The hand of William whiteley

Indian Astrology | 01-Jan-2014

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The Hand of William Whiteley, Plate IV, one of England's great businessmen, called 'the Universal Provider' because his store was said to be able to supply anything from a 'needle to battleship,' is a good example of 'the business hand.'

It is the square type with fairly long fingers and a very' level-headed' looking headline, closely joined to the line of life. There was nothing rash or impulsive in William Whiteley's 'make-up.' He was noted for his caution, but at the same time he was always ready for any emergency.

The fate and Sun-lines on his hand are well marked. There is one peculiar line rising from the centre of the line of fate toward the base of the Mount of Jupiter, but it appears to be cut through by a line from Mars to the Sun. This Occurs at the age he had reached when he was shot and killed in his office by his supposed illegitimate son.

When J took the impression of his hand I warned him of the danger of a violent death.

Very calmly he asked: 'how far off is that danger?"

I replied: 'About thirteen years from now'.

Then thirteen years later he was shot to death at the height of his. Enormously successful business career.