The hand of Sir arthur sullivan, bart

Indian Astrology | 01-Jan-2014

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Sir Arthur Sullivan will be remembered for the original and beautiful 'music he composed for the 'Gilbert and Sullivan Operas'. The reproduction of his right hand on Plate III shows the line of head separated from that of the life, long and gently curved into the middle of the Mount of Luna. The space between the head and life-lines denotes the dramatic, quality of his work, while the curved line of head into the Mount of Luna indicates his great powers of imagination and originality.

The line of fate so closely tied to the Mount of Venus accurately portrays the difficulties of his early life when he sacrificed himself to help his family and relations. The second or inner fate-line, starting out, towards the middle of the line of life and rising upward into the Mount of Jupiter, in itself, promises successful ambition to be followed as it was later by the main line of fate also curving towards the same Mount.

In spite of the recognition of his work: by the public, hardly any lines of Sun can be seen on this hand, but it has to be -remembered that this great composer had not by nature a sunny, happy disposition. He cared little or nothing for personal fame or glory, nor did his work bring him any great amount of worldly, possession or wealth.