it.

Pluto (rules Scorpio)

Tarot card: judgment

The astrological Judgment card says it is time to let go of the past, to forget your petty resentments and embrace the future. Make the change now while you can and feel liberated.